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Jackson says in the first sentence in the book that Between is a real place but she s never been there I have I drove through it regularly in the early 1980s on Route 78 going from Athens to Atlanta I would always exclaim, Here we are, in Between My teenage son would moan and began to chide me when the town sign came into view, Don t say it, Mom I saw a row of unpainted houses, their porches complete with sloping roofs and old sofas alongside one side of the highway Apparently there are several streets behind it and a town square I regret never turning off and investigating This is a pretty good novel No one will mistake it for great literature but no one will go away feeling like they wasted their time Nonny, the main character, is the link between the Fretts and the Crabtrees whose 30 year feud keeps the entire population 90 in Between on their toes Nonny also drifts between her home and Athens, her two disparate lives rarely intertwining and she wavers between her husband and a new direction Generations of Fretts and Crabtrees show up, throw up, blow up, grow up and generally create mischief The plot moves quickly and caroms nicely Must this happen in Between No, it could be any small town in the world but placing it in Between, Georgia adds zing Yep, I should have turned off the highway and taken the byways. An enjoyable, but overall predictable, quick read I always enjoy Joshilyn Jackson s books, especially this one s take on the rivalries that crop up between Southern families that are only exacerbated by life in a small town There are some humorous moments, a few twists, and likable characters Particularly inventive is Jackson s use of a main character, Nonny, who literally finds herself between the Fretts and the Crabtrees the ersatz Hatfields and McCoys of the story , as well as the character of Stacia, who raises Nonny as her own Stacia, who suffers from Usher s Syndrome, was born deaf and progressively loses her eyesight, but that doesn t stop her from being outspoken and independent, as well as an artist and a caring mother Liked it, but did not love it.Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Another great book from Jackson I was laughing all through out this great story The characters were hysterical and brought great life to this work Excellent southern fiction. I really like Joshilyn Jackson s books I have read several, my first was an ARC that I won, and I ve been working my way backwards since then This one had a particularly eccentric group of characters and some unusual social situations apparently based on the author s mother s family from what I read in the afterward which had the peculiarly small town flavor I remember from my childhood, with a Southern accent I loved the characters and the relationships, the Southern Gothic aspect of the Dollhouse and Butterfly Museum, the family feuds, and I truly loved Nonny and her adorable niece I liked the way the plot unspooled, with kinks here and there, and no predictable end point It felt like lifeI should get a divorce, but I still have something with this guy, tomorrow is too soon, next week will be bettermessy and indecisive, as we can be when life requires changes I truly loved Mama and Genny and even Bernese all of the uproar around the dogs I looked forward to reading this every night before I fell asleep Ms Jackson is a consummate storyteller, prepare to laugh and be emotionally touched by this quirky bunch and their domestic drama Highly recommended. Boy am I glad a GR friend Thanks Sheryl recommended this author on her profile Between, Georgia on CD was narrated by the sutor which made the book evenenjoyable Wonderful characters, very engaging story I couldn t put it down I ve already reserved her other books from the library If you like reading Maeve Binchy, Elizabeth Berg, or Lee Smith to name a few, I think you d like reading Joshilyn Jackson too I highly recommend Between, Georgia I ll be starting her 1st book, Gods in Alabama tomorrow An easyreading novel set in the South Although not as good as A Grown Up Kind of Pretty I enjoyed the characters and the story The perfect read for a rainy day, I alternatively giggled and snivelled in the few hours this charming book took me to read My only complaint is that I find the characters very similar to her other books, but I think this is probably my fault as I ve read three of her books in a very short space of time I ll wait a few months, but I ll definitely be reading all her books.The Story In the tiny Georgia hamlet of Between population 91 , the only news is the seemingly never ending feud between the Crabtrees and the Fretts Caught at the crux of the quarrel is Nonny Frett, the biological daughter of impoverished teenager Hazel Crabtree Soon after her birth, Nonny was left on the better side of the tracks with the relatively affluent Frett family Now grown up and badly married, this true betweener must confront old family conflicts as she negotiates a new life and motherhood. I don t know about everyone else, but if I like one book by a certain author I m certain to go back forAt the end of God s in Alabama there s a teaser to Joshilyn Jackson s second novel Between, Georgia Ms Jackson got me again Nonny Frett came into the world amid turmoil Her birth mother Hazel Crabtree literally gave her up to the Frett family after giving birth in their living room Ever since she has been caught between two dueling families The Fretts and the seemingly crazy Crabtrees control the small town of Between, Georgia Nonny Frett is raised by her mother Stacia, who is deaf and blind, and her aunt Genny, who is teetering on the edge of insanity When the granddame of the Crabtree family, the crazy alcoholic Ona, finds out she has a granddaughter there is no peace between the two families Nonny visits Ona as a young child, but the kibosh is quickly put on that Ever since Nonny s aunt Bernese, the head of the Frett family, and Ona trade deadly looks in town At a moment s notice Ona can call on her crazy relatives to terrorize the Frett family or better yet sic her dog The Bitch that s not me using colorful language that is how the dog is referred to in the book on Genny.The first chance she gets, Nonny uses her college degree to get out of town It leads to a career as a sign language interpreter A failed marriage to the complicated Jonno follows But if you can t guess already the turmoil between the two families constantly draws her back home Everything soon comes to a head for Nonny Her impending divorce and a family crisis cause Nonny to finally decide what she wants in life.If you haven t noticed I tend to like books that involve some kind of family strife I ve got no answers on that I can relateto family matters than the latest sci fi novel, which I will read some day The subject matter of Between, Georgia might sound overly dramatic, serious, but Jackson does it with spot on humor She explores what it truly means have family and a sense of belonging Check it out I found myself laughing out loud when I read this Every chapter was a new chunk of drama in Between, Georgia I love books that are set in the South, especially Georgia since I was born, raised and still live in Georgia Nonny seemed to always be in a pickle and I was always rooting her on SPOILER I found myself wanting to slap Nonny silly over her interactions with Jonno And I definately wanted to choke the life out of Bernese And I certainly couldn t help but keep my fingers crossed that she would end up with Henry, even if he was a cousin albeit, a fourth cousin I also felt my eyes well up over the loss of Stacia s dolls, Genny s dog attack, and the possible loss of Fisher This book definately kept me guessing I never expected to be touched emotional in so many different ways My mouth was either a gaping hole of what the hell , an upturned smile of satisfaction, a quivering lip of despair and sorrow and I m pretty sure I scowled a time or two. (FREE PDF) à Between, Georgia Á Nonny Frett Understands The Meaning Of The Phrase In Between A Rock And A Hard Place Better Than Any Woman Alive She S Got Two Mothers, One Deaf Blind And The Other Four Baby Steps From Flat Crazy She S Got Two Men A Husband Who S Easing Out The Back Door And A Best Friend, Who S Laying Siege To Her Heart In Her Front Yard And She Has Two Families The Fretts, Who Stole Her And Raised Her Right And The Crabtrees, Who Won T Forget How They Were Done Wrong Now, In Between, Georgia, A Feud That Began The Night Nonny Was Born Is Escalating And Threatening To Expose Family SecretsIronically, It Might Be Just What The Town Needs If Only Nonny Weren T Stuck In Between Stopped reading midway through the book when I realized I didn t really care what the characters did or what happened to them Find it hard to believe that a dog that viciously attacks two women would not have been put down or at least taken away from the owner Once the plot stretched the limits of believability, reading further became a waste of time.