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I love how these ladies write all the stories together Each story flows into the other Some of these authors I have read and some I have not.Christi Caldwell never disappoints Her story of Winnie and Trent is really good Poor Trent just knows he is going to Hell for loving his best friends sister He decides that since he is going to Hell anyway that she is going to be his wife.Danelle Harmon is a new author to me but I will readof her books now I loved the story of Lettie and Tristan who meet at his stables while Lettie is pretending to be a lad.Renee Bernard never lets you down and she doesn t here Her story about Nick and Jane is great Nick has trouble speaking to anyone he doesn t know really well and Jane is awkward and usually by herself as lookout for all the other young Ladies That all changes when she meets Nick Valerie Bowman I have some of her books on my tbr list but will go read them now as her story of Pru and Christopher caught me and wouldn t let me go I loved the way this anthology was written and how in the end the four Mothers get their Happily Ever After [[ FREE EBOOK ]] ⇺ A Very Matchmaker Christmas ⇮ What Do You Get When You Have Four Despairing Mamas With Four Unwed Daughters A Very Matchmaker Christmas, Of Course This Delightful Holiday Anthology FeaturesNovellas Written ByAuthors, All Revolving Around The Same Fun Plot Involving A Regency Holiday House Party And Hijinks Aplenty Her Christmas Rogue By Christi Caldwell Lady Winifred Grisham Has Been In Love With Her Brother S Best Friend Lord Trent Ballantine Years Than She Can Remember The Only Problem Is, Trent Is A Notorious Rogue Who Doesn T Dally With The Respectable Except, Winnie Doesn T Want A Dalliance She Wants His Heart Born To A Miserable Family, Lord Trent Has Found Joy And Comfort In The Folds Of His Best Friend S Family Except, Over The Years He S Begun To Notice Something Winnie Who He D Always Seen As Another Sister, Is In Fact Something A Captivating Woman Now, Loving Winnie As He Does, Trent Knows She Deserves Than A Rogue In Her Life With Winnie S Mother Rushing Her Off To Try And Make A Match At Lady Weston S Annual Christmastide House Party, Winnie Has But A Few Days To Show Trent, That All She Needs Is His Love But Then This Is Christmaswhen Anything Can Happen To Make A Perfect Scandal By Danelle Harmon Tristan St Aubyn, The Earl Of Weybourne, Is A Driven Man Haunted By The Bad Decisions He Made In His Youth, His Life Is All About Work Working To Restore His Fortunes, Working To Rebuild The Herd Of Unique Racehorses That Were His Late Father S Legacy, Working To Forget Just How Lonely He Really Is Lord Weybourne Isn T Looking For A Wife But When A Saucy Young Lady Dressed As A Lad Finds Her Way Into His Stable And Charms The Most Irascible Colt In The Barn, Tristan Can T Help But Be Intrigued Until She Flees, Frightened Of Discovery The Honourable Miss Letitia Ponsonby Comes From A Family Of Seafarers But For Her, Freedom Is Found On The Back Of A Horse She Has No Desire To Wed The Dreadful Suitor Her Mother Has Chosen For Her, Ready And Waiting At Lady Weston S Christmastide House Party All That S Needed Is The Perfect Scandal To Deter Him But When Letitia Finds Not The Abominable Homer Trout Waiting For Her At The House Party But Lord Weybourne Himself, The Very Desire They Each Feel For The Other Is All That Is Needed To Create That Perfect Scandal To Win A Quiet Heart By Renee Bernard Suffering From Crippling Shyness, Nicodemus Chesterfield, The Earl Of Ath, Would Rather Battle An Army Of Demons Than Put One Toe Inside The Treacherous Social Waters Of A Holiday House Party But Sometimes, A Man Just Has To Face His Fears And When Jane Pemberly Is The Surprisingly Beautiful And Fantastically Charming Prize At The Opposite End Of The Gauntlet It Seems There Is Nothing A Man Won T Do To Sidestep Scandals And Win Her Love To Tempt A Saint By Valerie Bowman What Happens When A Saint Is Tempted By A Sinner Prudence Carmichael Is The Epitome Of Well, Prudence But When A Rud Pirate With Whom She Just Might Have Had A Secret Scandalous Interlude Years Ago, That She S Been Beating Herself Up About Ever Since Appears At Lady Weston S Christmastide House Party And Charms The Innocent Young Lady Again, Can Prudence Resist Her First And Greatest Temptation This was a very good Christmas anthology The Countess of Weston and 3 of her friends are determined to get their daughters married before the next season The Countess will hold a Christmas house party where certain gentlemen, picked by these Mamas, will be invited Each anthology is it s own story, but the characters intermingle with each other Most anthologies have 1 story that I like less than the others, but not this one I enjoyed them all If you like Christmas stories I recommend this book. Une serie de novella de saison Mais j ai pr f r celles de Duke Arms et Duke Street L j ai trouv que les histoires avaient un peu toute le m me schema Overall I enjoyed these interconnected stories of meddling matchmaking Mamas and their too clever by half daughters I DO wish Simon from Harmon s story would get a book or story of his own. Back to my recent obsession with Regency romances I like short stories for shopping new authors to see if I enjoy their writing style The overarching story is four family matrons trying to get their daughters to wed eligible bachelors by throwing a Christmastime visit Each of the writers had their characters in each other s stories, as they were happening in tandem Most handled it extremely well, though Valerie Bowman really didn t she got points in the timeline wrong and even a character name wrong which turned me off of her Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell 2.5 5 To Make a Perfect Scandal by Danelle Harmon 3 5 interesting because the characters were passionate about horses and actually bonded over a shared interest The sex scenes in this one weren t good in my opinion, or respectful really on the guy s part view spoiler IE fingerbanging her without consent when she wasn t really comfortable with it having only ever been kissed like once before , by reach around past her gown in the snow outside Whaa hide spoiler Each of the short stories are set during historical Christmas 1813 and they are all full of romance and heart Writing a short story or novella is extremely hard as each other had to establish romance and love within a limited word count All the others in this anthology did a smashing job This is also a great way to taste the flavor of each of these talented authors, as each contributed beautiful stories to this collection, and the stories just all happen to be connected Great fun to read. Review of bookI truly enjoyed the group of friends stories of each one finally finding love The author is very witty in her writing It was great how she could bring so many books from one Christmas gathering of four families She makes you laugh and keeps your attention great. Such a sweet little collection of love stories. A Very Matchmaker Christmas Review By Christi Caldwell Danelle Harmon Renee Bernard Valerie BowmanThe story begins with four determined matchmaking mamas making a bet that their daughters would be engaged by Christmas At the gathering, the moms talk about the dismal season that their daughters have and it is not even the first season of them being out worried that their daughters could become spinsters which is the worst thing to befall a young lady of good breeding.Story 1 Her Christmas Rogue by Christie CaldwellThe story starts with a conversation between Lord Trent Brilliantine and his friend the Viscount Munthorpe, who is also the next Earl of Portland will shooting pool The Lady Winifred Grisham secretly hidden so that she can hear the conversation After all eavesdropping is the only way to discover what trap maybe laid for the Lady Winifred, she also knew that her heart fluttered as she suspected that Lord Trent knew she was there Caught unawares, The Lady Winifred almost gave herself away when she heard brother say that their mother was matchmaking, interfering.Lady Winifred ties to take her turn at billiards Trent tries to show her, she is wantingand yet he pulls back I have to laugh when Lady Winifred bets Trent determined to have some alone time with him On the long journey to the house party, Winifred and her brother James grimace at the display of affection that her parents bestow to each other As with any child who witnesses the expression of love between parents, the kids will tell them to cut it out, stop The next day after finagling a trip to Hyde Park Needless to say, the Lady Winifred tried earnestly to get the Lord Trent, professed his feelings for her.What moved me was Trent s comments to his sister before her performance and his pledge to his sister.The story I felt for me could have been lengthened some , therefore allowing the relationships to developThe time of Winifred and Trent seemed rushed to me I would have loved to see a bit of interaction between the four ladies whose mama s felt their daughters needthan a push and not quite a shove towards their ideal mates the mama s selected.The End To Make a Perfect Scandal By Danelle HarmonThe Honourable Miss Letitia Ponsonby, is attempting to eavesdrop on her mother and her hostess She knows her mother is up to something It is not unusual for children to try to eavesdrop on their parents, adult conversations to find out what is occurring.Letitia is shocked that her mother mentions a male name as a husband for her This sets Letitia onto an escapade, the desire to escape that fate, lead to her to meeting Tristan St Aubyn, the Earl of Weybourne.Alas the reason for her disguise was to see the Colt Amir while trying to figure a way out of her mother s scheme to see her married While admiring the colt and assuring him she wasn t going to mistreat him, it was the Earl that caused the shortness of breath and something else It was his challenge and his kiss that stirred emotions in her and had her escaping back to safety.Once at the Christmas house party of Lady Agatha Pemberly, the Countess of Weston, While Letitia goes upstairs to find her friends, the mama s get together to discuss how their plans area all coming together.Much later Letitia is surprised and pleased when the Tristan and she meet She decides that he is the one to help her plan a little scandal to prevent any chance of another man claiming her hand in marriage Tristan arrives at the Weston Estate and started to feel trapped, as if the air is sucked out of him Then he sees a familiar female face One that he intended to pursue The meeting of Lord Tristan and Lady Letitia after her little escapade.While seated next to her at the dinner table, Tristan is quizzed by Letitia s mom like a drill Sargent on how he and her daughter had previously met Letitia is still under a misguided perception that her mother fosters As once again Mom sets another part of her plan in motion.After a brief stint outside the next morning in the snow, Letitia is surprised by both the statue that wasn t a statue and the question posed to her Then the challenge comes with Letitia admitting at extraditing herself out of compromising situations.Here is a direct quote from the above story that makes me agree and laugh Tristan said at last Why is it when you put several females together, the world gets turned on its ear This is an enjoyable story and I have laughed many times while reading it.The End To Win a Quiet Heart By Renee BernardI have to admit that it is interesting to read a story where at the beginning that siblings are arguing Well one sibling is manipulating the other into an argument, and it is spiteful, malicious, mischief that makes a reader want to slap that negative, argumentative person upside the head and or shake some sense into that person It is even harder sometimes when you are an introvert especially amongst others It is especially strong when someone has to live with someone like that Anyway Onto the rest of the story.Arthur Nicodemus Phineas Chesterfield is the Fourth Earl of Ath, is painfully shy in social situations After arguing with his sister in his own house, he decides to accept Lady Weston s invitation to her Christmastide Party.The Lady Jane is summoned to her mother s chambers where upon she is instructed on several character flaws as perceived by her mother Be less talkative so that you can snag a husband, Lady Jane is told so that she doesn t end up on the shelf, a dreaded spinster.Lady Jane is then presented with a special treasure that Jane has never been allowed touch and yet here she is given it Upon his arrival, the Earl of Ath is unable to speak, his affliction kicking in He is once again struck with fear, unable to even greet his hostess properly, leaving it to a servant to explain the horrendous roads andThankfully his servant saves him and Nick is escorted to his rooms, where a tea tray is sent up to him.Ever the good friend, during a lookout Jane is almost caught in the hallway so she dashes into a room, or so she thought Following the trail, she discovers a hidden way to access rooms and ends up in the Earl s room The events that follow makes for very interesting reading As it is not a normal girl in room with a shirtless male type of thing.Lemon pastries, disastrous events lead to shared souls coming together.Once again the ugly sibling intent on making people miserable, invites herself to the Party, which includes the both the hero and heroine who is the ugly sibling s target A theft, accusations abound and the reading gets interesting.Oncecalled to her mother s chambers, both concern and praise are bestowed, yet what of the missing hair comb The twists and turns this story makes, should hold the reader enthralled and yet wantingeven at the as all stories must end.The end To Tempt a Saint By Valerie BowmanWhat a to do Having to listen to bible verses being quoted to you by your mother, when you ve fallen asleep then fall out of your chair However, Mom while holding the bible, lets the twins go so that there can be serious discussion between mother Prudence The topic a shocker, but then not so much as Prudence thought about it, then loses track of the topic as her mother mentions one name, sending Prudence into shock yet again, the sinner, handsome Mr Chance.The fencing match going on between Mr Christopher Chance and Lord Stephen Pemberly as Stephen tries to convince his friend to come join the party that Lady Weston is throwing.On the way to the Weston s house for the annual Christmas party, Prudence is teased mercilessly by her brother after her mother made known that Prudence has to find a husband Prudence thought to focus on the one man that couldn t tempt a saint, yet she finds herself embroiled with the one person she was warned away by her mother Prudence tried diligently not to be clumsy yet while in the garden, she clumsily blundered into the one man she was trying to avoid.Unable to stop herself, she called him a pirate and asked if he had a parrot After much interacting Prudence realized where her heart truly laid and sought him out even, fingers crossed, go sledding to find him, perhaps sled into him as such as her ability to be blunder clumsily The dinner table proved taxing for Prudence as she kicked out at her friends, Lady Winifred for asking Mr Chance had seen a certain female and then the same lady asks if he had a parrot, although Prudence did start it One of my favorite sentences that I ve read where onceMr Chance finds himself alone with the Lady Prudence on the stone terrace, and quoted here He allowed a slow, seductive smile to drift across his face What s the matter, Lady Prudence Afraid you ll be tempted to sin The story then takes the reader back to 18 months ago when while a bit tipsy from one glass of champagne she comes across a drunk male who s waist coat is stuck on a hedge and once again her clumsiness kicks in.Then comes confession time One long overdue and a realization that there was one man who understood the Lady Prudence.Not to be outdone one mama told her 3 friends that they now owed her 5 poundsOverviewOverall this book is well worth readingthan once I enjoyed laughing and reading how the mothers of the titled sort plotted once upon a time to make sure their daughters marry well and sometimes even above their station.Each of the four stories has excellent stories with a good ending for each one..