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Not really much of a romance, of a let s get all the characters together from the previous two books in the series and get rid of the villainness once and for all read Katrina, the younger sister of the heroes in the two previous books in the series, is the target of a smear campaign by an ex boyfriend, who leaks a doctored sex tape of them together after Katrina breaks up with him Big brothers call in their friend Big Sexy, otherwise known as former NFL football star and current real estate investor Carter Parks, to pretend to be Katrina s new boyfriend to distract attention from the scandal The two have been circling each other for years, but Carter has never made a move on Kat before, because her eldest brother forbid him to But now, with the approval of said brother, Carter is ready to make the pretense a reality And since Kat is than ready to do the same, there isn t much tension or suspense in the romance The two have a few spats, but the focus here is on the three couples working together to bring the bad ex boyfriend, who, of course, it turns out is colluding with Renee, former best friend turned into stereotypical melodrama schemer.Grant s writing and humor appeals, but those looking for a compelling romance are not going to find it here. Just finished the last of the Montgomery s This may be my favorite one if for no other reason than a certain someone getting some comeuppance Carter waited years for Katrina to grow up and she him as than just Big Sexy She kept trying to treat him like all her other men but Carter was not having that This was her first real grown up relationship and there were some troubles There were nefarious, scheming folks causing havoc in their lives Plus since they had known each other so long, Katrina assumed she knew everything she needed to know about Carter But of course she doesn t This was a nice quick read You get to catch up on Katrina s brothers Beau Roman We finally see Beau get married which no one thought would ever happen and we get to spend time with their folks Very enjoyable novel I look forward to other books by this author. Michele Grant is quickly becoming one of my favorites in contemporary literature I always remember when why I truly fell in love with reading when I am engrossed in one of her novels In the mid 90s boom of Contemporary African American fic, pre teen teenage me devoured books that featured people who looked like me and would be who I would become in some ways as I grew into an adult.Now, Carter and Katrina aren t folks I d encounter in my day to day due to their statuses, but their personality traits certainly remind me of folks in my life I found myself laughing, clutching my pearls and shifting in my seat a few times throughout the course of this book Grant writes characters that are multi faceted, smart, comical and overall, sexy.In today s literary climate where there seems to be a dearth of the books that made me fall in love with reading, Grant s novels are a bright spot on the horizon and never disappoint. Any Man I Want by Michele GrantI have received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads, and I have to say that I am only on page 38 and I have really enjoyed reading so far I have actually laughed out loud too Great job Michele I loved this book I was actually sad to see it finish.It s been a long time since I have read a book that made me giggle while reading it Now to find Heard it All Before View all my reviews I really enjoyed Katrina and Carter s story It was nice catching up with the rest of the Montgomery clan and revisiting some people who you loved to hate Sad to see the series end but I look forward to the next book from Michelle Grant. Katrina Gets Her StoryKatrina Gets Her StoryMichele Grant never disappoints I waited ALL summer for this read and it was great The only concern were the French terms, I had to keep flipping to the glossary Otherwise it was good to revisit with the cast of characters Do you have to end this series Could Chris get his own Friend of the Montgomery s story Love those MontgomerysMichele did her thing again Any Man I Want was a great read It s a book that we can all relate to Strong family values, relationship ups and downs with a little drama and scandal thrown in for good measure Five stars all the way. Was okay I m increasingly impatient with romances lately Add in the super rich and the Creole French liberally dropped throughout not to mention the Insta Love It wasn t terrible, but not my cuppa. (FREE DOWNLOAD) ô Any Man I Want ò Grant Entices, Captivates, And Mesmerizes RT Book Reviews Grant Delivers Funny Yet Believable Stories Embellished With A Gusto That Readers Who Enjoy Carl Weber And Mary Monroe Will Relish Publishers Weekly As The Beautiful Baby Girl Of The Protective Montgomery Clan, Katrina Has Led A Charmed Life A Modeling Career Sky Rocketed Her To Fame And Fortune Facing Thirty, She S Ready For A Challenge And Goes Into The Fashion Design Business With Her Sister In Law If Only Her Personal Life Ran As Smoothly The Only Man Katrina S Really Drawn To Is The One She Can T Control Former Pro Footballer, Notorious Player, And Family Friend, Carter Evan Parks Carter Has Retired From Sports And Womanizing To Build A Successful Real Estate Career Now He Wants To Get Serious In His Love Life With Katrina Trouble Is, Dating His Best Friend S Pampered Sister Could Go Wrong In So Many Ways Yet When Katrina Makes A Dangerous Decision And An Old Family Nemesis Stirs Up Trouble, Carter Finds Himself Coming To Her Rescue, And Soon The Two Are Embarking On A Romance Under The Watchful Eyes Of The Montgomerys But What Happens When A Girl Who Can Have Any Man Chooses One Who Won T Be Toyed With This book started off funny, and ended with a nice romance Carter and Katrina were a destined couple.