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!Free Epub ♳ Baby Brother's Blues ♦ When Regina Burns Married Blue Hamilton, She Knew He Was No Ordinary Man A Charismatic RB Singer Who Gave Up His Career To Assume Responsibility For The Safety Of Atlanta S West End Community, Blue Had Created An African American Urban Oasis Where Crime And Violence Were Virtually Nonexistent In The Beginning, Regina Enjoyed A Circle Of Engaging Friends And Her Own Work As A Freelance Communications Consultant Most Of All, She Relished The Company Of Her Husband, Who Never Ceased To Be A Source Of Passion And Delight Then Everything Changed More And Frightened Women Were Showing Up In West End, Seeking Blue S Protection From Lovers Who Had Suddenly Become Violent When The Worst Offenders Begin To Disappear Without A Trace, The Signs All Of Them Grim Seem To Point Toward Blue And His Longtime Associate, Joseph General Richardson Now That Regina Is Pregnant, Her Fear For Blue S Safety Has Become An Obsession That Threatens The Very Heart Of Their Relationship At The Same Time, Regina S Friend Aretha Hargrove Is Desperately Trying To Redefine Her Own Marriage Aretha S Husband, Kwame, Is Lobbying For Them To Leave West End And Move To Midtown Aretha Resists At First, But Finally Agrees In An Effort To Rekindle The Flame That First Brought Them Together Regina And Aretha Have No Way Of Knowing That What They Regard As Their Private Struggles Will Soon Become Very Public When Baby Brother, A Charming Con Man, Insinuates Himself Into The Community, It Becomes Clear That There Is To His Handsome Fa Ade Than Meets The Eye He Carries The Seeds Of Change That Will Affect Both Women In Profound And Startling WaysReturning To The Vividly Rendered Atlanta District Of Her Last Two Novels, New York Times Bestselling Author Pearl Cleage Brilliantly Weaves The Threads Of Her Characters Intersecting Lives Into A Story Of Family, Friendship And, Of Course, Love Baby Brother S Blues Is Full Of Wit And Warmth, Illumination The Core Of Every Woman S Hopes And Dreams From The Hardcover Edition Yea This is probably my least favorite Cleage book It s not that she doesn t do a great job, it s that it craps on parts of the Some Things and I hated that I m not a person that needs everything to be happy but come on I would have liked this better if I hadn t been coming off the high of the first one. As a fan of Pearl Cleague this book was a resounding disappointment It seemed to be a thinly disguised bit of propaganda for the authors viewpoint rather than an enjoyable or enlightening work of fiction. From start to finish I struggled with this book Honestly I read it two weeks ago and all I can remember is skipping through to pages to get to the end Funny thing is, I did not feel as if I missed any important parts As I write this I still cannot remember the plot behind this novel Very sad because I hear Cleage is a great author This is on my do not recommend list unfortuantely. Page Turner No spoilers here This book was well written and characters Blue Regina General, Juanita Brandi Kwami Aretha and Officer Lee all had their issues, not to mention Baby Boy Ms Cleage knows how to intertwine their stories in a believable and thoughtful way Great Read, start to finish during a week at the beach Another wonderful ready by Pearl Cleage Engaging from beginning to end Baby Brother is the kind of person who cannot be redeemed Given opportunity, a leg up, chance after chance, he s not ever going to be a productive, moral citizen That s not to say he deserved his outcome, but you certainly don t miss him His character reminds me of Ralph Angel in the book Queen Sugar not the show, which I haven t seen Cleage was able to write Baby Brother s character in a way that shows a person with this self destructive, entitled mentality without being one dimensional Just about every character in the story has compelling issues and questions to deal with, and all were written with Cleage s trademark realism While the end was totally gripping, I was disappointed with how things began to unravel Namely, how did General so easily deduce that Brandi was with Wes The reasons given in his narration were somewhat thin.Overall great read in the West End series. Down Low SecretsThere were a lot of secrets and being on the down low in this book I don t like people who knowingly endanger others around them That s what several characters in this book did They took away their safety trust without permission And I m glad the author wrote in consequences to the characters actions. Wasn t my favorite of Cleage s book It kinda felt all over the place The ending made me dislike Blue Hamilton. This book tried to cover so many topics inner city violence, politics, single parenthood, girls who have to turn to stripping to survive, renegades, men on the DL, light skinned blacks who take advantage of the race, corrupt cops It was a lot probably too much.I couldn t get into the whole past lives thing, nor could I buy into the idea of vigilante justice however, I loved the idea of West End My dilemma is is it okay for us to kill someone who killed or raped or stole What about restitution I know the book tried to imply that the people Blue went after were remorseless, but what if they would have been remorseful one year later And if bad people don t come into West End because they are scared they ll be killed, have we truly addressed the issues that were causing the problems in the first place Is the way to fix the problems in our society today to kill all the drug dealers and users I did finish it and it held my attention, though at times you could guess what was going to come next Most of the time I was just like Ok, when is this going to end Not one of my favorite Pearl Cleage works. I hated this book