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4.5 stars I really enjoyed this book I don t think it belongs in the chick lit or romance genre, because to me, it is so muchthan either one, but heartwarming definitely fits Lots of surprises and a whole cast of quirky, small town characters to fall in love with This book made me laugh and cry, even while trying to fall back to sleep listening to it in the middle of the night The town and its people became real to me and Ave s story is worth reading The audiobook is performed by the author, and I can also highly recommend it A great escape read that explores some of life s questions in a deceptively light way, this one may make you stop and think a few times while reading I ll definitely continue with the series. 3.5 starsWonderful book about the life and times of a backward coal mining town in Virginia The author brings the characters alive Very funny in parts and then gentle, tender and heart breaking in other sections It will take you back to a simpler time, when doors could be left unlocked and peoples first thought was not what does he want This is the beginning of a series One that is well worth the read, giving a person a well deserved break from the hectic rush and the over whelming sense of threat in today s world. [Free Book] ♠ Big Stone Gap ♷ Nestled In The Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia, The Tiny Town Of Big Stone Gap Is Home To Some Of The Most Charming Eccentrics In The State Ave Maria Mulligan Is The Town S Self Proclaimed Spinster, A Thirty Five Year Old Pharmacist With A Mountain Girl S Body And A Flat Behind She Lives An Amiable Life With Good Friends And Lots Of Hobbies Until The Fateful Day InWhen She Suddenly Discovers That She S Not Who She Always Thought She Was Before She Can Blink, Ave S Fielding Marriage Proposals, Fighting Off Greedy Family Members, Organizing A Celebration For Visiting Celebrities, And Planning The Trip Of A Lifetime A Trip That Could Change Her View Of The World And Her Own Place In It Forever Brimming With Humor And Wise Notions Of Small Town Life, Big Stone Gap Is A Gem Of A Book With A Giant Heart Just loved this book I started this book with high hopes I d heard such good things about Trigiani s other books especially Lucia, Lucia But I wasthan a little disappointed I found the writing to be trite, and the characters behavior too often inexplicable.This book is supposedly about how Ave Maria, the town spinster of Big Stone Gap, finds herself and finds love over the course of a year I suppose that she does, but there were too many improbable things in the story to make either of her discoveries believable.One discovery that is believable after her mother dies, Ave Maria is given a letter that her mother wrote and left in the care of her lawyer The letter explains that the man Ave Maria has thought of as her father who died many years before the story begins , isn t, and that her real father is an Italian man that her mother had to leave behind when she became pregnant So far, fine Part of what results is that the family of her erstwhile father come clamoring for what they see is now their inheritance, including the house Ave Maria grew up in and the pharmacy business she now owns and runs What does Ave Maria do Rather than fighting this based on the fact that her father s will gave all of his property to her mother, who then gave it to her although this is mentioned , Ave Maria chooses to protect the assets from the grubbing relatives by transferring the whole thing to her 16 year old assistant And as if that weren t improbable enough, she then begins to separate herself from the every day running of the business and leaves it in the teenager s capable hands Moving on At 35, Ave Maria is thought of by the town and by herself as a spinster She prizes herself on her independence, although she wishes she could fall in love with someone who would want to marry her But, when someone she s known since childhood suddenly proposes to her, she says no, thinking that he s only asking her out of pity, or is playing some kind of trick on her this I found eminently believable, because if someone up and proposed to me without any sign that they had any special feelings for me, I d feel the same way The man in question gets mightily offended, but doesn t stop trying Unfortunately, he also doesn t really do anything to demonstrate that he s loved her since they were children we don t find this out until much later So why should either we, as readers, much less Ave Maria, believe that he s madly in love with her Apparently, all her friends knew he was in love her, but we re not told any single thing that he did to demonstrate it What s , they apparently knew that she was in love with him, even though we re not told what she may have said or done to give that away And, none of them will tell her what they ve so sneakily observed Ave Maria does eventually feel all the love, and they get married quickly, and seem very happy Which is great Except I don t believe it. 3.5 Star Rating Fun, light read with some good humor I am anxious to see the movie It has been a while since I read a book where I was rooting for a particular love match, so that was fun This was a great filler read between all the heavy stuff I ve been reading Nice, humorous references to Knoxville..my college town and home of my Tennessee Vols Update Saw the movie, not bad, but of course, the book is better 2 12 16 Adriana Trigiani is hosting the National Literary Festival at St Mary s College, Notre Dame, IN on November 8 9, 2019 This is a heart warming novel with a strong central character, Ave Maria Mulligan She considers herself the town spinster but in reality she is just too busy holding everything together to worry about love even though it is staring her in the face Very charming and witty story I am looking forward to readingin the series. I really enjoyed Big Stone Gap and was delighted to learn that this is the first in the series of novels featuring the folks of Big Stone Gap, Virginia It is a feel good novel with a strong southern story line that includes Chinese face reading and a bookmobile Remember the bookmobile Family secrets, generous hearts, self discovery A sit back and relax with a glass of ice tea book Perfect summer read. I have a copy of this book I d be willing to sell swap, but it s covered with the dried flecks of my vomit.Normally I just like or dislike a book, but this book actually made me angry I wanted to like it popular book set in small town Virginia I like Virginia, I miss Virginia I d really love a good book set in Virginia Someone let me know where I can find one.Partial list of things I hate 1 The voice seems fake I know the author grew up in Big Stone Gap I know people in Virginia are out to whatever location they re at There s still something so fake andfakeabout the narrator s voice.2 After I read a lot of it, I noticed that the quoted blurbs on the cover are from Whoopi Goldberg Fannie Flagg Rosanne Cash I respect Whoopi Goldberg, but if I ever get a book published, I hope to have something better to put on the cover than Whoopi Goldberg liked it 3 There s a reader s guide in the back I hate those And an interview of the author by a character in the book How smug clever 5 A short passage from late in the book, as we travel Italy with the narrator The people here are so animated they raise their voices to make a point, they use their bodies for emphasis they are so full of life and comical It is no surprise that the commedia dell arte theatrical tradition started here in the fourteenth century By the way, this book has nothing to do with commedia dell arte NOTHING.6 The main character s behavior and motivations are beyond stupid A guy sells his truck to buy plane tickets for relatives to visit her, and she doesn t know if he loves her Also the man she thinks she loves is ostensibly not gay, but is gay, but even the author seems not to know it Honey, whoever you based this character on in real life is gay, and that s OK, but you probably should know that Writers are supposed to be perspicacious and all.7 You know what never grows deep inside caves ANYTHING including moss.8 It was a best seller, and led to a series, apparently I think I m going to vomit again. I am so sick of female characters who are confused with their lives and themselves and have to stomp off when someone is trying to tell them something I think miscommunication is a weak plot point and this book would have been better if the author had the balls to give the main character some balls as well.