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The whole town of Chug Water Wyoming Territory is looking forward to celebrating Christmas in three weeks That is, until it is discovered that the Mayor has lost is brother, sister in law and their two children They have been murdered in the most horrendous way buy men they trusted Duff MacCallister, a local and friend of the family sets out to find the murderers and bring them back for much needed justice He accomplishes his mission, only to have them escape jail just hours before they were to hang While escaping they murdered two people and they aren t done yet.When Chug Water is hit with a diphtheria epidemic they same men steal the vaccine that will help people survive MacCallister and some friends head out to retrieve the vaccine and mete out their own justice.While this hardly seems like a Christmas book because there are so many bad things that happen it does come around and people get to enjoy the holiday as they should. What a lovely, westernly, bloody, and crazy Christmas novel I actually liked it once I got to know the characters, since I didn t know this is the 4th book of The Christmas Series I liked Sal the rough and tumble Saloon Gal, stuck with the Outlaws I also loved the Irishman Duff who seems invincible with guns, a sharp shooter And there is also a sweet supernatural entity in the mix too A great blend of themes and characters A unique Christmas Story for me EBOOK ♧ A Frontier Christmas ☽ From Two Of America S Bestselling Western Writers Comes A Heart Racing Story Of Frontier Justice, Pioneer Spirit, And One Town S Last Chance MiracleThree Weeks Before Christmas, The Little Town Of Chug Water In Wyoming Territory Is Stunned By A Brutal Crime The Mayor S Family Has Been Slaughtered In Cold Blood On Their Ranch Outside Of Raw Hide Butte As The Townsfolk Gather To Pay Their Last Respects, Duff MacCallister Saddles Up To Go After The Killers He Returns With Two Outlaws A Cold Blooded, Nasty Pair Of Snakes, Jesse And T Bob Cave But The Day Before They Re Sentenced To Hang, The Cave Brothers Escape Their Fate Into This Holiday Hell Storm Ride Three Friendly Travelers Smoke, Sally And Matt Jensen, Come To Spend Christmas With Duff But A Deadly Diphtheria Outbreak Leaves The Town Beholden To The Mercy Of The Cave Brothers It S A Desperate Bind To Be Stuck In, But Duff And The Jensens Will Use Every Bullet They Can Find To Shoot Their Way Into A Bloody But Merry Christmas William W Johnstone wrote A Frontier ChristmasI have been reading this author and his Christmas stories and falling in love with the way he wrote and the characters that he brought to life for us to enjoy He is gone now but I thank God his stories will still be read and enjoyed for a long time to come.This story was about Chugwater in Wyoming and the evil that visited there one day and destroyed the Mayor and his family Three friendly travlers Smoke Sally and Matt Jensen rode into town to spend Christmas with an old friend Duff Now they will find the evil doers are die trying.I know you will enjoy all the adventures and find these characters to be wonderful God fearing caring people. I read this book some time ago It is your typical Smoke Jensen Story Yes we all know they are basically recipe books and you can predict what is going to happen next But they are always quick reads and entertaining.We need western writers out there and should be happy that these books are being written. With Christmas in the title you would think this would be a benign tale But you d be mistaken The Jensens and Duff MacCallister find themselves in the midst of a diphtheria epidemic, despicable outlaws and harsh weather on the Wyoming frontier in this story You can feel the chill in the air, smell the gun smoke and saddle leather Like other titles by this author it is a page turner and you re afraid to put it down. If you like Western s don t start reading the MacCallister series unless you plan to read them all They are like trying to eat one Cheeto in a bag of Cheetos, just down right addicting. This was honestly pretty terrible For attempting to venture back into the western genre after a lot of years taking a break, I probably should ve started with Louis L Amour or somebody a bit classic This felt like pop culture thrown into western, written by a person who has no idea what it s like to live in the west I d bought this book around Christmastime, started it, and then completely forgotten until this weekend when I decided to finish And whoo I am SO glad I didn t read this as a heartwarming read around Christmas Murder Child rape Diptheria All the fun of the wild frontier Not to mention the completely bland characters, along with the ex fiance ghost angel who haunted half the cast of the book, the not surprise ending that ended up abruptly I wasn t even sure if I had finished, and the Gary Stu of a main character who is The Best At Everything and The Most Manly and The Most Handsome, but Has Issues How convincingly trope. Clean historical Western, with a touch of romance It reminded me of those TV Westerns we used to watch, where the good guys are noble and upright, the bad guys are really nasty and all the women are kind and compassionate And very patient with their men lolI enjoyed this old fashioned story There are some gunfights and bank robberies, with no sex involved Refreshing. Title A Frontier ChristmasAuthor William W Johnstone with J A JohnstonePages 416Year 2014Publisher PinnacleMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.This is a simply heartwarming story set in the west with characters that I am familiar with, being a fan of Johnstone books However, whether you are familiar with the characters or authors matters not as readers will be engrossed not just in the budding romance between Meagan and Duff, but the action with increasing tension will keep you glued to the book A Frontier Christmas is the fourth book in the series Western Christmas Stories that also includes A Lone Star Christmas, Rocky Mountain Christmas and A Big Sky Christmas Each book can be read as a standalone or grab all four and be prepared to be entertained for hours The Johnstone s Western Christmas Stories will capture your imagination, heart and emotions that run a wide range with each book A Frontier Christmas tells the story of small towns preparing for Christmas and coming together to fight against those who would trade life giving medicine for money when one town is quarantined with diphtheria The small town has but one doctor who runs from one bedside to another in a race to save lives When Duff learns who the men are who have taken the medication, he enlists the help of old friends Smoke Matt Jensen along with his ranch partner Elmer.When I began reading, I instantly fell in love with the characters and the story because I love westerns Even if someone is not a fan of westerns these Christmas tales remind us of what is most important along with sacrificial giving without a second thought in order to save lives Readers need to remember there are a couple of swear words sprinkled lightly in the book, but hardly noticeable with a story so stunning and fast moving as shared here for the audience Many other western writers have come before and left stories for generations to enjoy long after they are gone the Johnstones are no different.I hope you read all four wonderful tales in this series and share them with others who love the world of imagination sparked by a good book