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ok Synopsis: "The Guardians continue to face uncertainty as Cornelia struggles with loss and Will's life is threatened by a new enemy."

My Review: You definitely need to read the previous volumes even the slightest bit of sense. I was lost through most of it but I found that I continued reading anyway. I started to really like a couple of the characters and I loved the illustrations. There are hints at romance so might be appropriate for teens. [Read Pdf] ☨ Between Light and Dark (W.i.t.c.h. 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This is my favourite volume in the W.i.t.c.h. comic series, but everything is resolved a little too quickly for my liking. Nevertheless, meeting the rebel leader (*swoon*); understanding Phobos' plan (at last); seeing Will faced with multiple challenges and watching Cornelia and Elyon work out the many knots in their friendship reveals some great character moments. The artwork is beautiful, as ever, and it has some of my favourite panels. This book was just weird. I really didnt enjoy it because it was kind of confusing. Im really not that into graphic novel so i didnt think it was very good. I really didn't like this book. I was to magical for me. I was very unrealistic. Five friends that also have magical powers and go to an under world, Maridian to save the people. One friend finds her long lost friend in Maridian and has to save her. I would much rather read a real book. REALLY GOOD BOOK! OK I will give this book a 3 because the book is okay. What I liked about this book was how two ex best friends forgave each other from their mistakes and became friends again. That happened to me and we forgave each other. What i really didn't like about this book is how the scenes from different dimensions changed frequently and it really confused me. W.I.T.C.H. is originally a t.v. show. The first episode that I read was the first one. Will works in a shop with a boy that she is interested in. She had to take over. A customer comes in and ask for the boy that she likes. Then gives her a note to give to him. Meanwhile, Corneila is thinking about the friendship in the past that she had with Elyon (who is now the princess of Meridian). They used to be the best of friends until Phobos took her to Meridian. Also Taranee is going on a date with a boy she likes. Meanwhile, Hay Lin and Irma are hanging out trying to see who Taranee is going out with. Corneila decides to go to Meridian to try to fix up her relationship with Elyon. Though she knows that she can't go by herself. She believes doesn't have enough power. Before, when Corneila and Elyon were friends, Cornelia had a dream about her dream about her dream boyfriend. Later on in Meridian she finally meets him,like how Elyon promises. Later on, the other friends find out that there has been a portal left open to Meridian. So they go and see who it was that left it open, though they still think that Corneila did it. Which is true.