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The cover of this book does it no justice I hated for this book to end It was such a great story, and the author did a wonderful job telling it Do not judge this book by the cover You will be pleasantly surprised. [[ EBOOK ]] ↸ A Woman's Worth ↺ Embracing The Shattered Pieces Of The Soul And Championing The Resilient Nature Of The Heart, A Woman S Worth Takes Readers On A Journey Of Startling Depth From A Speakeasy Whorehouse In The Bottoms Of Alabama To A Luxurious High Rise Apartment In Kenya, Acclaimed Author Tracy Price Thompson Crosses Boundaries Of Sexuality, Gender, And Culture To Accentuate The Core Of Black Identity The Enormous Strength Of FamilyAin T Nothing Like A Black Man No Other Man On The Face Of The Earth Can Hold A Light Up To Him, Coming Or Going Why Do You Think Women Are All The Time Chasing Behind Them Smooth Game And All, When A Brotha Loves You, He Loves You Right From A Woman S WorthAbeni Omorru Is A Stunning Kenyan Woman Who Is Haunted By Piercing Memories Although Her Father S Wealth Ensures Her A Life Of Prestige, Childhood Trauma Has Left Her Emotionally Damaged And Sexually Promiscuous While Abeni Takes On Many Lovers, None Come Close To Healing The Wounds Of Her Heart And Only A Man Who Understands Her Worth Can Truly Claim Her Soul Bishop Johnson Is Also Haunted By His Past Raised By Prostitutes In A Rural Alabama Town, He Is A Promising Teenage Boxer Until His Dreams Are Shattered When His Parents Are Murdered During A Violent Robbery And He Takes Revenge On The Perpetrators Bishop Goes To Jail, And When He Is Released He Has A Volatile Temper And A Mean Left Hook To Back It Up Trouble Continues To Find Bishop, And He Is Forced To Leave Alabama And Travel To Kenya With The Peace Corps There He Falls In Love With Abeni, And They Marry When Bishop Learns The Secret Of Abeni S Past, He Is Force To Make A Decision That May Cost Him Than One Man Should Ever Have To Sacrifice From The Hardcover Edition This book was slow in the beginning but after the first few chapters I was deeply engrossed in it I couldn t put it down I learned a lot about the culture in Africa and how they view women. I highly higly recommend this book A well written book Grabs your attention from the beginning til the end I read it for the first time about 5 yrs ago but read it again last month. What a novel I LOVE THIS BOOK The characters were so real The story told so realistically and naturally It is on my Top Favorite List Bishop Chicken Johnson is the son of Slim Willie and Dimples Together, they run a house of ill repute in a small rural town in Alabama Some say Dimples was Slim Willie s first whore, but Slim Willie says, I ain t never laid down with no ho Slim Willie also did not believe in women being abused and would defend all of his women with his life Bishop was raised with plenty of love from his extended family Besides witnessing how to love a woman, Slim Willie taught Bishop to be a man After tragedy strikes, Bishop eventually meets Malcolm Marcus Mosiah Armsrong They are united in friendship because both have suffered the loss of their parents Poppa Daddy and Sugar Baby Armstrong, Malcolm s grandparents, take in Bishop and raise him as their grandson Poppa Daddy runs a boxing gym and Bishop is a promising boxer Poppa Daddy s life is guided by the same mantra as Slim Willie s, be a man He tries to instill this same mantra in to Malcom and Bishop After a boxing match gone wrong, Bishop must leave his home again As painful as it is for him and the Armstrongs, he joins the Peace Corps Abeni Omorru is the beautiful daughter of the wealthy and powerful Banjoko Omorru There is no place in Kenya his arms won t reach Her life has not been the same since her yreau female circumcision How could her father, who loves her, allow this to happen Her mother even so this causes Abeni to question their love and her worth She ceased to feel After being molested, a kind doctor, tries to repair the damage done to her, but her life spins out of control After a season of frenzy and promiscuity, Abeni returns home to become the obedient daughter, trying desperately to make her father and love and respect her once Abeni s life consists of going through the motions no joy, no happiness, no love Then one day Bishop Chicken Johnson walks into her office.The impact is felt by both of them They are melded body, spirit, and soul They are truly one Abeni has never known such joy, such happiness What they share, is the same love Bishop witnessed between Slim Willie and Dimples and Poppa Daddy and Sugar Baby How blessed they are Greater joy comes with the birth of their daughter, Hundiata Hunnie is showered with love, warmth, happiness from her parent and grandparents, and she gives back in return Life could not be better until Banjoko announces that it is time for Hunnie s yreau female circumcision Both Bishop and Abeni know how this ritual impacted Abeni s life What will it do to their beloved Hunnie I heard this one was 5 Star juiCy.let s see, A beautiful description of a woman s worth this book moves you through various examples of the true worth of women I read this book years ago and loved it but could not remember the author or title Thanks to a search of the plot here on goodreads, I was able to find it and buy it to again experience this book that I could vividly see on the big screen I suggest Ava Duvernay or Spike Lee to direct after I write the screenplay Price Thompson showcases a man who lays down his life for his whores because he knows a woman s worth a man who shows his love by painting his wife s toenails for her one last time before she has to amputate her foot due to disease a man who seeks to protect his daughter s worth by forcing her to endure the tradition of genital mutilation in order to keep her virtue intact a man who shows his woman what true love is by cherishing her whole being despite her genital mutilation and the shame she brought to her family and a man who sacrifices the love of his life to save his daughter from that same genital mutilation All these themes, the pace of the story, bringing African Americans and Africans together, and moving across continents and cultures makes for a brilliant story and not just a love story Please read a enjoy before this makes it to the theaters womenshistorymonth internationalwomensday First off I ll say don t judge this book by it s cover because it does it no justice is actually incorrect for it s characters This was a great book The author gave a lot of details about each character so it made it very easy to picture them and sympathize with their situations I love how you see the great people they all grow to be despite the adversity they all face.This book definitely leaves you wishing for Definitely a book I recommended. This book was way better than chocolate sangria wayyyyyy better Wow This book was full of drama As I read, I would be hoping for the best outcome in every situation and some just seemed like they were destined to be awful The second part of this book is very educational I don t think a lot of people know about some traditions in other cultures that may be harmful to others I m really glad I read this book.