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This was a touching, engaging case study by a brilliant therapist whose own early trauma made her uniquely able to understanding and heal Highly recommended for anyone, especially therapists. [Download E-pub] ⚉ A Shining Affliction: A Story of Harm and Healing in Psychotherapy ♭ Soars Into Sublime Meditationwhat Makes This Book So Extraordinary Is Her Willingness To Reveal Exactly What Goes On In The Sometimes Mysterious Encounter Between Therapist And Patient The Los Angeles Times A Moving Account Of A True Life Double Healing Through Psychotherapy In This Brave, Iconoclastic, And Utterly Unique Book, Psychotherapist Annie Rogers Chronicles Her Remarkable Bond With Ben, A Severely Disturbed Five Ear Old Orphaned, Fostered, Neglected, And Forgotten In A Household Fire, Ben Finally Begins To Respond To Annie In Their Intricate And Revealing Platy Therapy But As Ben Begins To Explore The Trauma Of His Past, Annie Finds Herself Being Drawn Downward Into Her Own Mental Anguish Catastrophically Failed By Her Own Therapist, She Is Hospitalized With A Breakdown That Renders Her Unable To Speak Then She And Her Gifted New Analyst Must Uncover Where Her Story Of Childhood Terror Overlaps With Ben S, And Learn How She Can Complete Her Work With The Child By Creating A New Story From The Oldone That Ultimately Heals Them Both Haven t finished yet, but keep coming back to it a year after the class that required it is over Beautiful style of writing that captivates you with every page turn, it s easy to paint the visuals movie in your mind as you read Great shipping and seller. I really enjoyed this book It clarified and solidified a lot for me Really listening to someone deeply can be difficult, it s a lot easier to shut yourself off It s interesting how we hide behind so much to keep ourselves safe Why do we find comfort in having someone to assign fault to What purpose does this really serve Does it just make the painful aspects of our reality easier to handle Or does it simply allow us to shirk our own responsibility Probably both Life, people, and relationships would be really easy to navigate where everything to be black and white What a manageable, simplified reality to exist in Sounds super boring to me Bless this woman for her courage to share her story I, for one, am grateful. If you want to know what doing play therapy is like, read this Plus it s such a well written, compelling story Great read Especially great for child therapists in training Recommend I wish I could meet Annie Rogers in person