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You know the difference between right and wrong Murder, stealing, cheatingthese are acts you avoid, of course But what about baser things like lying and lusting What about when the lines blur between what you want and what you need You re broke, hungry and have to feed your family, so you MUST take that food without paying for it Is it wrong A close friend gives you a gift that misses the mark Do you tell her hell would freeze over before you d wear that pink neon scarf What about love What if one day you meet someone you re unequivocally compatible with only to find out that person is your best friend s partner Or worse, your teacher And so begins the all consuming story of Michael and Dominic Theirs is a powerful tale about friendship, temptation and love s healing influence Michael, a young teacher at a Catholic school, and Dominic, his younger but mature in heart and soul student, have in common than their passion for great literature they re also gay and hiding in plain sight in a community that won t accept or forgive them for what they are.Set in the UK, Acclamation is so perfectly written it s hard for me to believe this is Vee Hoffman s first novel The subject matter is taboo, and perhaps reading the description will put some prospective readers off the story If you re one of those, I m begging you give it a chance Unlike other books I ve read with a student teacher story line, Acclamation goes well beyond the forbidden nature of the relationship to focus on the human beings involved, including Michael and Dominic s family and friends The two men are fallible, with complex, emotional histories They know the difference between right and wrong, but as can happen to the best of us, the lines of their situation have blurred Acclamation is a narrative, written from Michael s point of view There are points in the book, though they re few and far between, where Michael becomes mired in his thoughts and insecurities Stick with him when this happens His ramblings are related to his past and his present intertwining, and are reflective of the things he knows he s not handling the way he should The eventual intimacy between Michael and Dominic is sensual and erotic, but entirely without pretension or discomfort You ll want to know and feel and read , but it s perfectly paced and feels extremely balanced At 404 pages, Acclamation is long, but you ll never feel it in fact, you ll become crazed as you near the end, when you begin to realize the neat, tidy closure you crave is just slightly beyond reach No worries the second book is ready and waiting in the wings as is the complete series , plus a short freebie available online and to be read between the third and fourth books I simply can t say enough good things about Acclamation without becoming repetitive and gushy and embarrassing myself, so I ll close with a promise This book will live up to and surpass any expectation you may have, and I can t wait for you to experience all the feeling for yourself. Unusual and very long story about a 28 year old teacher, Michael, who moves to a small town after the death of his partner a couple of years earlier He falls deeply in love with his 18 year old student Dominic and his feelings are reciprocated.This is written in Michael s 1st person POV and is an intense look at the relationship that forms between the two young men Both of them are so noble and self sacrificing that the teacher student dynamic is not remotely sleazy and instead comes across as a beautiful and inevitable love.The pace is CRAWLING And it s like the two of them live in a bubble where outside events rarely intrude Michael s musings, agonizings, and eulogizing about Dominic and how wonderful he is, are addictive and frustrating at the same time I had to skim a page or two here and there where he was going on too much But I couldn t stop reading and will definitely pick up book 2 because this one ends at a pivotal point in their affair.On the downside I found Michael s character to be inconsistent At times he acted too much like a fussy old person and at others he was portrayed as young and hip and sexy I preferred the young and hip version not only because I found it believable that Dominic would fall for him but also because that version of his personality was interesting to me This book is definitely not for everyone I actually have a bit of a headache since I finished reading, it was such an intense experience lol This is the story of Michael Cassidy, a 28 year old teacher who has experienced love and loss and it left him scarred He has made the best of what life has dealt him and has found a routine to his life, accepting that this was the way it would be Then in comes Dominic Butler, a neighbor, and his whole world is turned on its axis He starts feeling again, he questions, he ponders, he day dreams and ultimately tries to resist But it is to no avail Dominic is not merely a soon to be 18 year old He is an old soul A handsome young man who is open, determined in his beliefs, strong, articulate and vulnerable He is everything Michael would like in a partner and he is the one person he shouldn t want A student.To say that I was conflicted by this story would be an understatement As a mother, could I condone the relationship between a teacher and his student Do I take everything presented to me as a whole or in bits and pieces As a reader, do I just discard my apprehension merely because this is fiction Should I go with what my emotions are telling me or with the thoughts running around in my head These were some of the questions I asked myself.From the start, Michael won my heart His story is one filled with both pain and hope and I really wanted him to find that happiness he had lost but still deserved He was funny, self deprecating and adorable as can be I was immediately drawn to him Connecting and embracing Dominic was not even an option He was amazing in his own right So mature and understanding, but yet so insecure and inexperienced I wanted to take them both and give them a private place to be together but on the other hand I wanted to scold them Ask them what the hell they were thinking and shake some sense into them In the end, my heart won out and this I contribute to the author, Vee Hoffman.She lured me with the first passages in the book, kept me enraptured throughout Michael s narration, renewed my interest with every piece of dialog that was exchanged, melted me each and every time they came together and just about broke my heart with the last line The answers to my questions changed throughout the book and after I finished reading they were still haunting me.It was brilliant But I confess that as a reader whose English is a second language, the writing was at times overwhelming I also admit that I thought I would not like the single point of view element in this book I was surprised that I did not miss Dominic s account of the story and I very much enjoyed getting to know Dominic mainly through Michael s eyes.Vee Hoffman played it out perfectly I appreciated Michael s apprehension and his efforts to fight this connection with Dominic and vice versa I would have been disappointed if it would have been easily accepted by both characters the outcome of my rating would have been very different to say the least Another element that really affected my rating was the range of emotions presented in this book There was passion, pain, love and happiness But this was mixed up with grief, trepidation, bravery and acceptance All of this, in addition to well developed and complex characters, realistic dialog, great humor and an array of well placed events, made Acclamation an amazing and very touching read.I was lucky to have been chosen to read and review this book in exchange of an honest opinion and I am very much looking forward to the next book with an eagerness that surprises even myself. This book is neither an easy, light hearted read, nor a disturbing, struggling one, but it s full of heavy emotions, at times overwhelming and mind blowing it often left me breathless momentarily while my heart was beating frantically It isn t a breath stoppingly action packed adventure, or a ridiculously, unbelievably melodramatic love story, but a honest to God biography of a man who takes his love as a major and significant theme It captured my attention completely Even when I wasn t reading the book, I kept going back to it to ponder over details I thought imply double meanings Several times I had to read at least twice certain paragraphs to fully understand them And as an ESL reader, sometimes I felt like this book was too much for me, I was struggling hard, sure, but what I received was incredibly rewarding, and I m glad I followed it to the end.It is pretty long, over 160000 words, so occasionally I found myself getting impatient with some seemingly unnecessary events However, like a friend said, those things are reflections of Michael Cassidy s feelings and his needs, his desires, his view of the world Besides, with him being a cynical person who very much impressed me with how analytical and insightful he truly is, every details, regardless of how small it is, from facial expression, reaction, gesture to scenery, location or development, are in full descriptions and perceptions Therefore, I got to know him than I thought I ever did with other characters, and through his eyes, Dominic Butler as well.This book s not with out emotional and moral conflicts, what with the relationship between a teacher and a student and all Although I don t consider it a very uncommon one, but there is a fact that it still and probably always will be strongly frowned upon But as I mentioned above, their affair and the difficulties they are inevitably going to have to go through, are not described in a laughably overdramatic way, not in the slightest On the contrary, their attractions to each other feel very simple and natural They know their proper social places, they have different religious beliefs, but they also believe and accept their love for each other as a real and beautiful thing it really is as well One thing I admire the author specifically, is the way she handles the sex She didn t jump right into it, and I m grateful, very grateful, because 1 I don t know if I could restraint myself from hating the book a little, and 2 It doesn t feel right I like that it s a slow burned sexual tension that consumes them whenever they re together that made my heart beat fast and faster every time When it actually happens it s intense and erotic and hot than anything I ve ever read so far I have to say that I also like very much the author s writing style It s unique, engrossing and fascinating It s not exactly true to say that it s a crucial factor which could decide whether I loved the book, but it s extremely important to the fact that I enjoyed it as much as I did.Highly recommended. 4.75 5 stars Acclamation is a beautiful book a slow burn story of desire between a young teacher and his student, and a somewhat literary take on the m m romance genre The writing is superb, written from the POV of teacher Michael Cassidy, charting his attraction to student and neighbour Dominic, and his resulting moral quandary as the two find wrestle with temptation I believe a good writer can convince the reader of almost anything, and the fact that this taboo romance is so convincing, tantalising and sexy without being exploitative or predatory, is truly a testament to the skilful writing of Vee Hoffman. This was an amazing story.but it was too wordy and too long When I started reading it, I was like Wow Just Wow This is amazing But about two thirds of the way through, I stalled I think I just got tired of Michael fawning over Dominic, and the awkward sexual encounters between the two MCs The last quarter of the book was the most difficult for me I eventually got back into the story only for it to end abruptly The entire story is from one POV and not much is left to the imagination as Michael drones on and on I was not surprised that he had a copy of Marcel Proust s book on his shelf I am guessing Proust was an inspiration for the author I found the level of detail into Michael s thoughts overwhelming Also for a contemporary story, I thought the characters were unnaturally formal in the way they spoke.This is a great book.maybe even a classic.it s just not my cup of tea. I think I have read this about four times Each time a new aspect presents itself, whether it is a character nuance or just a new perspective on Michael and Dominic s burgeoning relationship What stands out everytime is the truth in their relationship This is the beginning of something special.5 times now June 2015 4.25 stars Michael lost his lover to cancer three years ago and he s been drifting ever since He s functioning, getting through life, but not able to emotionally connect with anything or anyone He moves to a small town to begin a new job as a Catholic school English teacher, because it s something his education fits him for, and he needs the money But one October day he encounters the young man who lives next door Dominic is brilliant, open, attractive and friendly They strike up a friendship, and soon are having conversations about books and life Dominic s father is seriously ill, and Michael, with his history of loss, can understand and empathize with Dominic s situation Michael is smitten, and falling fast But there s one big problem Dominic is 17, and one of his students.This book goes out of its way to make this a love story between 2 men ten years apart in age, but very similar in tastes and minds This is the edge of taboo, with Dominic old and mature enough to make it seem plausible and appropriate, especially when he s the one who instigates physical parts of the relationship Michael agonizes over the impropriety of it, but portrays himself as a man falling swiftly and deeply in love And despite moments of doubt, I did take him at his word Dominic is amazing, and knows he s gay, but is very isolated in his Catholic community, and would have been desperately hard to resist.There are times when Michael breaks from his narrative to address Dear reader which pulled me out of the story a bit And particularly because these are mostly added pleas to not judge him for his love and lust toward a seventeen year old, they felt a bit like a man who doth protest too much I wanted his narration to convince me which for the most part it did While pedophilia is a hot button of mine, I do think there are mature seventeen year olds who relate to the world on an adult level I in fact knew one who had a thirty year old boyfriend and who was the adult and the dominant partner between the two of them And while a teacher is in a position of power, the two related primarily as neighbors, not teacher student So I was willing to accept this relationship at Michael s word The sex is very, very slow burn and not exploitative feeling, although sometimes beautifully sensual The language is often erudite, emotional and elaborate, but that s fitting to a man who is an English teacher with a classical education I give the book added marks for containing three words I had to look up As this book ended I was eager to move on to the next one. (FREE PDF) î Acclamation (Acclamation, #1) õ Writing The First Person Account Of Michael Cassidy, Who Becomes A Catholic School Teacher In The Aftermath Of The Tragic Death Of His Boyfriend, Hoffman Balances Beautifully Lyrical Prose With A Sensual Exploration Of People And Places Ashebrook, Its Warm Community And The House Inherited From His Aunt Provide A Comfortable Haven For Michael, But It S The Friendship With Neighbouring Butler Family And Their Son Dominic That Proves Most Rewarding Teacher, Friend, Soon Confidant, Michael Understands Dominic S Secrets Than Anyone In His Sheltered Catholic Community, But What Else Can He Allow Himself To Hope For When Love Offers Him A Second Chance Amazing writing The words just flowed beautifully Highly recommended