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#Free Epub â A Taste of Temptation Ù Is Lasting Love On The Menu Hotelier Harper Fontaine Only Wants One Thing In Life To Take Over Her Family S Business Empire And She Won T Let Celebrity Chef Ashton Croft Screw Up The New Restaurant In Her Vegas Showcase Getting The Adventurer To Meet Deadlines Is Hard Enough, But Turning Down The Flame On Their Uncontrollable Chemistry Soon Proves Impossible Ashton Has Traveled The World But Has Never Encountered A Delicacy As Delicious As Harper Sure, What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas, But Will Ashton Stay For Harper Especially When The Chips Are Down And She Suddenly Stands To Lose It All Harper has been raised to be one thing and one thing only, CEO of her grandfather s company She has no personal life Enter Ashton He is head chef she hired to open her new restaurant Ashton just goes with the flow He is all about having fun He has decided it is time to shake up Harper s world The two of them together are a hoot In the end, grandfather knows best Loved the book. A Taste of Temptation showcases a hero who is pure temptation The celebrity chef angle is fresh and the concept is catchy RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries Las Vegas Nights