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I was able to point out and describe the pictures on the left side of the book to my two year old I was able to read the story to my five year old The story felt drawn out and left me wanting I found the kids restless when reading the book My daughter was interested in telling me which picture she likes and which one she thinks I like.At the end of the book, I found myself not wanting to read it again for awhile It was easily forgettable I found as I reached for it again a week later, intrigued by the title and cover and then realizing what story I picked up when I started reading I guess this book is just not really for our family It might be perfect for a family who has just moved away and the young ones need a guide to all the emotions that they are feeling. A sweet little moving and making friends story mixed with some penguin bits and famous artist bits Makes for an interesting combo I love the illustrations especially the way the drawings on the left side expand on the text on the right. READ EPUB ⚖ Augustine ☲ Moving All The Way From The South Pole To The North Pole Isn T Easy For The Young Penguin Augustine Uprooted From Her Home, She Misses Her Friends, Her Grandma And Grandpa And Her Old Bedroom There Are All Kinds Of Unfamiliar Faces At The North Pole, And Everything Looks Strange And Different When It S Time To Go To Her New School, Augustine Gets Cold Feet But With The Help Of A Few Colored Pencils And Some Inspiration From Picasso, This Shy, Artistic Young Penguin Discovers A Way To Break The Ice With Her Classmates And Feel At Home On The Other End Of The World Augustine S Penguinized Versions Of Van Gogh, Munch, Picasso And Others Are A Delightful Way To Introduce Children To Art A Clever, Charming Story Told From A Penguin S Eye View, Augustine Illustrates That Art Is All Around Us And It Is A Language Everyone Understands Love this book I have older students prepare an art museum, researching artists mentioned and recreating masterpieces Younger students visit the museum, listen to presentations and learn about ART Thenwe read the story It has muchmeaning with this background knowledge This story for me is about art with the bonus of fantastic, expressive illustrations Augustine is very cute, appealing, and easy to love No, there are no penguins at the north pole, but I have a feeling that was intentional so that little ones could have the experience of knowing something someone else, an author even, did not Augustine is a little penguin whose father is being transferred from the South Pole to the North Pole for his job This means the family must move Augustine is having very anxious feelings about the move, leaving his old friends, and going to school in his new town.Great little book about starting over. A very cute book about moving It is also is a great tribute to major artists You can use this for a moving book, or a meet the master type program Well written What s it like to be the new kid at school Cute story about a young penguin who moves from the South Pole to the North Pole. This is a very cute book that could really help kids through a move or a big transition time. A little penguin lives at the South Pole with his family When his dad gets a new job at the North Pole, he is sad to move so far from his grandparents and his friends His first day at his new school doesn t start out very well, but his blue crayon makes a difference. Okay, isn t Augustine just the cutest little thing ever This is a great story for kids who are moving as we share Augustine s trials and triumphs as she moves from the South Pole to the North Pole and must adjust to missing her friends and grandparents, trying to make new friends and adjust to her new home and school, and all the while stay true to her artistic soul I must say that many of the little clever aspects of the story that I chuckled over probably will go over kids heads such as when Augustine named after Pierre Auguste Renior is feeling particularly glum and paints a lot of pictures in blue, calling it her Blue Period ala Picasso There are also several paintings that Augustine creates that bear an amusingly striking resemblance to famous paintings such Evard Munsch s The Scream But, that s no reason why they won t enjoy the story and illustrations As a side note, was I just really dense or was it not clear that Augustine is a girl I suppose too many Humanities and Religious Studies courses have made me think only of Augustine as a man as in Saint of Hippo But, really, I had no clue until the little afterward at the end of the book, haha Maybe that s good, though, as Augustine can be an androgynous hero ine for both boys and girls