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I was given this book for a honest review There may be spoilers You ever wonder why a bully is a bully Why are they so mean What makes them so mean Well this book is about a bully, who doesn t really like to be a bully, but it s the mask that she built up, the wall she put in place to keep people away so she wouldn t be afraid of getting let down, getting hurt.It s not the best way to go about life, but it s what worked for Alice Alice grew up living a lie, a lie so big that it ate away at her To be able to get the man with the money, Alice s mom told Alice that she was not to tell a sole that she was her mother, but instead she should tell them that she was her sister She watched her little brother call her Aunty Alice, and it broke her heart.Alice meets this boy named Zac who by accidents she lets see the real her, and then becomes friends with him This book is about friends, family and second chances I really enjoyed this book so much It was so well written, the only struggle I had is that some of the British slangs I had to look up because I didn t know what they meant I can t even begin to describe how much I could relate to Alice Not in the mean girl way, but the fact that she felt so sheltered and alone and unloved The beautiful wonderful woman she became at the end of the book was someone I truly wish I could meet Please don t get me started on Zac What a caring and patient person he was throughout this whole book I felt like each character brought something different to the book and it s not often that I am able to see that in a book Sometimes because of the writers style all characters seem to get meshed together, but for me this book.it just hit home for me and I can t praise it enough Seriously such a good book that I found it hard to put down First, I would like to give a huge thank you to Aurelia B Rowl I was deeply honored to be asked to be a beta reader for A Girl Called Alice, and to be a part of Alice and Zac s story from the beginning I met Alice in the first book Popping the Cherry, which is Lena and Jake s story Alice is the girl I and readers love to hate Alice was the thorn in Lena s side, the mean girl of the school, and she had her mean girl sights on destroying Lena But now we get to discover the truth behind Alice s mean girl personaand it s not a pretty one As much as I disliked Alice in the first book, I loved her in this one To finally see the reason why Alice is so mean and who s the thorn in Alice s side Even though Alice is wild and promiscuous, she is tough I really do love a strong heroine and malice Alice is definitely my kind of bad girl heroine Especially for what she has endure in her life I loved getting inside Alice s head and being able to understand how she worked Alice is also at a point in her life that she s tired of being fake She s had to protect herself by being heartless, and uses the mean girl act to shield her heart from the hurt that turned her into somebody she does not want to be any longer Now, she s ready to become the real Alice But can she I also met Zac in the first book OMG, how I love this guy He s gorgeous, swoon worthy and has the most beautiful and caring heart ever And yes, it s going to take a wonderful guy like Zac to see the good in Alice the malice I will admit that the first book broke my heart for Zac But now I get see my good guy Zac finish first And truly, Alice is the right girl for Zac.A Girl Called Malice is a companion book to Popping the Cherry, so it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend you read the first book so you ll get all of Alice and Zac s story I do have to mention Alice and Zac s romance, it s intense, sizzling hot and a beautiful swoon worthy, happily ever after that had me saying, Oh, heck yeah, it s time Zac gets the girl I highly recommend A Girl Called Malice in the Popping the Cherry series as a must read. Pdf ♂ A Girl Called Malice (Facing the Music, #2) ♲ It S Not Easy Being The Queen Bee Alice Taylor Should Know You Know That Girl The One That The Whole School S Social Life Seems To Revolve Around Alice Used To Be That Girl Until She Decided To Quit Sixth Form College Suddenly Her Friends Aren T So Interested In Following Her Around And Her Attention Grabbing Behaviour Is About To Get Her Kicked Out Of Home With Nowhere To Go And No One To Turn To, Her World Starts Spiralling Seriously Out Of ControlOnly New Friend Zac Newton Seems To Believe In Her Lifeguard And Poolside Hottie, Zac Is Quite Literally Her Lifesaver But Then, He S Never Met Malice , Her Mean Girl Alter Ego, And Alice Wants To Keep It That Way She Knows This Is Her Last Chance For A Fresh Start Until Her Sordid Past Catches Up With Her At The Worst Possible MomentAs Everything Alice Has Worked Towards Comes Crashing Down Around Her, She Realises That The Hardest Thing Of All Is Being Yourself ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review image error My thoughts in a nutshell I read the first book in the series, Popping the Cherry, last year and mostly enjoyed it so when I saw this book, with that cover, on Netgalley, I thought I d give it a try But I didn t realise at the time that this book is about Lena s bully, Alice If I m honest, if I d read the product description closer instead of requesting blindly, I might have skipped over it I m not the biggest fan of stories involving mean girls But in the end, while I had some issues with this book I did also mostly enjoy it.I m going to start with the negatives Throughout the book there s a real lack of subtlety At times I felt like the author could have shown us certain things well enough without saying them allowed specifically But that usually didn t happen I felt like I was hit over the head with Alice s reasons for her behaviour and that I was being told how to feel about her and how I should see her rather than having everything laid out for me and for me to make up my own mind Plus, this whole telling rather than showing never felt realistic It was jarring at the beginning of the story for Alice to think along the lines of not direct quote bullying others made me feel better about myself because of my dysfunctional home life It may have been the case but that wasn t the best way for me as the reader to care about the story or the character I also felt like things happened a little too easily I didn t quote believe the quick transformation in certain relationships Especially the one which switched from bully victim to best friend Finally, the last third felt like a different story It felt like the end of a cheesy romance novel with a bare chested hunk of a man on the front cover with flowing locks of hair I didn t think it was necessary and would have liked the story to focus on other things the story brought up better.Now that I ve said all of that I will say that I started and finished this book within a very short period of time so there was obviously something about the way in which it was written that I really responded to.I was also close to tears at one point This story does resolve around two things that I usually connect to and the first is a dysfunctional parent and child relationship, especially one that involves the rejection of the child by the parent I m a sucker for that sort of heartbreak The second is finding a place to belong amongst family you choose for yourself I did love that aspect of Alice s journey.There was really great characters and relationships I particularly enjoyed Alice s relationships with both Charlie and Derek.I know this has been a very mixed review I did enjoy reading this book, I just wanted different things from this story than I got in certain areas of it. A Girl Called Malice Whew What a roller coaster ride Darker than dark to start with, and then about midway through things start to lighten up then they darken, then lighten as I said, an Aurelia B Rowl roller coaster So many bumps on the road for Alice, horrid soul breaking bumps, and she isn t even 18 years old yet You wonder if the last bump will be her last if it will break her But that girl is a fighter A survivor She keeps coming back, and keeps getting slugged seriously blasted Aurelia B Rowl doesn t pull her punches.Then, mercifully for Alice, things start to look up She meets some fantastic people The second half is much kinder to her Zac is fabulous accepting, gentle, adoring, giving Perfect Alice begins to believe in herself no mean feat, that The second half is not all hunky dory though but you have to read it for yourself How does it end Pick up the book and see You won t be sorry.Aurelia is the queen of emotions she makes her people hurt, and love, and live She makes her readers seethe, and laugh, and sniff And hate I didn t like the dark parts at all nearly 18 year old girls should NOT have to be M Aliced But life is like that, and Aurelia is not afraid to write about it. Review Queen Bee, Alice Taylor is losing her crown, her skivvies, and her castle Bad times She s also losing her mind Alice Taylor is the modern day Jekyll and Hyde The good very rarely is seen, comes with her natural brown eyes and a calm, loving persona The bad which just happens to be shown every day comes with blazing blue eyes, short skirts, a vile bullying personality and a reputation as a slut and the name Malice.Trapped in a family made up of secrets, she is secretly working at a nearby hotel to help her build up what she likes to call her freedom fund to get away from them, well, not all of them not her little brother nephew Charles or to her Charlie bear If there s anyone in the world who gets to see the good Alice, it s Charlie He is her world and there s nothing she wouldn t do for him It s stupidly agreeing to go tree climbing with him that results in Alice being seen by someone else Someone she has to put her trust in to help her down That s not easy for Alice because trust, love, and friendship are things she just doesn t know how to do.I don t think I ve ever read a book as long as this one It is so long I get why it has to be that long though because the plot is one that full and crazy it s needed It s a great plot A well thought out and structured one Only let down by a rush in words, roll your eye coincidence or luck and huge leaps in time There s nothing worse than reading about a situation then it cuts off and you d then a week, a month ahead It throws me and confuses me making me feel like I ve missed out on something, but with this book I didn t actually want to miss out on anything.The book is narrated mostly by heroine Alice, but every now and again we will get the thoughts of her new friend Zac This, I liked However, I would have loved a bit Zac And, to any bibliophile reading this, I m telling you straight book geek to book geek there is no better book boyfriend that Zac Newton and I urge you all to go find out why Hell, even if you re not a huge reader but like a bit of scandal, family drama, life drama, and even drama, then I say go get a copy yourself You won t be disappointed From the start it just gives and gives Yes, I ve had a little moan about it, but that s my personal grievances, they re not going to stop me appreciating a great plot, riveting characters, and drama than the ending bars of the Eastenders theme tune at a crucial part of the show It s drama central with a bit drama thrown in for good measures It s a book which has your opinion of things changed and has your eyes shining with tears whether they be good or bad just depends on what character you get to see Alice or Malice. A Girl Called Malice is the second book in this series I read Popping the Cherry last year, and I m not going to sugar coat it, Alice was a nasty piece of work So going into A Girl Called Malice I knew what to expect, and straight off the bat we get to see Malice in action, and let me tell you now she is a bitch, she is evil, nasty, selfish, and treats her boyfriends and I use the term loosely like a doormat She is a car crash waiting to happen, yet strangely enough I found myself drawn to her story, wanting to know about her.As A Girl Called Malice progresses we get to see into Alice s life, and as the pieces are connected we get to see why Alice is the way she is, why she portrays a different persona for the world My heart broke for what she has to deal with every single day, and has done for many years How someone who is meant to love you, to care and protect you can treat a person like this is truly baffling, and seeing the progress Alice makes made me feel that much supportive of her When we get to see the real Alice, without all the make up, the non existent clothes, and without the snarky attitude, I really did begin to like her She has a caring side that adores her nephew , who would do anything for him, even climbing a tree, which is also how see literally falls into Zac s armsA Girl Called Malice has to be my favourite so far out of this series I sped through this book, reading it in just a few hours Alice is unpredictable, and this is portrayed within the pages making each new chapter as unpredictable as Alice herself I honestly went into this book expecting to dislike Alice than I already did, but I ended up not only liking her, but also becoming emotionally involved with her outcome, wanting to stop her from doing something silly, disheartened with her for acting the way she does with another boy knowing that she might have feelings for Zac, but also cheering when things started to go her way.One thing that I also love about A Girl Called Malice is how we get to see characters from previous book, and how the play an important role within the pages of this one Seeing some familiar faces that I remembered added a nice touch to the book One thing I failed to do was make the connection between A Girl Called Malice and Popping the Cherry with one of the characters, but it s been that long since I read the first book I had forgotten about this person A Girl Called Malice was an unputdownable read, and I enjoyed every single word of it I am really looking forward to the next book in this series and being able to see story. 5 Words Mean Girls, friendship, love, surprising, change.If I had to describe this book in one word, I would fail I would fail terribly.When I read Popping the Cherry I have to admit that I pretty much hated Alice She was a mainly peripheral character, she didn t really take up the limelight, but she was one nasty bitch So when I heard about A Girl Called Malice, a chance to read the mean girl s story, I m not sure what I expected.I certainly didn t expect what I read.A Girl Called Malice is one of those books that challenges your judgement And I absolutely love it It s a little different from the first book, NA than YA, but it s still about growing and and finding out who you are.Alice is a fantastically complex character Just when you think you know her, BAM Surprise You learn something new.The ending was just beautiful I really liked how it played out THAT dress not only sounds exquisite, it is.And Hazelnut Lattes are delicious and addictive Trust me, after reading this book I tried one I received a copy of this for free from the author for review purposes. 4 For one night only, could the real Alice Taylor please step forward Stars.It has taken me a while to read this book, and that is not due to it being poorly written, far from it I have struggled with the storyline itself Having read and loved Popping the Cherry I was interested to see how Aurelia would tell Alice s story, and it is a much darker and emotive tale In PtC, she was the character you hated, the bully, the belittler, the ring leader, I didn t have much sympathy for her when she got her comeuppance, and seeing behind the mask of a bully, usually turns out to be enlightening.Putting other people down gave me a back handed boost.This is one of those books you need to persevere with, Alice for the first 40 50% seems to bumble from one car crash too the next The glimmers of the person she could be only really shine through when she is spending time with a little boy called Charlie can t say too much as it would be a bit spoilery , the rest of the time she is still pretty abhorrent, there is an underlying reason for it though, and it becomes and apparent as the book progresses.From the person she portrays to her peers, to the person she actually is and wants to be, there are glaring differences, and I loved Zac, he definitely bought out the best in Alice, and even when she was at her worst her tried to do right by her This isn t an easy book to read some of the time, Alice s current and early life isn t a pretty one, but Aurelia has written the story so well, that you get involved, even when you hate something she does, you can see her twisted reasoning behind it She is a product of her upbringing in a way, and although certainly abhorrent in a lot of her actions, she is also an underdog, and we all like to root for one of those now don t we.Stick with this one, you will find it is worth it in the end.ARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review.