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I read this as part of my Change Management course Excellent overview of the topic based on a simple mnemonic. ADKAR is a very simple yet effective model of understanding and implementing personal as well as organizational change It helps practitioners, managers and change agents relate to the progression of change in one s lives, and to pinpoint where exactly they might be losing the steam I highly recommend this book to anyone new to understanding change management @KINDLE ¶ Adkar Ú Why Do Some Changes Fail While Others Succeed How Can You Make Sense Of The Many Tools And Approaches For Managing Change How Can You Lead Change Successfully, Both In Your Personal Life And Professional Career After ThanYears Of Research With Corporate Change, The ADKAR Model Has Emerged As A Holistic Approach That Brings Together The Collection Of Change Management Work Into A Simple, Results Oriented Model This Model Ties Together All Aspects Of Change Management Including Readiness Assessments, Sponsorship, Communications, Coaching, Training And Resistance Management All Of These Activities Are Placed Into A Framework That Is Oriented On The Required Phases For Realizing Change With Individuals And The Organization The ADKAR Perspective Can Help You Develop A New Lens Through Which To Observe And Influence Change You May Be Working For Change In Your Public School System Or In A Small City Council You May Be Sponsoring Change In Your Department At Work You May Be Observing Large Changes That Are Being Attempted At The Highest Levels Of Government Or You May Be Leading An Enterprise Wide Change Initiative The Perspective Enabled By The ADKAR Model Allows You To View Change In A New Way You Can Begin To See The Barrier Points And Understand The Levers That Can Move Your Changes Forward ADKAR Allows You To Understand Why Some Changes Succeed While Others Fail Most Importantly, ADKAR Can Help Your Changes Be A Success Based On Research With ThanCompanies FromCountries, ADKAR Is A Simple And Holistic Way To Manage Change This book was a part of a training course I attended.The system seems simple, yet that is the strength of the method not a weakness.The ADKAR model is applicable is so many circumstances that I cannot recommend it enough.That being said, the book is not really thrilling as just something to read.Without taking the time to consider the application, you are going to struggle with the book If you re not reflecting, you re not learning Change ManagementAll the right questions at the right time in the right sequence can go miles to successfully implementing change in a business or organization I ve seen many failed business initiatives for lack of a change management process. I read this book in preparation for the Prosci course I am attending soon It was an easy to read book that will be a wonderful reference on change management projects In one small book it summarized what I have learned in years of change management into one concise place using a standard set of vocabulary. I had to read this book for a class I will be taking It is a book that discuss a methodology for making change within an organization It seems to be a coherent process Not sure I will ever use it But one never knows. Actionable guidance on effective change management. IN ADKAR, Hiatt sets out to show why some changes fail when others succeed how to make sense of the many methods and tactics for change and how to lead change successfully The book scores well on all three aims.ADKAR stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement a simple acronym for the elements required to be managed in any successful change process Through identification and then assessment of all the various components of the change, scores are allocated on a 5 point scale to indicate which elements require most attention.It was interesting to note that my review of ADKAR coincided with the sharp rise in oil prices in July 2008 and the resultant impact on world trade Written in 2006, Hiatt uses the ADKAR model to demonstrate why the world did not learn from the oil crisis of the 70 s Knowledge scores a 3, Desire and Ability 2, Awareness and Reinforcement 1 a very powerful demonstration of the application of the model.The book goes on to give practical tips and examples of how each of the ADKAR elements can be developed and implemented into any change process There s also a good summary chapter with key points and a tables to show quickly which change management activities will help enable change to occur.This is a useful and practical change management book easy to read and apply by practising managers. This was another book assigned for our yearly development This doesn t really tell you anything new if you ve read self improvement books for work before But, it does go over it again in a very easily understood way and has some great examples of the ADKAR principle.