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!DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☣ Alpha Trine ♊ The Sole Survivor On A Science Vessel Adrift In Deep Space, Zeus Was Adopted By The Emperor And Empress Of The Mar Sani, Though He Is Both Human And Blind, And Seen By Most As Unfit To Join The Royal Family Though They Were Able To Repair His Vision, Zeus Does Not Trust His Eyes And The Nobles Of His Parents Court Refuse To Ever Trust A Frail HumanDargon Kal Turak, Along With His Symbiote And Lover Alpha, Command One Of The Most Dangerous Ships In The Stars Narrowly Escaping A Trap, They Dock In A Space Port To Make Repairs, But Find That The Psonics Hunting Them Are Closing In Fast In Desperation They Kidnap The Port Master Mechanic, Unaware That The Man They Ve Brought On Board Is Than He Seems, And Will Bring Far Upheaval To Their Ship, Their Lives, And The Stars Than Any Of Them Could Have ImaginedWarning This Story Contains A Threesome Relationship Wow I m outta breath This is a non stop short book that hooked me right away It was so sweet when the Mar Sani royal family adopted baby Zeus I especially enjoyed the deep relationship between Zeus and his 2 brothers They never treated him like he was different and in turn, Zeus thrives under their tutelage.After 5 years on a space station serving as master mechanic, Zeus can t wait to get back home He then runs into Dargon and his symbionte Alpha OK, the chemistry is smoking hot right away although the relationship does move kinda fast.I won t go into detail because the plot is so complexit even confused me at times Like, what s up with the humans They seem really mean and not liked by any other aliens.One thing I loved is all the crazy species we run into Numerous creatures with 4 arms, tentacles, tails, fur, feathers, pouches, 2 belly buttonsyou name it.I think I will have to read of this series to get all my questions answered Great start to a promising series Having recently lost their own child the Emperor and Empress of Mar Sani adopt the lone infant survivor discovered in an abandoned vessel The Gods have brought this infant into their lives for a reason and it s not theirs to question why Zeus has known only love from his parents and siblings though many others feel he is a human weakling with no redeeming qualities Having reached adulthood, Zeus finds his calling in service as a Master Mechanic With his rotation of service on a space port about to end and his return home to Valespia, he s conflicted with emotion not knowing what his future holds.Dargon Kal Turak orders his vessel to dock into the nearest space port to make much needed emergency repairs caused by an Psonics attack Though his mission is of utmost importance and his cargo precious than anyone realizes, the probability of making it to his destination is improbable without those repairs Finding out the only person who can do the repairs is a human has it s own set of problems as humans are known to be deceitful, untrustworthy, and evil to their core When the Psonics get too close for comfort, Dargon is forced to kidnap Zeus to finish making repairs after which he ll release the human unharmed Problems arise when Dragon s symbiote Alpha, who also happens to be his lover, feels a connection to Zeus A connection that Dargon also shares but is fighting as he refuses to consider making love to a human It s problems all around as the Mar Sani want their royal Prince back, the Psonics want Dragon s cargo, and Zeus, well he wants Dragon Audible 5 hrs and 25 mins listening timeNarrator Michael Stellman This was a book chosen for me in a reading challenge It s not the sort of book I would have checked out or read otherwise so thrilled to pieces it was chosen as I can now add another author to stalk Additionally, the narrator Michael Stellman sigh that man can make reading a phone book sound sexy My initial opinion is that I m glad I read this book via audible Not sure I d have been as much a fan if I had read the print version related to the complex list of alien names, species, world building elements, etc to deal with Listening fast tracked my comprehension and thus able to focus on content SciFi LGBT gay erotic romance with an action adventure suspense theme If that s not enough, throw in paranormal menage mmm to spice it up even Pretty much than I could handle as the author additionally adds variables that I can t comment on because of spoiler restrictions In other words, this story has a lot going on It s not the sort of story that lets up as scene jumping brings new and different facets to appreciate time and time again.The romance between Zeus and Dragon is a mix of angst and lust with a side of whop ass alpha military grade adventure that s balanced with a sweet caring vulnerable side to each of the main character I subsequently became vested in Zeus, Alpha, and Dragon wanting them to succeed Succeed in making their relationship work, succeed in their mission, and succeed in hoping they have a future For those who want need to know The actual romance does include multiple graphic adult scenes of the m m and m m m kind without any DV interaction whatsoever and a good time was had by all The cast of secondary characters did add value and depth to this story So as not to massacre or misspell audible version I m not including names I d like to see future installments that featured the twins but time will tell as the ending is open ended so I m guessing the next installment continues with the existing story line Problematic areas of this story for me included that humans are the bad guys Not a nice place to picture my race though the author does justify why this is The problem is I couldn t resolve certain aspects related to that perspective Technology and space exploration are something I m on board with and it s nice to believe we re ahead of the game, but, in reality, Earth is an infant in a vast universe Thinking we re superior is conceited and egocentric, thus any story that sells Earth superiority in any context is a turn off for me Lastly, not so much a problem as a caution The cast of characters and unique world building terminology is challenging but if you are ok with space opera in general or are a fan of Firefly or maybe games such as World of Warcraft or Magic, the story components will fall into place easier This is a m m SciFi fantasy erotic romance book fans should check out It s fast paced with the occasional adult content intimacy scene that kept me engaged from cover to cover Looking forward to continuing with Striker the next installment. Wow, that was awesome I loved this book I will not even try to recollect the many creatures that were mentioned but I will say that the descriptions are so vivid and detailed This author knows how to write cool Sci Fi story So many feels, different cultures and matings going on but there is nothing insta here It will take time and work Oh yes, my kind of book I loved Zeus, his tenacity and his strength, how he was with his brothers, the loyalty he inspired in others was amazing He has sassy sense of humor, he is one heck of a fighter and he longs for love and devotion There are scars that tell the story of a man who was hurt so badly but he opens his mind and heart to Dargon and Alpha, and they become Alpha Trine Dargon is somewhat difficult to describe All I would say that he is graceful, strong and has commanding presence He comes from a planet where at puberty everyone is partnered with an ancient being called Alpha, his symbiote This relationship is quite fascinating, and when Zeus joins the party it becomes downright thrilling The fact of the matter, there are three sentient beings of different species who try to understand each others needs and traditions I loved their interactions how they turned from antagonistic and angry to tender and passionate This whole book is a feast for imagination I loved every page and can t wait to read its sequel I highly recommend it P.S There is mention of alien pregnancy but not in a traditional sense which was quite riveting, so be in the know. I enjoyed a lot about this book and really admired Ander s incredible inventiveness, but the experience of reading it was mostly frustrating My favorite part was the opening chapters about Zeus adoption, but once the story moved to the space station I was overwhelmed by the onslaught of different alien species, with their wildly different appearances and abilities Instead of giving us any time to get caught up or orient to what was happening, the book kept lurching from one major event to another, each accompanied by ginormous info drops involving ever complicated and only tangentially related plot entanglements symbiotes, hatred of Terrens, assassination attempts, kidnapping, Fal Amorics, Bespoken, United Galaxies, Valespia, V Saar For a short novel 169 pages there are way too many strands for the author to do justice to It reminded me of the later George Lucas movies, especially Episodes 2 and 3, where the incredible wealth of detail comes at the expense of clear, focused story telling I would have preferred if we d had about six fewer species in exchange for basic facts about this world what is the relationship between Zeus adopted family of Emperors and the ones Dargon serves Why are humans such a problem Why are the Fal Amoric necessary for this marriage view spoiler Why is everyone on Dargan s ship so sure Zeus is human when they are transporting a bunch of Fal Amoric passengers who look just like him hide spoiler The world building here is just too convoluted too many alien species, too many names, too many storylines The core relationship between Zeus, Dargon and Dargon s symbiote Alpha was fascinating but at times so buried underneath all the technobabble it was a struggle to keep reading but kudos to the author because I did keep reading These three held my attention and I wanted to find out what happened to them even if I felt my eyes crossing trying to decipher the crazily complex universe. MM Sci Fi goodness doesn t get any better Really great world building and descriptions were off the charts great to set the characters I felt like I could see them completely I def had Star Wars flashbacks to the bar cantina scene..so loving that The intrigue part of the story really gets time to develop and uncover and there are clues but nothing so out there you know what s happening the first 10 pages Of course it has the obligatory mine and possessive alpha stuffbut the real Alpha symbiote was very fascinating and I m still not quite sure how this works exactly but it s hot and it lends an extra somethin somethin to the story I eagerly await the second novel and this author has consistently pulled through with great world building for everything I ve read Superb 5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com Zeus was found abandoned on a science vessel by the Mar Sani, a reptilian race, accepted into the Imperial family he grows up loved and wanted even though he is blind, at thirteen he has his eyesight repaired by the Chtichlians Having his sight is hard Zeus prefers to rely on what he hears as what he sees can t always be trusted, now Zeus is about to return home with his brothers after spending nearly five years on a spaceport as the Master Mechanic Dargon and his symbiote Alpha are currently on the run from a Psonics who wants their important cargo, snatching the Master Mechanic seems like a great idea, he can fix the ship on the run but Dargon has to fight his attraction to the man, after all the mechanic is human This is an incredible science fiction story that has the authors imagination running riot and creating an incredible experience with an array of wonderful species Zeus, Dargon and Alpha are incredible characters who have a full adventure in this story, Zeus was brought up by the Mar Sani and thinks of himself as one, Dargon is a Dar Massaga who shifts into a lion and Alpha is a symbiote who bonded with Dargon at puberty and that s all I am going to tell you lol No truly I am not saying anything else as it would only confuse if I tried to explain further, it really needs to be experienced by reading the story and getting the full impact of all the descriptions and full explanations The world building is brilliantly done and is laced throughout the story, the characters are built up beautifully and the storyline is intriguing and exciting There are many characters that you want to know about, but only because they seem so interesting, there is a lot going on with the storyline but it doesn t bog us down with too many details it leads us into it, giving us tantalising glimpses but making sure we don t lose any threads There s some hot sex between Zeus, Dargon and Alpha which is truly unique and very hot, there s also some m preg which is also completely unique and fits seamlessly into the story I have to recommend this to those who love m preg, unique characters, hot sex, bloody fights, hidden agendas, hot aliens and hot men and a great ending with the promise of another great book to come. Audio 3 stars The audio didn t always follow the actual book Several sentences and paragraphs were completely skipped over Readers of Lexi Ander books know that every detail in the book is crucial to understanding wtf is going on Narrator performance 4 starsStory 4.25 starsThis is my 2nd Lexi Ander book The woman writes unique stories, and I love it I ll admit that following the story is challenging because it s hard to keep up with the dozen or so different species that are introduced in her stories I just focus on the big picture because if I try to focus on the details, I ll end up pulling my hair out.As for the romance part of the story, there s no time wasted on push pull once the MCs become a couple, only love and devotion For an Ander s story, that s perfect because there s so much action and surprising reveals that as a reader, I don t want to have to deal with an uncertain couple Hey, Barb Thanks for the rec, girlfriend xoxo Updated 7 18 2013Less Than Three Press has picked up Alpha Trine and the sequel, Striker The re release of Alpha Trine is September 25th Woot updated 3 21 2013Major edits were done to the story that added an additional 7k to the storyline Issues with flow and the confusion of the first chapter have been taken care of I hope you enjoy the additions As before, this is a free download Cheers