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The joker is always the same It was quite interesting seeing him playing daddy and actually caring for the kid The results weren t what I was expecting Although is was quite logical In this 3D covered villain spectacular, the Joker takes over Batman s monthly to tell his own evil tale And what tale would that be A modern retelling of his origin Or maybe his own perspective on the Killing Joke and how he feels about putting Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair Nope It s the story of how he raised an ape as his son Yeah, that was my reaction too Let me be clear, I liked this story It had some good moments and was an interesting look at the Joker as we ve never seen him before But I couldn t help but feel that it was a tale befitting a one off short or as part of an Else Worlds compilation of Joker stories But hey, any Batman related story is better than none at all, and Lord Snyder will be back next month to save and delight us all. A bit out of nowhere But Fun and simple. What the hell was this [ EPUB ] ⚖ Batman (2011-2016) #23.1: Featuring Joker ♔ Popular Books, Batman 2011 2016 23.1 Featuring Joker By Andy Kubert This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Batman 2011 2016 23.1 Featuring Joker, Essay By Andy Kubert Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You With the Joker you have alot to work with, and we got the Joker and his pet monkey not very good at all. Wild Don t know why I picked it up but damn got me in my feels today. You can read the full review over at my blog my Villain s Month reading kicked off a couple hours ago with Andy Kubert s Batman 23.1, featuring The Joker As I ve remarked elsewhere, some of these Villain s Month issues are essential origin issues, or they are continuations of the ongoing Trinity War Forever Evil event continuity This particular issue falls somewhere in the middle, since it is a flashback issue set at some point in The Joker s past, presumably It barely touches on his origins, and it doesn t acknowledge the ongoing events in the DC Universe.This made for some interesting, and it was certainly an issue I d really been looking forward to However, I was disappointed again and again by this book And that s kind of depressing really When you go for cerebral stories in comics, you better be really good at handling that stuff, like J Michael Straczynski or Jim Starlin or Gail Simone or Scott Snyder good That is so not the case here, I m sorry to say.Batman 23.1In a nutshell, my thoughts on this issue boil down to this this was a terrible issue with some mediocre art, and that s really it I really don t see what exactly writer Andy Kubert was trying to do here If he was going for the Joker style whacky here, then he failed spectacularly since there is nothing good whacky about the character here Its all just silliness that makes me frustrated and disillusioned in equal measure.Minor spoiler, but what Kubert tries to do here is to give us some context as to why The Joker is so messed up, and thus we see flashbacks to his childhood These are contextualised with the narrative in which Joker feeds someone to a big, man eating snake at the zoo and then the Joker steals a baby Gorilla to raise as his son.My reaction while going through those panels just what on earth is going on here I persevered, hoping for some kind of whacky, true to Joker pay off, but that never happened I was left severely disappointed by the end because it was a non ending It did nothing for me and it certainly didn t have the Joker craziness to it The only really good Joker stories that have been done, of the ones that I ve read, are the ones penned by Scott Snyder for the New 52 in the Death of the Family crossover event Alan Moore s sophisticated approach in The Killing Joke was far better than this Even the quirky, goofy approach by Jim Starlin in A Death In The Family was miles better than this.Because really, this was no story at all It felt incomplete and unnecessary and pointless.The art, with pencils by Andy Clarke and colours by Blond and letters by Jared K Fletcher was so so It was decent stuff Thing is, the script just drags everything down I see absolutely no merit in the story and in light of that, the art just doesn t work for me at all Not to mention that I really don t like how Andy draws Joker Completely different from how Greg Capullo drew him in Batman, or how he was drawn in the other Bat family books during the Death of the Family crossover So in effect, the art is just barely serviceable The Joker is an expressive and emotive character, but that s not what I was expecting here, especially not given that perfect cover, courtesy Jason Fabok.Bottom line this issue is, sadly, a waste of time and money.Rating 3 10 Worst Joker comic I have read Seriously, wtf Andy Kubert is just such a bad writer He can t sustain 20 pages It s a shame, because Clarke is a wonderful artist.