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This book was about a girl named Bianca who is the daughter of a famous bull fighter, but when her life is suddenly turned upside down. Bianca had to do something that she thought she would never have to do.

This book was super good! I was hooked when I read it and it was very hard to put down. This book seems to be based off Snow White and is a book go adventure lovers. I read this book with my Spanish 2 students this semester. It was not a back book. It felt very quick for having 10 chapters though. Part of this may have been because the action was jumpy. For example, Bianca's father says he is getting married and then in the next chapter, without any explanation, all of a sudden they are married. Or the fact that the "toritos" were only in the first chapter, because the second chapter takes place four years later and all the bulls are grown.

It was a nice backdrop to explore some cultural ideas. The book itself is pretty benign when it comes to judging la corrida. I mean there is (view spoiler)