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Not a book for me.too much sex and not enough romance or plot. My first read from Grace Goodwin.Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a program pick your perfect mate Eva Evelyn gets put in this situation and has to go through a very weird testing process Not too sure how I feel about thatOnce the match is complete, she s whisked away and given to her alien mate If you re into BDSM, spankings and the premise of owning your mate s pleasure then this is a book for you.Not so much for me, so this was a little disappointing I might still check out the next book to see how that one goes. #Free Epub ⚣ Assigned A Mate (Interstellar Brides Program, #1) ô When A Potential Threat Against Her Life Forces Eva Daily To Seek Shelter On Another World, She Has Only One Option Available To Her She Must Offer Herself To The Interstellar Bride Program After A Deeply Humiliating Assessment Of Her Suitability, Eva Will Be Assigned A Mate And Transported To His World To Become His Bride Upon Arriving On The Desert Planet Trion, Eva Soon Learns That Things Are Quite Different Than She Is Used To On Earth Her Assigned Mate, The Powerful, Handsome High Councilor Tark, Makes It Clear That She Will Be Expected To Submit To Him Completely, And She Quickly Discovers That Disobedience Will Earn Her A Painful, Embarrassing Spanking On Her Bare Bottom An Intimate Examination From Her New Mate Leaves Eva Blushing Crimson, But To Her Surprise Tark S Mastery Of Her Body Arouses Her Beyond Anything She Could Have Ever Imagined Soon Enough She Finds Herself Naked, Bound, And Unable To Resist The Urge To Beg For As His Skillful Lovemaking Brings Her To One Shattering Climax After Another It Doesn T Take Long, However, For Eva To Realize That There Is Much To Tark Than Just A Dominant Brute Who Will Not Hesitate To Take His Misbehaving Wife Over His Knee And Redden Her Bare Bottom Thoroughly But Just As Her Passion For Him Begins To Blossom Into Love, Events Back On Earth Threaten To Tear Her Away From Him Forever Can Eva Find A Way To Remain At Tark S Side And In His Bed, Or Will She Be Left With Nothing But Memories Of The Man Who Has Claimed Both Her Body And Her Heart Publisher S Note Assigned A Mate Is An Erotic Romance Novel That Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes, Medical Play, Anal Play, Elements Of BDSM, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book I don t mind some hot romance scenes that spice up a good story, but Assigned a Mate has the ratio all wrong too much sex and not enough story And the sex is in your face on page 1 Most of the time I like some literary foreplay and character development first I will not be continuing this with this series. Assigned a Mate received 4 stars The novel gained STARS for these items gained for The book caught my interest in first five pages gained for I thought about the book when I was forced to set it down and re enter society gained for There were no info dumps, poor writing, or copy edit mistakes that jerked me out of the story gained for I was sad when the book ended I wantThe novel failed to gain stars for these items NO STAR gained for That s it I m hooked on this author I will automatically buy anything s he writes Not hooked yet, bit definitely intrigued. 5 Star Holy Hotness Where Do I Sign Up Assigned A Mate was my introduction to Grace Goodwin, sci fi romance books andheat than the average Kindle can handle No, seriously I had to replace my Kindle and I m certain it was connected to the extreme heat in this book Since this random purchase, nearly a year after the book was published, I ve ravenously consumed almost every one of Ms Goodwin s books except the m nage story lines yeah, I get a little overwhelmed when required to split my focus and stalked her relentlessly please, don t tell anyone I tend to do that Ok, major run on sentence I tend to do that too but hey, I m not an author and now, you know why not Professionally written, Assigned A Mate flows seamlessly with the hottest alien hero ever written and a totally lovable heroine The world building is fantastic and the length is perfect for my hectic life I also have book commitment issues, to many pages have me running in the opposite direction I ve read many alien romance novels since Assigned A Mate and only a few can compete with Grace Goodwin s work.So, if you re looking for a really good time err um, I mean a well written, fast paced story that will leave you ah breathless among other things one click Assigned A Mate you ll be so glad you did Disclaimer No Kindles were seriously harmed while reading this novel Children 18 and over only Disclaimer for the Disclaimer the term seriously harmed is not intended to include overheating, scorch marks, minor melting or inconsequential fire that can be put out with an extinguisher Fire retardant gloves highly recommended while reading.RATING DETAILS Based on 1 to 5 Gold Stars STEAM FACTOR 5 HOLY HOTNESS STARSWRITING STYLE 5 PROFESSIONAL FAST PACED STARSPLOT 5 WONDERFUL WORLD BUILDING STARSENGAGING CHARACTERS 5 BE STILL MY BEATING HEART STARSSATISFYING CONCLUSION 5 DELIGHTFUL SIGH STARS Love this book and series Eva goes into the Interstellar Bride program for witness protection, where she meets her match in Tark I really loved these two, they both had so much spirit and were both so enamoured with each other This is one of my favorite sci fi series These are some of the hottest books for sure, and that always starts out during the first chapter because all brides have to go through testing wow and what test they go through Love, love this series. OMG super sexy alien eroticado I really need to sayThis may be an acquired taste but I LOVED it and can t wait to dive into the rest of the series that I can get my hands on This specific video review will be included in the September 2018 wrap up For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Steph s Rom Book Talk. Yummy Yummy Yummy Alien Sex with just the right touch of light BDSM.High Councilor Tark is my kind of man He is skilled in bed and takes ownership of his mate s pleasure He is respectful, kind, sexy, and dominant Sighshe s my new book boyfriend I m not sure why I loved this novella so much, but I loved the characters The hero was my kind of man and I loved the heroine The plot was sound and the writing was spot onI have a new favorite author. I was hoping for a good read but this was just okay This is an alien romance with a ton of BDSM It was just a little hard for me My one reason I don t love a BDSM book is when both parties are not told of the rules or customs and then are punished when they do something wrong that they did not even know was wrong It drives me crazy Other than that it was just okay I couldn t get over the punishment thing when no rules were given.