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This was a dark read I enjoyed the pace and it was full of action and suspense Not boring at all which has been happening for me with everything I read Something was always happening I enjoyed it If you like to watch the world fall apart this is for you I received this book in exchange for an honest review. A story of unimaginable horrors, Blood Borne Cathedral Chronicles, 1 by Elizabeth Wixley is a compelling read that kept me turning those pages.I thought Book 1 of the Cathedral Chronicles was a compelling read Book 2 left me with a kind of luke warm feeling as I didn t understand what this story had to do with Book 1 But now I have read Book 3 it is all beginning to makesense And the story is coming together.Like with Book 1, I thoroughly enjoyed Book 3 I thought the story was refreshing and well thought out I came to care about the characters Blood Borne is filled with unforgettable protagonists and twisted antagonists Blood Borne is a nightmare come to life This is a fascinating series, and I am left wondering if there isto come The storyline was pretty interesting An alien war which came between a blossoming love Isaac, who owned a shop where he repaired electrical items met Chloe when she came in to retrieve a large screen TV her mother had brought in for repair Isaac quickly fell in love with her but was separated because he was called into the military to fight the alien onslaught One thing I found quite interesting was that while there was an alien war going on which seemed, somehow, futuristic , references were made to items we use every day big screen TV s, iPods, etc This gave the feeling of somehow being in the future, and yet in the present time I found that to be very interesting, not to mention clever.Chloe and her little band that consisted of her mother, sister, and two men, soon learn that they have a traitor in their midst, who makes no qualms about their intentions They once again meet up with a now battered Isaac and seem to travel through portals to other worlds to fight the alien menace.All in all, the overall story was clever However, it is in need of editing There were some arbitrarily placed commas and grammatical errors I ve read two books by this author Her writing is very good If only she could find a good editor. Blood Borne Book 2 of the Cathedral Chronicles was even better than Book 1, which I thoroughly enjoyed And although I would have preferred to see Oswald dead, he continued to make a truly conflicted and ultimately evil impact on the story throughout Isaac and Chloe were worthy heroes but I wanted to see them keep the rings and succeed in their mission all I can say is there had better be another book in this series If you can sense my frustration, it s because this is a book that sucks you in and won t let go The classic good vs evil plot is set against an imaginative background that is both futuristic and very close too close to home The multi faceted characters take it from there, making you carethan you want to I look forward tofrom this author. SCI FI AND MONSTERS AND ALIENS OH MY I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This story initially captured me on the first few pages The story began to drag and the ending left too much unfinished Humans versus aliens is a common but Ms Elizabeth Wixley came up with a different take It kept me interested enough to continue The book began to drag and got a little too fantastical for me.The characters were developed slowly as the story but I could not relate to them and didn t get emotionally involved The basic plot I think was good versus evil, but I really didn t understand who, if anyone, ever triumphed.This is an adventure through dimensions and definitely science fiction but, it just wasn t the book for me I can t really recommend this book, but if you love monsters and aliens and sci fi, you may really enjoy this story and understand it better than I did. This is an intriguing story about an apocolyptic world that has been invaded by aliens The numerous characters are well described, including a very evil emperor and there are a wide variety of fantasy elements, strung together in an eventful plot Things become bleak after the discovery of a dangerous and mystical book How will the good guys deal with the peril it promises A good read Recommended for fans of the genre. Wixley s Blood Borne Cathedral Chronicles introduces us to Isaac, Ben and Chloe, who soon after their first meeting, get caught up in the bombing campaigns that destroy Earth as we know it As it turns out, Ben, whom Isaac introduces as his brother, has supernatural powers, which he uses to help some of the injured Unfortunately, running out of time, he was not able to help Chloe, who had gotten injured in the raid The story moves smoothly between the lives of the main characters as they try to exist on an apocalyptic earth, surrounded by evil aliens and the unexpected occurrences that seem to pursue the characters, as they struggle to make sense of the strange happenings around them There are many facets to this story and the author plays it up beautifully, up to the unexpected ending If you love apocalyptic books, then Blood Borne will have you in thrills. *DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☋ Blood Borne (Cathedral Chronicles, #1) ⇧ An Alien War Has Engulfed Earth And Twenty First Century Reality Is Profoundly Altered On The Day Isaac Receives His Call Up Papers A Beautiful Girl Walks Into His Electrical Repair Shop But A Bombing Raid Ends All Chances Of Normality Forced Into Hiding By A Demon Army, Isaac And Chloe Discover The Origins Of Evil But Also A Possible Escape From Their Enemies Toxic Grip Armed With Powerful And Much Desired Secrets The Couple Begin To Fight Back Against The Traitor Oswald Able To Trust No One But Each Other They Negotiate The Terrifying Traps Set Up To Defeat Them In Order To Decide In Which Time And Space Their Secrets Belong I was hooked from the start The book flowed along at a steady, creepy pace Then the story line exploded with one unexpected event after another At times, I thought I wouldn t be able to keep up but Wixley cleverly ties up all the lose threads to create an amazing ending, which, was again unexpected This book is out there but convincing and believable I shall be readingfrom this author. Blood Borne is a thrilling read It had me gripped from the beginning to the very last page It is about ordinary people and how they react to devastating circumstances The characters and places were convincing and real I was completely drawn into the story of Earths decline In places, the book was action packed and in others, it was deeper andmeaningful This book is multi layered and has something for every reader.