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There are men and women of great minds that write books that you simply must read For the cause and subject of Christianity, C S Lewis ranks as one the best apologetic minds in all of Christendom.A Year with C S Lewis Daily Readings from His Classic Works, is exceptional because within it you will find choice writings from other must read books by C S Lewis such as Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Problem of Pain, Miracles, A Grief Observed, The Weight of Glory, and The Abolition of Man.Edited and arranged by Patricia Klein, each days reading of a selection of Lewis works will cause you to remember the book it was quoted from, if you have read it Book Review of A Year with C S Lewis edited by Patricia KleinIf it is the first time you are reading C S Lewis, it may cause you to ponder and consider his delightful style, his no nonsense approach, and his seasoned grasp on the foundations of Christianity.I have read all the works that this book of meditations draws from, which added great depth to the daily readings I can mark the time in my life when I read a particular book by C S Lewis It would be hard for me to choose which of his books were my favorite, I would say The Great Divorce and Mere Christianity top my list.Lewis is profound Having his works broken down in daily meditations makes his messages easier to digest Of course, it is always best, at least for me, to have a dictionary handy when reading C S Lewis He was a master of wit and wisdom and it flowed beautifully through his writings.I recently purchased a eReader and this book was one of the very first ebooks I bought I recommend it highly for personal use or as a gift For daily reading and or meditation, I would rank this compilation very close to Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest Reviewed by Keiki HendrixReviewed for The Vessel Project A short passage each day from the pen of C.S Lewis provides a good introduction to or review to the writings of the great scholar, don, and Christian. Simply wonderful Magnificent Nancy and I read through this one together. This was an excellent book to read through in 2017 It had been a while since I d read the books by Lewis that are excerpted throughout the year in this collection, and the reminder of some great passages was often very helpful, encouraging, and challenging I particularly enjoyed selections from The Weight of Glory, the writings by Lewis that I m least familiar with I am glad to know Learning in War Time, now, which I shared with my students after reading parts of it here.I recommend these daily readings to people who are already familiar with at least some of Lewis s non fiction works there are no selections here from Narnia Because these are short excerpts, they sometimes might not make sense to readers who don t know the fuller context. What can be better than a best of C S Lewis devotional book Top notch Great selections, short in length great for daily devotional reading. I am really enjoying this book A Year With C S Lewis I got it on a whim in January and am really glad I have it on my Kindle for daily reading It uses excerpts from well known books such as Mere Christianity combined with snippets of letters and lesser known writing, and flows through different themes such as knowing God, prayer, and so forth.The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because occasionally it is difficult to pick up the thread of the excerpt for the day This has become apparent when reading a daily entry aloud with my husband over our weekday lunches in the office It doesn t happen often though. It is a stretch to say that I have finished this book because I read January daily readings in a week, and now I want to read each day s offering on its specified date I am enjoying the readings several of which are from Screwtape Letters which I read years ago I knew CS Lewis was a devout Christian, but I had no idea the depth of his religious fervour I am adding this review so it is not labeled as reading for the entire year I do recommend it for those who enjoy spiritual daily readings. Some obscure, some divine, this sampling of CS Lewis writings makes me want to go out and read muchIf you haven t read his writings in Christian apologetics before, this is an excellent place to start. {DOWNLOAD PDF} á A Year with C. S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works ⚪ The Classic A Year With CS Lewis Is An Intimate Day To Day Companion By CS Lewis, The Most Important Christian Writer Of The Th Century The Daily Meditations Have Been Culled From Lewis Celebrated Signature Classics Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Problem Of Pain, Miracles, And A Grief Observed, As Well As From The Distinguished Works The Weight Of Glory And The Abolition Of Man Ruminating On Such Themes As The Nature Of Love, The Existence Of Miracles, Overcoming A Devastating Loss, And Discovering A Profound Christian Faith, A Year With CS Lewis Offers Unflinchingly Honest Insight For Each Day Of The Year A short passage from one of Lewis works every day Enjoyed this as a start to my morning and found myself being led down various rabbit holes after thinking on something he said.