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When I was studying for my MFA in Creative Writing which is longer ago than I want to remember , Lorrie Moore was the golden goddess whose prose and sensibility almost every fiction grad student wanted to emulate We prostrated ourselves before her devastating humor, her effortless wordplay, her skewering of every late 20th century pretension Once when I met her at a reading, I think I freaked her out by being too adoring Most writers would have been thrilled, but Moore is not most writers A couple of decades on, my impression is that Moore s writing has not grown as much as it could have Maybe that s because she s devoted a lot of energy to teaching other writers it s hard to be a really dedicated teacher AND top of your game practitioner Bark, her new collection of stories, has some of her trademark brilliance but overall feels a little flat, as did her 2009 novel A Gate at the Stairs Like all of Moore s work, Bark is situated at the nexus of social satire and existential despair The characters here are mostly middle aged, and dealing with the dead weight of disappointment Loved ones have died, romances have fizzled into acrimony, careers have not soared in the imagined way Death is constantly waiting in the wings As the narrator in the final story, Thank You for Having Me, remarks while attending a wedding, no less , I had seen a soccer mom become a rhododendron with a plaque, next to the soccer field parking lot, as if it had been all those matches that had killed her I had seen a brilliant young student become a creative writing contestI had seen a public defender become a justice fund At its best, Bark is vintage Moore One can pull any number of individual lines that sparkle as, for example, this exchange between middle aged Ira and his eight year old daughter Bekka on the subject of her mother s new boyfriend moving in, in the opening story, Debarking Bekka shrugged and chewed Whatever, she said, her new word for You re welcome, Hello, Goodbye, and I m only eight I really just don t want all his stuff there Already his car blocks our car in the driveway Bummer, said Ira, his new word for I must remain as neutral as possible, and Your mother s a whore My favorite story here is Wings, based on Henry James Wings of the Dove, in which a failed female singer named KC befriends a dying man, Milt Their relationship has a real sweetness, although it s continually threatened by the financial desperation felt by KC and her hapless boyfriend Dench, who suggests that Milt might write KC into his will The ambiguity here that KC can genuinely care for Milt while also considering Dench s suggestion is something Moore handles perfectly And there are some weirdly great lines, like, God is off in some cybercafe, so tired from all those biblical escapades that now he just wants to sit back and Google himself all day Other stories, like Referential and Subject to Search are so short that they feel like sketches for a story rather than the real thing And even Wings falls short at the end, tacking on a coda that feels unsatisfying While I don t agree with everything Michiko Kakutani said in her snarky review she didn t like Wings, for example , I d have to agree with her that There are some deeply affecting moments here mostly involving children but they remain just that moments, islands in stories that, for the most part, are heavy handed and forced Sorry, Lorrie. I think I m hopelessly in love with Lorrie Moore. I recently read a quote by Stephen King on the art of writing the short story From memory it went something like this short stories are harder to write than a novel You have to take the direct route, no side streets, no stopping to chat And he is right.I am ambivalent about these stories, a few seemed to me to have little or no point to them Others I enjoyed immensely.Broadly these stories are about human relationships and idiosyncrasies How the things we love in a person can, over time, become irritating as in familiarity breeds contempt how we can think we are in accord with another person, but are actually at opposite ends of the spectrum about the things we will do to fit in or to try and revive a relationship in it s death throes Lorrie Moore is not afraid to bring to light our little insecurities and absurdities.I can t say this is my favourite collection of short stories, but there were a couple that I listened to twice And I will probably go back and listen to this collection again at some point, and maybe then will adjust my review rating. When I want to remind myself how to write, I turn to Lorrie Moore. This is a super short book of short stories, that felt than anything like a hard drive dump It s like the publisher said How many have you got and Moore said 8 or so, but some of them are pretty old and the publisher said, I can work with that, send them over and thus we have a book That s not to say there aren t nuggets of pure Moore brilliance in this book There are many She s a great writer and she can hit the nail squarely on the head How could someone have come so close to death, so unfairly, so painfully and heroically, and how could he still want to strangle themon a cocktail party conversation.This book is categorized as literary humor and there are some laugh out loud moments, but I wouldn t call this a humorous book Nor would I purchase this book for any than 1.99 It s about 2 hours reading at the most, and while I m sure the stories were work at the time they were written an Oliver North reference Pre Iraq War, Post 9 11 it just doesn t feel like much effort was put in the overall collectionYou re supposed to give things up for Lent Last year we gave up our faith and reason this year we are giving up our democratic voice, our hope Lorrie Moore has achieved short story sainthood in books like Self Help, Like Life and her 1998 masterpiece, Birds Of America But even her greatest devotees will find her latest collection, her first in over 15 years, woefully uneven.Moore, with her poet s eye and playful use of language, has always been able to find a savage, dark humour in pain and heartbreak And there are glimpses of that in these eight stories, in which people, in the shadow of 9 11, confront divorce, illness and death with wisecracks.This time around, though, a lot of those laughs seem forced, and too many of her characters a male poet here, a hipster singer there, a single mom attending her child s former nanny s second wedding sound the same.Moore still creates images of startling power In Wings, an intriguing but rather aimless take on Henry James s The Wings Of The Dove, a character says a dying spider plant looks like Bob Marley on chemo And in Paper Losses, Kit, who s on a pre booked Caribbean family vacation even though her husband s announced he s leaving her, breaks down on a massage table and describes her nose as a little drainpipe for crying Exquisite But Moore s images frequently pile up clumsily, and the puns emerge awkwardly from characters mouths.Two or three stories feel like drafts or exercises The war on terror forms a backdrop for many, but to no purpose Still, there are a few gems The Juniper Tree is a haunting fable about guilt, competition and the death of a friend Debarking finds a Jewish divorc dating a WASP pediatrician who s got an unnatural attachment to her own teenage son.And in Referential, a modern reworking of Vladimir Nabokov s classic tale Signs And Symbols, a disintegrating couple deal with the woman s mentally unbalanced son.The writing here is clear and suggestive, the emotional undercurrents deeply felt, suggesting Moore doesn t always need to fall back on jokes to write memorable fiction.https www.nowtoronto.com books stor Mi impresi n acerca del libro fue cambiando a medida que transcurr a la lectura Los primeros no me gustaron demasiado en una primera instancia, aunque la relectura me permiti descubrir lo m s interesante c mo por debajo de di logos o situaciones aparentemente intrascendentes se escond a una historia apenas esbozada Todo ello a trav s de una prosa ir nica y humor stica que tensaba el sentido de los cuentos, donde personajes en el entorno de la cincuentena pugnaban por encontrarles un rumbo a sus vidas Y lo mejor hab a quedado para el final, en los cuentos largos, Muda y Alas, donde creo que estamos cerca de la excelencia al primero es notable Dejo para el final Referencial, un cuento breve y diferente a los dem s, donde el drama expulsa al registro burl n, y redondea una tambi n excelente historia a lo Carver Parece que las anteriores colecciones de relatos tuvieron mejor recepci n que esta, por lo que pronto habr que volver a Lorrie Moore. gece ilk yk y 40 k sur sayfa 1 saatten uzun bir s rede okudum nk evirisi ok rahats z ediciydi sonra yatt m dedim ki ikinci yk ye ans versem mi ve verdim ama maalesef ayn k t eviri ve s f r editoryal al ma bunu nereden anl yoruz, iki kere tekrar edilmi s zc klerden mesela, evirmen bir kez evirip yollam yay nevine, kimse de bakmam.yazar n zel bir yabanc la t rma efekti yoksa ki ara t rmalar mda yle bir eyden bahseden yok hakikaten zor okunan, zor anla lan, anlat m bozuklu uyla dolu bir eviri ayda 20 kitap kar nca b yle olmas normal tabii ama arada iyi yazarlar kayn yor ona z l yor insan. Holy smokes, Lorrie Moore is brilliant and sharp and as cutting as broken glass I do not like short stories, one bit, but darned if I didn t love these ones In fact, I enjoyed the audio narrated by Moore, herself so much that I m going to buy a hard copy to go back over and enjoy.This collection is about various characters in their middle age, with each having a date or spouse or significant other in the story with them There is a sadness and disappointment in some of them, but not all, but there are so many goofy little plays on words, that I found myself smiling throughout She writes scenes of despondency and hilarity with equal skill bikers who are hired to break up a wedding end up going to the wrong nuptials, and a man leaves his woman friend after 8 years because he cannot handle her schizophrenic son, despite the boy viewing him as his only father.There is witty commentary about the placement of a billboard advertising hospice services next to a traffic signHOSPICE CARE IT S NEVER TO SOON TO CALL read a billboard near the coffee shop in what constituted the neighborhood s commercial roar Next to it a traffic sign read PASS WITH CARE Surrealism could not be made up It was the very electricity of the real She describes somebody s wide, open laugh like thisShe could see the creamy yellow of his teeth, his molars with their mercury eyes I loved her novel, A Gate at the Stairs, and was impressed by Who Will Run the Frog Hospital , but suddenly I m a lover of short stories Am off to go purchase anything I can get my hands on because her phrasing is something to go back and enjoy again She brings in a good bit of political commentary, and while I am not a liberal and don t agree with her views, it was beautifully done She does some of this with great flair one character has a sinus infection and he is described as waterboarding himself in the bathroom with a Neti Pot His partner knocks on the door and asks if he ll confess yet This is also the only book I ve ever read that compelled me to Google the term rat king Oh My God FIVE STARS `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☠ Bark ↻ A Literary Moment And Celebration A New Collection By One Of America S Most Beloved And Admired Short Story Writers Her First In Fifteen Years, Since Birds Of America In These Eight Masterful Stories, Lorrie Moore, Explores The Passage Of Time, And Summons Up Its Inevitable Sorrows And Comic PitfallsIn Debarking , A Newly Divorced Man Tries To Keep His Wits About Him As The US Prepares To Invade Iraq In Foes , A Political Argument Goes Grotesquely Awry As The Events Of Unexpectedly Manifest At A Fundraising Dinner In Georgetown In The Juniper Tree , A Teacher, Visited By The Ghost Of Her Recently Deceased Friend, Is Forced To Sing The Star Spangled Banner In A Kind Of Nightmare Reunion And In Wings , We Watch The Unraveling Of Two Once Hopeful Musicians, Who Neither Held Fast To Their Dreams, Nor Struck Out Along Other PathsGimlet Eyed Social Observation, The Public And Private Absurdities Of American Life, Dramatic Irony, And Enduring Half Cracked Love Wend Their Way Through Each Of These Narratives, In Moore S Characteristic Style That Is Always Tender, Never Sentimental And Often Heartbreakingly Funny