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Yes, I am reading this again.Yes, I just read this like 6 months ago.No, I am not sorry because WILLIAMIlona Andrews is just that author that everytime I reread a book I seem to enjoy it just as much if not Each read is like coming home to my favorite world full of magic and characters that I can t wait to spend time with.Re reading with all my fellow addicts at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA 2nd ReadBuddy Read reread beginning January 26 with all my fellow addicts at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA This is a private group but PM me if you want to join in on the fun.Again I loved it even the second time through There are a few slow spots here and there but I loved The Hobo Queen Lord Leather Pants The Little Lark Monster you break my heart In Laws worse than the Beverly Hill Billies Awesome Granny I m starting a fan club for all the awesome IA Grannies VoUGMaS Villains of Unusual Genetic Mutation and Sanity Original Review March 2013 I was disappointed early in On the Edge that William was not the love interest He is so lonely and broken that I wanted him to be what Rose was looking for Luckily I came to like Rose and Declan together but still poor William left to go into hiding and had no one Cerise on the other hand has a huge family living in the swamp between worlds and every single one of them seems a little on the crazy side, so she should have no trouble taming Lord William rightWhy couldn t she have gotten another Edger or some dimwit from the Broken for a passenger No, she got Lord Leather Pants hereThe snarky humor between Cerise and William was fantastic She comes from a large family and is trying to save their land after he parents have been kidnapped by an organization of magically mutated beings William is trying to find the same beings to take out their leader once and for all But just because their goals line up doesn t mean that everything else does right awayWilliam strode to her That s how it s done Drink it in.She surveyed the carnage behind him Did you have fun He showed her his teeth Yes Now they won t take you anywhere Cerise stepped closer to him, so close he only needed to lean in and dip his head and he would kiss her Since he saved her, maybe he could just grab her and That was the stupidest thing you have done since I ve met you, she ground out through her teeth.Belay the grabbingCerise is a strong heroine She is easy to like because everything she does is for her crazy family and she has no time or inclination for angst or drama William is drawn to the woman she it right away and one that doesn t even want to be saved by him, it is a confusing thing.The enemy is even greater than in On the Edge as the magically mutated Hand operatives are searching for Cerise and doing unspeakable things to the parents they abducted from her Spider is truly horrible and a great bad guy as he sees nothing wrong with what he is doing, I loved hating him.One of the things I liked the best about this book was Cerise s family They were funny and a handful Her grandmother the wise and knowing was full of mischief and Kaldar making absurd bets because that is how his magic worked trying to marry Cerise off The clan was full of mischievous characters that added all kinds of funHow did the hearing go she asked We won, sort of, Kaldar said We die at dawn The court gave the Sheeriles twenty four hours, William corrected Yes, but we die at dawn the day after tomorrow doesn t sound nearlyas dramatic Does it have to be dramatic all the time Catherine murmured Of course Everyone has a talent Yours is crocheting and mine ismaking melodramatic statementsThe feud between the families seemed almost of Hatfield and Maccoy standards in its duration and fallout, with a few laughs maybe Kaldar was an interesting character and the Hero of the next book I m interested to see what kind of trouble he can get into, he seems a very mischievous man indeed.There wasn t a lot of time needed for world set up so the story flowed much better from the first book Everything about this magic system and the characters in it is really growing on me I enjoyed seeing Jack and George a few years later along with Declan and Rose.If you like Ilona Andrews then I m sure you will be able to find something in this that you love Kate Daniels is still my favorite series of theirs so if you have already read that might as well try out this world too. [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ☟ Bayou Moon ⇻ The Edge Lies Between Worlds, On The Border Between The Broken, Where People Shop At Walmart And Magic Is A Fairytale And The Weird, Where Blueblood Aristocrats Rule, Changelings Roam, And The Strength Of Your Magic Can Change Your Destiny Cerise Mar And Her Unruly Clan Are Cash Poor But Land Rich, Claiming A Large Swathe Of The Mire, The Edge Swamplands Between The State Of Louisiana And The Weird When Her Parents Vanish, Her Clan S Long Time Rivals Are Suspect Number OneBut All Is Not As It Seems Two Nations Of The Weird Are Waging A Cold War Fought By Feint And Espionage, And Their Conflict Is About To Spill Over Into The Edge And Cerise S Life William, A Changeling Soldier Who Left Behind The Politics Of The Weird, Has Been Forced Back Into Service To Track Down A Rival Nation S SpymasterWhen William S And Cerise S Missions Lead Them To Cross Paths, Sparks Fly But They Ll Have To Work Together If They Want To Succeed And Survive Ilona Andrews books are the work of a solid writing team, and though I tend to avoid most paranormal romance, I thought it was time to give their Edge series a try On the Edge went well, though it seemed a bit Kate Daniels Lite milk chocolate version Bayou Moon, on the other hand, is Kate Daniels Special Dark dark chocolate version.It begins with William, the wolf shape changer from On the Edge It s a couple years later and he s hanging in the Broken, working flooring jobs and drinking beer A noble from the Weird comes to see him and enlist him in the cause to bring down the lead spymaster for the opposing team William s unable to resist the offer, as he s been on William s personal to kill list for years At the same time, Cerise is working to keep her family s fiances together when her parents disappear They live in a multi generation household in The Mire, an Edge area known for extensive swamps and a very insular lifestyle Apparently the family s arch enemies have decided to re open the feud by laying claim to her grandparent s old house She needs to journey to the Broken to retrieve some documents Her return trip and William s entry into the Mire coincide They work together to navigate the Mire, and on their respective missions, dancing around their attraction for each other.Narrative flows fairly smoothly, largely with alternating viewpoints between William and Cerise, with occasional intrusions by the Spymaster Plot moves fairly fast and is generally straightforward, with heavy emphasis on action scenes There is a significant amount of physical fighting in this book with particular techniques described.The setting is clearly modeled on the marshy, changeable waterways of deep swamps and is always atmospheric Both William and Cerise have a connection to the natural world, although for different reasons, and their likes and dislikes of the area help bring it alive The world building is generally solid with focus on the weird creatures than on personal magic or spells However, there s some mutation type magic employed by the Spymaster and his country that adds a fearsome, freaky angle to the story There s some mildly confusing Weird politics between the two countries and their spy agencies, the Hand and the Mirror, that play into the reasons for hunting the Spymaster It s awkwardly integrated largely because William and Cerise are generally apolitical and insular, although for different reasons.As always with Andrews, characterization and characters stand out William s dual nature is given a realistic feel as he continually works to understand human cues and maintain normal responses much like many introverted people, I might add Cerise s extended family is very idiosyncratic with enough development to make the reader unsure of allegiance, and even those with brief appearances provide interest Unlike the Kate Daniels series, body count of both friend and foe is high these are life and death matters, so there s an appropriate cost It might be a shock to those fans of Daniels who rarely encounter a death of characters on the side of good For me, it was a solid diversion I wanted an immersive read in an interesting world without intellectual or emotional commitment For fans of romance, I m not entirely sure it would satisfy because both Cerise and William are who they are, it takes a long time for them to acknowledge their mutual attraction On the other hand, as a non romance reader, I appreciated the relatively uncomplicated romance structure It also has almost equal emphasis on action fighting Overall, enjoyable and slightly intriguing than On the Edge.Three and a half dark chocolate kisses. In this second volume of THE EDGE series Ilona Andrews dives full on into bayou urban fantasy realness The Edge is a semi magical border land between our normal world and an alternative version called the Weird, with kingdoms, swords and magic both good and highly evil Cerise Mar is part of the Mar clan, a powerful family in the Mire, a swampland in the Edge where family vendettas are a way of life When Cerise s parents disappear, it seems like it s part of the ongoing feud between the Mars and the Sheerlies But behind the Sheerlies is the corrupt Kingdom of Louisiana and a ruthless agent of the Hand called Spider, with a grotesque and magically powerful crew And coming after Spider is William, a former soldier, shapeshifter and agent of the rival kingdom of Adrianglia When William meets Cerise, sparks fly, but there s the not insignificant distraction of trying to find Cerise s parents and, by the way, avoid getting killed or captured by Spider, who has a hidden purpose for going after the Mars clan As always with the Andrews books, the plot is highly imaginative and action filled, with a heavy side of hot romance If I don t let you in, will you huff and puff and blow my house down She had no idea I m of a kick the door open and cut everyone inside to ribbons kind of wolf William definitely has a wild wolf side The broken side of William the Wolf is well depicted, though, and my heart ached for the generations long bayou feud, the way it was used by the dark forces of the Hand, and the devastating effects on the families on both sides of the feud.I think I liked the first book, On the Edge, a little better and by the way, it s great fun when Cerise meets up with Rose from that book My youngest brother killed a lynx yesterday, Rose said Apparently it came into his territory and left some spray marks He skinned it, smeared himself in its blood, and put its pelt on his shoulders like a cape And that s how he came dressed for breakfast Cerise drank some beer My sister kills small animals and hangs their corpses on a tree, because she thinks she is a monster and she s convinced we ll eventually banish her from the house They re her rations Just in case Rose blinked I see I think we re going to get along just ne, don t you I think so, yes As soon as I finished Bayou Moon, though, which was sometime after 1 am, I went searching on Abebooks my favorite online used bookseller and ordered the next two books in this series It may be brain candy, but it s really good brain candy, and it s got some emotional and intellectual heft to it. So here s the problem with Ilona rereads I have a vague recollection of not liking this book as much as I usually like an Ilona book still liked it, of course, but I think we ve established that Ilona operates under a different set of standards , but I cannot, for the life of me, remember why Not much of a problem, I know that s the point.So we re back in the Edge With William this time that s right, there s a POV change FYI.Two years have passed since we were last in the Edge, and it looks like William has just been sitting around, working construction in the Broken, and generally feeling sorry for himself.Not that he doesn t have good cause He s had a crap life so far, and Rose rejected him to go live in the Weird with Declan Poor William rolls eyes But when a representative of the Mirror Adrianglia s version of the CIA shows up on William s doorstep with evidence that his most loathed enemy Spider is slaughtering changeling children again yes, again , he agrees to go undercover into the Mire, a nasty, swamp like area of the Edge, to snatch whatever Spider is looking for, and hand it over to the Mirror.Spider, you see, is an agent for the Hand the Dukedom of Louisiana s version of the CIA , and Adrianglia and DoL are too evenly matched to engage in open warfare without massive losses on both sides, so instead they fight their war with spies and covert operations AWESOME.The Mirror doesn t know what Spider is after, but anything the Hand wants as badly as it seems too, the Mirror will do everything in their power to keep from them Even send in a changeling like William.Cerise Mar has lived in the Mire all her life The Mire is a savage place, even for Edgers, and Cerise is a Mar, and the Mars are a force to be reckoned with Her family is land rich and cash poor, and there are a LOT of them Cerise s father has been the Head of the family since the previous Head, his elder brother, was shot in the head insert bad pun , by a rival family, in the middle of the town square.YEP We have a Hatfields and McCoys type situation YEE haaaaaww, once again.The 80 year long feud has been quiet since the public shooting incident, but when Cerise s mother and father disappear McCoys , and Lagar Sherrile Hatfield and co are found occupying her Grandfather s abandoned home, and claiming that her father sold the property to him, oh, and here s the deed to prove it, and no, he has no idea where her parents got to, an escalation in hostilities is inevitable But before Cerise leaves to regroup with her family, Lagar lets slip that the Hand is involved, and suggests that she be a good, little girl, and let the issue drop.Riiiiight But what does the Hand want with her parents I really did like this installment a LOT The Mars are a crazy and hilarious bunch that you can t help but love Lark, Kaldar, and Aunt Murid especially Grandma Az is pretty great too And they are exactly what William has always longed for the FEELS.This installment is also where a definitive story arc takes shape the quietly fought war between Adrianglia and the Dukedom of Louisiana And people the DoL fights dirty and creepily One of my favorite things about Clean Sweep was the sci fi explanations for supernatural creatures Werewolves were the result of genetic modification of soldiers on a planet at war The Hand uses magic for a similar purpose They fuse operatives with plants and other things to give them enhancements, but it s a tricky science and things don t always go as expected One universal side effect, however, is that the experimentees can no longer be considered human when the process is complete Neither in appearance, nor behavior.Basically Bayou Moon is both creepy and awesome William and Cerise are wonderful together, and William s changeling antics throughout their courtship are wildly HA entertaining Spider is truly diabolical be warned there are moments of graphic violence in this series , and you will BURN in your desire to see him defeated, and the Edge and the Weird both suck you into the oddities of their worlds No book 2 slump here, people Not At All. I was honestly worried before reading this book You know those romance series that each book is about a character that we met somewhere in the first previous book I m not a fan But well, I didn t need to It s Ilona Andrews and she has yet to disappoint me I really enjoyed this book, maybe not as much as On the Edge but still a lot I m interested in reading Kaldar s story He sounds fun and cool He s my favorite of Cerise s family.I m not a romance fan Thankfully, Bayou Moon didn t focus only on the romance between William I loved him since we met him in the first book and Cerise wish she had a different name, I hate those that have an obvious meaning in another same language Her family is awesome, kinda reminds me of mine because we are a big crazy family that always sticks together I was also very happy when we saw Jack and George I adore these too I m honestly trying to finish this series asap to read Clean Sweep but would ve continued it nonetheless Some might think this book was longer than necessary, I kinda agree but I didn t mind Well, if I knew it s around 450 pages previously, I wouldn t have started reading it since I have to study at the moment Sadly, I didn t and here I am read it in 2 days while holding my political science book in my other hand I had fun reading this book and hope the next would be as good I don t think any will match On the Edge but it s okay, as long as it s enjoyable and quick to read.If you liked On the Edge, you definitely should read this book If you haven t read any of Ilona Andrews s books then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Her books are the best discovery of 2017 for me I ve waited too long to read her books but better late than never So yeah, go read one of her novels, Kate Daniels preferably because you are missing A LOT. 3.5 starsIt s been three years since I read the first book in this series I am not sure why I didn t continue on with it seeing as I love this author actually a husband wife co writing duo I think it s the weird Louisiana bayou backwater hick twisted magic vibe that I don t particularly care for I prefer their books set in major cities apparently see Kate Daniels series in Atlanta and the Hidden Legacy series in Houston But despite not warming up to the setting, I am still rounding this one up to 4 stars because the characters and the action and the magic and the romantic subplot are all still there and I continue to enjoy those things in all their books I ll get around to book 3 sooner this time. 3.5 starsIs there such a thing as a bad Ilona Andrews book Nah.This maybe wasn t my favorite, but, to me, these guys always write a quality story Even if it isn t mind blowing, it s still like chocolate to me Is some chocolate better than other chocolate Yes, of course But any chocolate is still chocolate Delicious, deliciouschocolateAnd that s how I felt about Bayou Moon Not my favorite, but it filled my craving for an Ilona bookshrugs If you ve read the 1st Edge novel then you might remember Declan s friend, William The one who had the hots for Rose in the beginning Well, he s the main man in this sucker.Which, was a serious surprise for me I mean, I didn t realize that these novels were all going to feature different characters So, technically, this is a stand alone Sure, it would be cool if you read On the Edge first, but you don t have to read it But I liked the 1st one better, so I d suggest you read it William gets recruited by a magical MI6 ish agency, to help catch a bad guy called The Spider He s a real creepy dude, and there s a nasty history between him William that tips the scales in favor of working for the agency.Meanwhile, Cerise is dealing with paranormal fighting with a neighboring clan in the Edge Yeah, like a swampy Hatfield McCoy feud with magicBecause this is a romance, Cerise William get thrown together conveniently and have to stick together to fight their conveniently common enemy.Ah, who am I kidding Andrews wrote it, so I enjoyed it.I really like Cerise, but something about William just didn t make me swoon He was a good guy underneath it all, but it seemed like because he was a changeling his emotions were a bit off Not enough for me to avidly dislike him, but not enough for me to fall in love, either But the story was solid, the characters felt real, and I already have the next book on hold at my library.I d say this one is good if you need a quick fix till the next Kate Daniels book comes out Also reviewed for 5 IA Can Do No Wrong StarsRe read with the awesome IAA gang.I was sooooooooooo late for this I barely finished before the 3rd book BR started BUT it was awesome so I regret nothing xx I think IA is gradually becoming my favorite author Once again I loved her book William was Well Meg Ryan can show you CeriseCerise was a very likable heroine She is smart, responsible, loyal and pretty I like the fact that although IA gives her heroines sth to make them stand out she never makes them THE SHIT , someone that is so unique that you have to take notice so it is natural for the hero to fall for them Instead they are everyday girls in their world and what makes them stand out is their personality, not their unique powers WilliamI loved William since I first read about him in the first book and kept on loving him throughout this one William is a combination of confidence and insecurities He is smart but doesn t think exactly like a human, sometimes he was like a little boy and you wanted to cuddle him and then he would be all hot and sexy I loved Declan in the first book too but for completely different reasonsThe story was good although it dragged out a bit in places but not enough to take anything out of Andrews awesomeness It was well written and full of action and luckily once again although it was a big part of the story, the romance came second I didn t want it to end.Now I could start raving about all the things I loved in this book but I would need hours and I m too bored So I ll just suggest you read it and find out what a great book it is for yourselves.PS I LOVE Kaldar already He is such a wickedly hot guy that will either captivate me or completely dissapoint me as a hero It s hard to categorize how I felt about Bayou Moon On one hand I absolutely loved it I loved the relationship between Cerise and William I did adore Declan from On The Edge, but I loved William s vulnerability and dedication Reading and seeing William find his happily ever after was absolutely delightful image error