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Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyIt s always a joy to discover that an author you like has a past. I am used to Hannah Howell writing about The Murrays or Wherlockes in England but what I didn t know is that Ms Howell also writes Westerns. gasp Westerns you say Yep. And A Taste of Fire was my first foray into the western mind of Ms Howell and I promise it was a total delight Antonie Ramirez was raised by the bandito that found her murdered parents, well a man he was riding with murdered them But what Antonie found was a life filled with a unique upraising and unconditional love But her father is dead now and it s time for her to fulfill a promise Antonie has to go to the Bancrofts and let them know that their ranch, their very lives are in jeopardy and it s from someone they trust But Antonie finds that there isthan just repaying a debt There is a love for the ages, if only she is brave enough to accept it Royal Bancroft has been doing everything he can to figure out why the banditos are suddenly targeting his ranch But when Antonie Ramirez shows up to honor their family debt, Royal has a direction Just not a person But Royal also knows that he has intense feelings for Antonie and he has to decide if love is worth taking the risk Just wonderful This book deals with so much It s not just love and passion, it s family dynamics and racial unrest It s also greed and a certain superiority that decays the soul After I finished this book, i went back into Ms Howell s library and searched for anybooks about this family Sadly, there weren t I was totally bummed I can only hope to seeShauniThis review is based on the ARC of A Taste of Fire, provided by netgalley. I like Hannah Howell and have read most of her novels, I thought This one is a re issue that I somehow never read It is probably the new cover that attracted me to this one.That said, it read like one of her earlier works, which it is The writing style was not as fluid as her later novels, however the strong characters and the sweeping story were present The scenery descriptions were vivid and you felt like you were in the story with the characters.My main criticism with Howell is also present in this Occasionally, I feel the supporting characters are given such a strong presence in the story that it detracts from the flow of the story with Antoine and Royal.Overall, I enjoyed it for what it was Nothing amazing, but an enjoyable read with interesting characters. BOOK ♶ A Taste Of Fire ♕ In Each Of Her Acclaimed Novels, Hannah Howell Captures The Passion Of Lovers Fighting The Odds To Make Their Dreams Come True Now, In A Taste Of Fire , She Spins A Poignant Tale Of Promises Made And Kept, As A Deathbed Vow Sends A Feisty Young Woman To Find The Texas Cattle Rancher She Must Save From Dangerand Claim As Her BelovedAntonie Ramirez Could Ride And Shoot As Well As Any Man And Better Than Most Now, The Headstrong Beauty Had Come To Texas To Honor Her Father S Last Words Find The Cattle Rancher Named Royal Bancroft And Repay Him For Saving Their Lives Long AgoRoyal Bancroft Didn T Who Was Behind The Outlaws Trying To Drive Him Off His Land, But He Would Fight To The Death Rather Than Lose It Yet With His Sister And Brother Kidnapped, He Felt Defeat Run Through Him Like A Chill Wind Until A Girl With Cornsilk And A Steady Gunhand Rode Into His LifeAntonie Was Wild, Hard, And Hurting Inside, And Royal Knew From The Moment He Saw Her That, If He Tried To Tame Her, He S Break Her Spirit Instead, He Would Let Her Ride With Him As An Equal Partner, Fight Beside Him For A Future, And Come To Him As A Woman On Fire For Blazing Love Here s the very book that put western historical romance on the reading map for this NetGalley reviewer Yes, it is a re release from 2001 with amodern book cover But, my fellow romance book loving friends, it is still the same great story featuring a strong, feisty John Wayne type heroine who was raised by a notorious Mexican outlaw That is not a typo, compadres I am talking about the heroine, not the leading man Got your attention now Yeah, I thought so.What was my favorite part When she stays behind to protect the hero s sister and finds their cabin surrounded by a gang of no good outlaws When a would be beau of the sister wants to cower in the corner hoping to stay safe, she pulls out her six shooter, cocks and aims it at him, and calmly declares if he doesn t stand up and fight for his woman she will shoot him herself Yeah, that s something The Duke himself would be so very proud of Honestly, if that isn t enough to convince you to read this book, you are definitely muy loco en la cabeza Antonie Ramirez has travelled a long way with her two handsome sidekicks to fulfill a promise she made to her dying padre She is to return the favor of an unpaid debt by helping Royal Bancroft in his current dilemma Naturally, Royal needs some convincing but is soon blown away by this gorgeous, sexy, gun toting female.Well, I m not going to reveal a lot about this one other than to highly recommend it I should mention some avid true romantics may not like the fact one of the sidekicks is somewhat infatuated with Antonie, who occasionally kisses him and even considers one day marrying him They have a standing agreement to marry one day if they never find their true soulmates Of course, that isn t going to happen, because our handsome hero gets a taste of fire when he kisses this gringa, and it s a fire he ll happily never be able to put out.Title A Taste of Fire, Author Hannah Howell, Pages 448, stand alone, HEA, historical western romance, feisty heroine, strong likeable hero This review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author publisher. June 20182 Stars It was okAudiobookWhen I first started this book I was really excited because it started off so well I recently watched Godless on Netflix and that got me craving western romances The thing is, it s hard to find a good western romance because all the newer books are too contemporary and don t really have that old western feel and almost every book I looked at, old and new, seemed to have other woman drama I found In Want of a Wife and that was really good but the next couple of Jo Goodman books weren t as great This book was recommended to me as a safe meaning low on the other woman drama and fun historical western romance It certainly started off great The outlaw premise was really good and I liked the idea of what this story could have been Unfortunately the author chose to focuson relationship drama than on plot and so what could have been a really great book turned out to be just mediocre for me.Also, this book really isn t a safe read or at least some might feel it isn t Almost the entire book focuses on other woman and other man drama I was disappointed and I m not likely to tryfrom this author.Notable Spoilers Series view spoiler Standalone hide spoiler Antonie and Royal were hard to warm up to at first, but they grew on you The supporting characters were very interesting and grabbed your interest right away It was great to have a tough heroine who didn t care didn t know about the rules of society The rescue scene at the end was heart stopping.This was actually the first Hannah Howell book I d read and it made me pick up some of her others I love the Highland settings, but it was refreshing to have a Western. This is my favorite Hannah Howell book Loved Juan, I cried when he died Loved Antonie and loved the twins, Oro and Tomas I will definitely read this again. Role reversalI liked this book and it kept my interest however, I had a problem with the heroine sleeping with the hero within 14 percent of the book and being content to be his lover and having everybody know it through out almost the entire book Also she was forever saving the day She even saved his life at the end of the book He was wishy washy and wasof a heroine than hero. A Taste of Fire brings those old classic western movies that I grew up on to life Antonie s family was murdered before her eyes by a group of renegade banditos Juan Ramierz, a wanted outlaw and notorious bandito himself, rescues Antonie and raises her as very own daughter.Royal, a local rancher, sees a gunman aiming at Juan in a saloon and jumps in to save him Juan tells Royal he owns him a debt Years later, on his death bed, Juan sends a now grown Antonie to help Juan with a bandito problem.Antonie shows up on Royal s door step with her two adoptive brothers, Oro and Tomas, in tow Stunned by her beauty and drawn by a physical chemistry that mystifies, you just know it s going to get good.It ends up that the very same bandito that killed Antonie s family is now attacking Royal The big mystery is who put him up to it and why Antonie has the chance to right the wrong against the family she lost and win a good man s heart if they don t end up dead first.I really enjoyed this story Howell s descriptive writing style makes the words jump off the pages and brings you right into the south west of old.Pretty lengthy at 400 pages, the story flies by and keeps you completely engaged A lot of story to devour.If you love a great western, don t miss A Taste of Fire.I received this ARC copy of A Taste of Fire from Kensington Books Zebra in exchange in a honest review This book is set for publication March 29, 2016My rating 4 starsWritten by Hanna HowellPrint Length 448 pagesPublisher Zebra Reprint edition Publication Date March 29, 2016Sold by Penguin Random House Publisher ServicesASIN B0120AT2S8Genre Historical Western Romance Noble I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review This is a re release but I missed it the first time around So I was glad too get the chance to read the book this time and enjoy the new cover too I really like Hannah Howell s books..she is one of my favorite authors So I know when I see her name on a book that it is going to be a good one This book is about 448 pages, so you know that you are getting your monies worth just when having a big book to read Antonie Ramirez can ride, shoot and do most things better than any man Now she has come to Texas to honor her father s request to find Royal Bancroft and pay him back for the help that he gave them years ago Royal Bancroft is having and issue with people trying to get him off his land So this starts their story of overcoming so much to get to their happy ending.