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Found this author and got it because love preview of story Having never read her work didn t know what to expect and I am not one for romance books This is a LOVE STORY Liked the complexity of the characters and that they were evolving as the story progressed Will look forworks by this author. I LOVED A Love Noire It was very realistic in some ways The way Innocent and Noire met, their dueling belief and value systems, the bumps along the way in their relationship It was also a very sensual and descriptive book I did find Noire s character a little much at times The Marcus character also left little to be desired But he was necessary There are many, many pompous Marcus s in the world I did find the relationship between Jayna and Noire odd They are best friends for years Some of their exchanges seemed Hurtful for lack of a better word Always on Jayna s end Characters like Arike, Dennis, Alexander lend a certain something to the story But anyone who has ever had a relationship will probably identify with this story Can t wait to read the next one. This is one of my favorite books The sequel, Hunger is just as good These books would make fantastic movies because of their multi cultural influence A great read I keep this book in the family care and catch up on it on long car trips Its OK..Not holding my interest long enough to take it out the car and finish it.Slow character development. Great premise, but the writing was disjointed, the transitions were jarring, and the conversations between characters were confusing at times So muchcontext was needed to truly enjoy this book, and to understand the reactions and decisions made throughout I still don t understand why Noire and Innocent even liked each other Who wants to read a love a story where the love doesn t make much sense i don t You can t just tell me two people love each other You need to show me why Nice try, but very disappointing. I found this book on the used bookshelf at Strand Bookstore for 1 Over love stories I was hesitate to make the purchase but was as if this book was placed in my hands for a reason As I read I becameandcompelled and engulfed in the story because it is nearly identical to my last relationship The realism of love and life and the wandering about is love enough for a lasting relationship The fear that comes along with meeting someone that inverts your life and makes you feel whole and how that sometimes is too much for people My only pet peeve is the author s repeated use of incredulous, there arewords to describe this feeling of disbelief. It was an accurate view of my generation s discovery Reflected within are the dynamics I experienced as a born and bred Mississippian moving to NYC discovering that just because we are black does not mean all is the same *Download Book ⇔ A Love Noire: A Novel ⇙ When Noire, A Hip, Afro Wearing PhD Student, Walks Into Brown Betty Books, Her Righteousness Kicks In To Overdrive Amid The Self Identified Talented Tenth Who Wear Their Double Degrees And Five Hundred Dollar Shoes Like Badges Of Honor And Then Innocent, A Well Heeled Investment Banker From C Te D Ivoire, West Africa, Walks In And Turns Her On Her Head Innocent Seems Interested In Her But He S One Of ThemBefore Meeting Him, Noire Shunned The Bourgie World Of Black Moneyed Cosmopolitans Like Innocent, Opting Instead For Socially Conscious But Economically Challenged Artists And Urban Intellectuals Their Mutual Attraction Blossoms Into Lust And Eventually Love But It Lives In The Shifting Sands Of Personal Beliefs And Professional Ambitions That Are Often At OddsSet In New York City With Jaunts To Africa, Europe, And The Caribbean, A Love Noire Is The Story Of An Unlikely Couple That Transcends All They Ve Known To Learn The Redemptive Power Of Love One of my favorites. IQ She cursed the tears that seemed to well up in her eyeseasily nowadays than she had ever remembered She was becoming an emotional woman in the way that she had always hated She hated the tears, the ups and downs, the melodrama of it all Noire, 168 Whew this was not an enjoyable read From start to finish the book is a mess The characters are poorly drawn and ridiculous, the romance fell flat, the dialogue is confusing also cheesy and several scenarios make absolutely no sense Noire s conflicts with her friends were bizarre, I honestly had no idea what was going on with Jayna and Arike for 98% of the novel I do think some scenes were sizzling and sexy but for the most part I was trying not to roll my eyes from the cheesiness of it all or gag at the dramatic gestures and fights I didn t even think the class analysis was that well done or interesting This seems like one of those books everyone here liked because we had so few Black chick lit or romance options We still don t have a lot but there are better books, I ve read them But I also wonder if this was a product of its time and now that we re out of the 90s characters like these buppies are now just bougie some of these characters might be considered modern day hoteps don t exist so maybe that s why I had such a hard time taking any of them seriously Noire s social consciousness was also exhausting, I suspect those characters do exist today and I kept hoping she would receive her comeuppance but nope she s allowed to be righteous and insufferable I do want a social life like Noire and Innocent s though, all their dates were creative and cool, all their friends had seemingly interesting lives but then became token characters who just brought everyone down Every now and then a romantic gem shone through, a good line made me smile or nod but mostly I dragged myself through this as a distraction and to see if the end got better It sort of did, the ending is bold and unexpected but I also didn t care since I never understood why Noire and Innocent were in love I think the overall message though, that love is not enough to hold a relationship together when you want different things and that that s not necessarily a failure on the part of either person in the relationship, is a valuable one but it could have been presented in a far better novel.