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After having successfully transited the Northwest Passage in 2009 The Other Side of The Ice I bought this book to gain evenknowledge on what has to be the most amazing area of the world Brilliant in every way I highly recommend it Sprague TheobaldThe Other Side of the Ice One Family s Treacherous Journey Negotiating the Northwest PassageThe Other Side of the Ice @Free Ebook ò Across the Top of the World: The Quest for the Northwest Passage õ Book By Delgado James P I found this book a very interesting read The photos were wonderful It covers the varied expeditions on the quest for the Northwest Passage Lots of people lost their lives and ultimately it was not, of course, a really usable shipping route.The Franklin expedition and the various search parties is well covered The one existing daguerotype of Franklin, which I had not seen, is included, as are the recent discoveries and theories about what happened.At a bargain price, this is a nice gift book Mine came without the tell tale black bargain stripe on the spine. This is a well illustrated and well written account of past explorers struggles to find a northern passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, through the Canadian Artic archipelago I wish I had read this book before going on an expedition cruise through the passage I would have been so much better prepared to appreciate the early explorers experiences and achievements Well done Jim Delgado During my lifetime, mans endeavors at pushing back the boundaries of the unknown were attacking the sound barrier, and going into space culminating in landing on the moon, and equally important, the return to our diverse blue planet alive Then there were the manned descents to the deepest known ocean floor Challenger Deep in Trieste and Deep Challenger for a bold push to expand our knowledge under the sea.But, there was a time, a time spanning centuries when the curiosity of the vast unknown was not as lofty as space, nor as deep as 35,700 below the surface of the ocean It was a shorter nautical path west to the Pacific, and the trade opportunities in the far east The problem the newly discovered and vastly uncharted continents of the north, central and south Americas were blocking the way There had to be a path toward the north A pathway involving direct penetrations off the map into the dangerous uncharted cold icy unknown.James P Delgado does a magnificent job, with excellent utilization of maps, charts, photos, paintings and drawings to lay out the historical journey of conquest man seeking a sea passage across the often bitterly frozen and deadly north A very good read Great nautical history. Bought this book to learn about the Artic before going there on a cruise It was recommended reading and I can see why Great information and a good coffee table volume I ordered a used book and I am not sure it was ever opened It was in almost perfect condition I d say perfect but it was classified as a used book in good condition so who am I to judge otherwise I am a very happy owner of this book Anyone thinking of a trip to the Artic would do well to read this one.