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I learned so much from this book There are two sides to every story and this side of the Palestinian Israeli history is so important Elias is an extraordinary person. For those who want to truly understand the morass that is the Israeli Palestinian conflict, this book is a must read Elias was born in the early 40 s to a Palestinian Christian family that dates its roots back to New Testament times His life encompasses the entire conflict In the book you watch the painful transition of a peaceful village in which the town s only rifle was buried out of concern for violence, to occupation, distrust, and ultimately war Through it all, Elias commitment to peace through the principles of the Sermon on the Mount, gives hope in the midst of all the hopelessness. FREE DOWNLOAD ♴ Blood Brothers, exp. ed. ⚉ A Unique And Unforgettable Book, Blood Brothers Is The Moving Story Of Elias Chacour, A Palestinian Christian Who Has A Deep Love For Jews And Palestinians Alike As He Recounts His Life Story, He Combines The History Of Christianity In The Middle East With A New Perspecitve On Bible Prophecy And The Zionist Movement He Offers You A Gripping, True Life Account Of What Really Happened At The Birth Of Modern Israel Blood Brothers Addreses Such Controversial Questions As What Is The True Root Of Conflict Between Palestinians And Jews What Behind The Scenes Politics Touched Off The Turmoil In The Middle East What Role Did Britain Play And America What Does Bible Prophecy Really Have To Say Can Bitter Enemies Ever Be Reconciled In A World Taut With Tension And Terror, Ths Book Offers Hope Filled Insight Into Living At Peace Let s stop the polarized conversations We all need to work for peace Let s Begin by understanding the Palestinian and Israeli conflict from a Palestinian Christian who lived it, saw his people suffer and has been working for peace many many years Published in 1984, it is still a relevant read today I can t recommend this book enough The content of the book and the details about Chacour s life are fascinating, but the actual writing of the book is just not that great I understand that English isn t Chacour s first language, so I feel guilty criticizing his writing, but it s overly simplistic and reads in a juvenile manner I also feel guilty for not loving this book when I greatly admire the work this man has done, how dedicated he is to doing what he can to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis It doesn t feel right to sit and nitpick a book that tells a very personal story with incredibly deep emotions running through it, but I do admit to feeling disappointed by it.If you re interested in an unorthodox perspective of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the book is worth a read, but there s also a lot of stuff to wade through to get to the particularly interesting tales. Arturo has to read this for his English class, so I read it too I learned a lot about the Palestinian experience post WWII, beginning with the arrival of the Zionists and the takeover of land and village The Bible and religious references were a bit much for me, but I guess that s Chacour s story that s how he experiences life The point of reading this for the English class is to show how one person can make a difference it makes that point pretty well. This book opened my eyes to the personal realities of the Israel Palestine conflict Eventhan that, it helped me to see how each person matters and that we in the West have a vital part to play in not dehumanising any people group I couldn t put it down, what an inspiring and encouraging book This is a fascinating story of the formation of Israel from the Palestinian viewpoint it will make you re evaluate the ideas you hold about Israel as a Western Christian. 1 11 Read this again for book club and loved it eventhan the first time His messages of peace and love for his fellow men are needed so desperately today Some of his methods for creating a sense of ownership and hope is to build schools and community centers much like Greg Mortensen I saw a lot of similaries in their approach to long standing problems It was frustrating to read what happened to his family and many other Palestinians and realize that their story is rarely told in the news It is so one sided in favor of the Jews He proves that there are always 2 sides to a story and his people have suffered tremendously Well worth the 2nd read.10 05 This book gave me a new perspective on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians The main character is a Palestinian Christian and he is doing wonderful things to change his corner of the world One of my top 10 inspiring books. Ok, this actually was a really good book It was a true story so that obviously makes it wayinspirational It was heart wrenching and the values shown among these people living in dispute is the real lesson to take from it It is not about whether the story is fun and action packed, it s about what the story represents and how the growth of Chacour relates to the growth of his nation s Of course, it was not the most entertaining book, it was boring at times, but when I read of the difficult times and the cruel punishments that him and his family friends were thrown into, it was the outcome and how they survived that impacted me the most It s one of those books that kind of plunges you head first into a whole new world with a different perspective.