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I finally finished It just seems wrong to say that you don t like a Christian book There s an implication that I feel obligated to dispel When I began reading this story I thought I liked the simplicity of the characters, their Christian morals and the charm of the small town they lived in I patiently waited fordepth and purpose and perhapstwists and turns There were some turns, but predictable I prefer stories that I can sink my teeth into withcomplex characterslike real people There were a couple of people of color woven into this homogenous community I was disappointed with their descriptions and couldn t quite figure out why they went through the trouble to even acknowledge their color it made them evensimple minded They were trying to convince you that they were a welcome part of the community, yet their descriptions were so superficial using perjorative terms to reinforce their blackness i thought, are you kidding me I ve read books set in the early 1900 s that i found less offensive than this story that took place in my lifetime I m sure the intention was not to offend, but I found it very distracting and hard to ignoregiven the fact that the book wasn t holding my attention anyway Being bored and offended are just not my idea of a good time I have forgiven myself for not being a fan of this book and I realize finally that it doesn t diminish my Christianity. This book is amazing I absolutely love Jan Karon s writing style Each of the characters feel so real and have so much depth, yet there is no back story dump Simplistic and to the point So encouraging This is a book I have read 4 or 5 times, and I keep coming back to it Honestly the best piece of fiction I have ever read I cannot sing its praises enough The beautiful themes of grace, mercy and God s goodness are simply and engagingly put, and oh so inspiring I would recommend it for ages 13 and up, due to very mild language and somewhat mature themes A MUST READ [Read Epub] ♹ At Home in Mitford ⚇ Enter The World Of Mitford, And You Won T Want To LeaveIt S Easy To Feel At Home In Mitford In These High, Green Hills, The Air Is Pure, The Village Is Charming, And The People Are Generally LovableYet, Father Tim, The Bachelor Rector, Wants Something Enter A Dog The Size Of A Sofa Who Moves In And Won T Go Away Add An Attractive Neighbor Who Begins Wearing A Path Through The Hedge Now, Stir In A Lovable But Unloved Boy, A Mystifying Jewel Theft, And A Secret That S Sixty Years OldSuddenly, Father Tim Gets Than He Bargained For And Readers Get A Rich, Provincial Comedy In Which Mysteries And Miracles Abound Includes New Readers Guide To Group Discussion Or Personal Reflection Includes A New Introduction By Professor Dale Brown, A Friend Of Jan Karon I never would have been drawn to these books had I not been desperate for a book to read and finding little in the way of selection in a hospital gift store I was in a period of feeling quite low with yet another medical challenge to face with our son If you are dealing with a winter season or you know someone who is run, don t walk to the nearest bookstore and buy Karon s books Authentic characters, heart warming stories and uplifting messages leaving you a better person for having read them. The characters in Mitford are mostly lovable, even Homeless Hobbes, and the love stories are a delight to read One thing I have observed is that except maybe for Dooley, the 11 year old boy left under the care of Father Tim, all the other characters are adults, most are elderly But one just has to laugh at their childlike personalities I am reminded of the Anne of Green Gables series while reading this book I don t know why Maybe it is because the characters are easy to fall in love with and the quaint description of the Mitford town is comparable to the small town of Avonlea where Anne Shirley lived.At Home in Mitford offers an idyllic escape from a chaotic world, where all you get to ever read is the utter goodness of every character, eventhe town Mayor is just so good to be true It took quite a while for me to finish this book, it is the kind of story every page you want to savor and requires no chest thumping suspense to make you flip the pages until you finish Reading At Home in Mitford is like watching a teleserye TV soap opera , you only need to spend 30 minutes every day for one episode and then look forward to another episode on the following day Or maybe it is like reading a string of short stories tied together and bound into a single book Of course, I am saying this as a compliment.At Home in Mitford is a humorous, charming and calm read, a perfect companion to the beach or the airport lounge If you don t mind doing simultaneous reading, you can pair this with afast paced story, just like what I did, in order to break the monotony.Excerpt from It s A Wonderful Bookworld I loved this book It was SO delightful it is nice to sit down with a book that you know will not offend I am working on finishing up the series I highly recommend this book.pg 141 Psalm 68 Blessed by the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits pg.152 Whatever your hand finds to do, do ith with all your might he quoted cheerfully from Ecclesiastes.pg 165 Do you like the fall of the year The man gave an odd laugh Why One of the things that makes a dead leaf fall to the ground is the bud of the new leaf that pushes it off the limb When you let God fill you with HIs love and forgiveness, the things you think you desperately want to hold on to start falling away and we hardly notice their passing pg 172 For a long time afterward, he sat by the fire, feeling the joy of Christmas, and knowing with unsearchable happiness that Christ did, indeed, live in his heart Not becase he was a preacher Not because he was, after a fashion, good But because, long ago, he had asked him to.Philippians four thirteenpg 218 That man is th riches whose pleasure s are th cheapest Thoreau, said Father Tim Dead right, beamed his hostpg 227 Absalom Greer has got religion, they said, but they were only partly right It was religion that had got me, it was God Himself who had me at last, and it was the most thrilling time of my life The words would jump off the page, I would understand things I had never understood before I could take a verse my tongue had glibbed over in church, and see in it wondrous and thrilling meanings that kept the hair standing on my head pg 229 Rain again he thought, as he put the tea kettle on But every drop that fell contained the promise of another leaf, another blossom, another blad of grass in the spring.pg 231 No rechon about it It would be a lie, and a lie is a hateful thing Why For one thing, telling a lie is like eating peanuts One leads to another In no time at all, you ve gone through a bag full He rinsed the razor under the tap Worst of all, you become a slave to something that isn t real We been readin about slaves I wouldn t want t be one Let me say again that lying will make you a slave for whoever tells a lie is the servant of that lie I hope you ll hide that in your heart son pg 278 Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established pg 281 Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what communion hath light with darkness pg 288 Uncle Billy shook his head Y know, Preacher, ththings you own, thyou re owned by things pg 305 The firefly only shines when on the wing So it is with us when we stop, we darken pg 362 How could he have considered taking Monday off Monday was the diving board poised over the rest of the week One walked out on the board, reviewed the situation, planned one s strategy, bounced a few times to get the feel of things, and then made a clean dive With out Monday, one simply bombed into the water, belly first, and hoped for the best. So sweet and cozy Reminded me a little of a Louise Penny book and her idyllic Three Pines but without the mystery and with a littlehumor So enjoyable This is not a book I can review in the normal fashion.Goodreads is saying I ve read it twice, this being my second time That is a blatant falsehood My mother first gave this book to me when I was nine or ten I was firmly convinced even at the time that if she remembered some of the thematic material it contained especially in books 2 and 3 she would never, ever have given it to me But she did, and I read it, and I loved it Especially since I found it at the time that I was beginning to come into my adult emotions, and instead of reading about teenagers destroying things and having shallow relationships, I was reading about adults seeking God and trying to do so much for him Their relationships were influenced by maturity They were imperfect but very, very real, and I loved it.This is a funny, heartbreaking, perfect book, and I really can t say how much it means to me I can t write a normal review for it, but I can say this Five golden stars and the title of one of the most important, life changing, beloved books of my existence Go read it Go, and be as the butterfly. See the full review at Literary Cafe My friend, if you keep your eyes on Christians, you will be disappointed every day of your life Your hope is to keep your eyes on Christ The beauty of this series is how entertained you can be by a small town s antics They never cease to make me smile From the quirky little boy to the smart mouthed secretary to the dog who makes his way into your heart, this book is packed to the rim with excitement in the exact places that are normally lifeless and boring At Home in Mitford is one of the few Christian comedy novels I ve ever read I must admit, I loved it Sometimes you just need a lighthearted read that makes you smile I feel as if there should be so manybooks and authors like this Not only was it delightfully charming, but it was uncharacteristically impactful and didactic Many books become preachy , some to the point that they quote whole passages of scripture Now, I m not implying there s anything at all wrong with scripture There is a certain tact required to interweaving a Biblical message in a story Many modern authors lack that Jan Karon, fortunately, does not. I have to break up with this book While the main character doesn t seem to have a fatal flaw , the book does It is too nice Strolls in the warm sunshine, rosebushes, and hot cups of coffee Others have called it a cozy read I just can t take it To the author Jan Karon I say, It s not you it s me.