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Review of Bounce by K.M Jackson 3.5 stars I just finished reading Bounce and now I feel better ,the story is about a career woman named Sabrina trying to balance her life being superwoman I felt she wanted to be great at everything great at her job, great mother , great wife and when you work that hard at everything somethings suffer But its not all of her fault, while Sabrina is running in circles trying to be the best at everything ,she learns her husband Sean has cheated on her with his coworker Dana The girl with the thin thighs Will they over come his betrayal, you have to read the book to find out The author takes her time telling this story , she takes you through the emotional journey of Sabrina and Sean to the very last page I found myself being angry at Sabrina s not being able to let go of her anger , but when a character makes me mad I know the author is on the right track I liked the fact the the characters were complicated,and funny , I liked the side characters stories The Stepford Housewives especially Cassandra I can see her fingers up making air quotes when she says Black My guilty pleasure in this book is Sean I wanted them back together and every time the author put him in a scene I looked into his green eyes and said yes Would I read this story again the answer is no because sometimes you read a book and it stays with youI will never forget Bounce. Foron this review, please seehttp www.scandaliciousbookreviews.cBounce by K.M Jackson was one of those books that completely took me by surprise I wasn t sure what I expected out of the story, the plot summary pretty much sums it up but I will tell you what I was not expecting Its heart wrenching and inspirational and this story touched me on so many personal levels that it left me dumfounded It is a genuine real life portrayal I think every woman should read and Sabrina Jacobs reminded me why I am so proud to be a woman In all our glory, we truly are the stronger sex and she is no exception Yes, her resilience is continually tested, but she stays true to herself and even through her toughest moments of trying to figure out who she is in the midst of an identity crisis, she never wavers in her core beliefs and she never cheapens herself Her emotions are real, raw and honest ranging from depression to anger and written so superbly it is heartfelt She doesn t lower herself to any random vengeful acts even though I was personally encouraging her visions to live out Angela Bassett s role in Waiting to Exhale That woman became my personal hero when she started a little bonfire with all of her cheating husband s possessions, but I m supposed to be above that type of behaviour, right Someone pass the gasoline Sabrina Jacobs is a woman who has her life together She is happily married at least on her part to her college sweetheart, a former NBA player who is a celebrity in his own right with his successful sports talk show Sabrina is an incredibly intelligent woman who has worked her ass off as a financial analyst in a male dominated company where she is about to be promoted to partner and she has two happy, healthy, beautiful children at home And in one fell swoop, silicone enhanced Bimbo Barbie brings her world crashing down I will admit that I give Sean a teensy bit of respect for being man enough to admit to his affair, to her face But this man, who has been the center of her world, is now enemy number one and she rightfully throws his cheating ass out the door Do these shoes make my guilt look fat Guilt An emotion that rules many of us Guilt, because sometimes your career takes precedence over your children Guilt, because you missed that extracurricular activity you promised you would attend Guilt, because a nanny has become a pivotal female presence in your children s lives Guilt, because you don t want your marriage to fall apart and your children to grow up as a product of divorce Guilt, because you cannot accept your husband s repeated apology and don t know if you can ever trust him again to put your family back together And finally, frustration, for being the broken woman you swore you wouldn t be What follows is a lot of profound soul searching on Sabrina s behalf.Shedding her working mom image, Sabrina must learn to navigate the carpool lane as a Stay At Home Mom and learn to play nice with the social climbing, two faced, backstabbing financially elite Stepford wives that make up the PTA Sabrina can close muti million dollar accounts but she is out of her depth with these women and the chatter of her broken home Sean is desperate to reclaim his family and is relentless in his pursuit It s probably the main reason I was able to like the guy He doesn t quite grasp the emotional scars he has caused Sabrina or the continual pain he unknowingly still inflicts, nor does he understand why his apologies aren t enough to get her past the betrayal His continual stance on I have apologized for this, how much longer are you going to hold this against me made me want to grab him and shake him If that isn t enough to juggle, her children s younger and incredibly sexy French teacher is pursuing her and the thought of dating again makes her nauseous I cannot tell a lie, I really, really wanted her to hook up with the French hottie but Sabrina is not rash or spiteful in any decision while she tries to get her life sorted Sabrina hails from a family of resilient women and she has an incredibly close and supportive relationship with her sister Janice who also brings her own dynamic to the story I loved Sabrina s humorous internal musings over the unbelievable and over the top competitive and outright bitchy nature of the women she must now indulge and I cried every time her heart broke just a littleSabrina is a strong and independent woman and she just might show a few of those Stepford wives how it s done.All Sabrina wants is to restore the happiness she once had with Sean but she eventually comes to realize that the past cannot be recaptured and she will have to find her new happily ever after in the here and now My own mother raised me to never depend on a man, to always make sure that if I needed to walk away from a relationship, I could take care of myself and not stay because I had no other choice It seems that Sabrina s gram had some similar wise advice of her own to pass down Never giveaway than you are prepared to lose I have it on good authority that Ms Jackson may not be finished with the characters in this small town and a sequel to Bounce may be forthcoming and that has me looking very forward to returning to the suburb of Westchester. Trust Once it s broken it s hard to put back together How do you get past your spouse cheating on you How can the relationship go back to what it was Are you ever able to forgive Are you ever able to trust again Can you honestly let go of the hurt, resentment and love This story deals with all that I mentioned above It s told thru the woman s POV and you can feel the emotions she goes thru when her husband drops the bombshell There s other things that occur in the story but I focused on their relationship I put myself in her shoes I loved how she thought I loved her actions I would speak her words What would you do The ending felt rushed but the rest of the story made up for it. 3.5 stars This is such a pleasant surprise I got this for 0.99 and was worth every penny Full review to come. 4 yearsWell, either the blurb changed since I bought this or I paid no attention to what I was buying hint it s probably me.This isn t a typical Romance I d day it s not really a Romance at all It s the story of the aftermath of marital infidelity and the attempt to rebuild that relationship.From the other reviews I ve read since I started reading, those who love angst should read this Me This isn t my thing at all I m reallyinto the discovery and not the drama. 3 OK decent reads. Sometimes life is all about being able to roll with the punches and bounce back from setbacks Sabrina Jacobs is about to learn how to bounce and roll and discover that sometimes the dreams you have for yourself aren t really what you want Bounce is a marvelous and romantic novel but with so much depth Humor, terrific and diverse secondary characters, an intimate insight into a young family and the trials and tribulations that can visit even the most perfect of couples When Bree s marriage hits the rocks, her whole world seems skewed and she s just not sure what she wants any, except she knows that she needs to be the best mother she can be a SAHM instead of a determined career woman working for people she doesn t really care about But making changes can bring a whole new slew of discovery and problems of their own like discovering that the joys of housekeeping aren t really, well, fun Bree is a feisty chronicler, too, of the lifestyles of the relatively rich and sometimes famous From the women at botox parties trying to keep up with the sexy au pairs and secretaries they re afraid will distract their husbands, to the who can top this kid s birthday party extravaganzas, and a great look into the racial struggles that go along with a 21st century woman s life Sexy men from a drool worthy French tutor, to Bree s own flawed but oh so hunky hubby, ex NBA star turned sports casting celebrity, populate these women s lives Bree s kids, Mackenzie and Zach are terrific characters and the poignant rendering of what happens to kids when parents feud is a great counter point to the snarky sisters interchange between Bree and her free spirited sister Jan There s some delicious hot and bothered moments as well to round out this great story Women s fiction or romance, call it what you will, Ms Jackson s covered it all beautifully in Bounce I read this book in a single day because I just couldn t put it down my Christmas gift to me A novel on a par with the best of Terry McMillan but appealing to any woman who has doubted herself and struggled to make her own dreams come true It will not disappoint I read this book in a daywhich means it was good I bought this book a couple of weeks ago, after someone suggested it on FB Had never heard of the author, so I wasn t sure what to expect I kept putting off reading it, and then yesterday, I decided to take the plunge Such a good story I really liked Bree I especially liked that she was nothing like what I would expect a former pro ball player s wife to be like And I liked that she wasn t a perfect wife and mother she worked too much, didn t spend enough time with her kids, and hated cleaning And she was constantly comparing herself to other women All of this made her very authentic and real to me, because we all are guilty of at least one of these several for me Bree is one of the most likable and realistic characters I ve read about in a while.I didn t know what to make of Sean While I believed that he was no longer messing around, I hated the way he kept insisting that Bree should have been over things by now The hell How do you just get over that While I know that this was Bree s story, I found myself wondering what Sean s thoughts and feelings were I wish we could have gotten a peek inside his head, if only to know why he would do what he did, especially since Bree thought that things were fine.I really enjoyed the secondary characters in this book Jan reminded me a little of my sister, and Gigi was just the friend that Bree needed But Julia and Cassandra took the cake Both of them were nuts And Mack and Zach were adorable Kim, too So glad I picked this one up Next up is Through the Lens. Great cheating story, with some decent angst I loved Sabrina She was a total spitfire and didn t take any shit I almost wondered if she d kick Sean to the curb for good I wouldn t have minded a littlegrovel from Sean in the ending though That being said, I enjoyed this entire story. `KINDLE ☔ Bounce ↡ Growing Up As A Young Girl, Sabrina Jacobs Could Only Dream Her Life Would Be This Good She Has A Successful Career, A Famous Sexy Husband, Two Children, A House In An Affluent Westchester Suburb And A Shoe Collection Worthy Of A Magazine Spread Too Bad It S All A Fa Ade It Has Been Almost A Year Since Her Husband Admitted He Had An Affair With A Younger And Bouncier Coworker Follow Sabrina As She Tries To Rein In Her Out Of Control Life By Kicking Her Husband Out On His Rear, Chucking Her Career And Even Firing Her Too Cute For The Job Nanny But How Will She Survive As A Stay At Home Mom In The Land Of Designer Clothes, Designer Kids Parties And Designer Babies Hmm Maybe The Hunky Young French Teacher, Who Has Been Flirting Shamelessly With Sabrina, Is Just What She Needs To Take Her Mind Off Her Problems Well, Not If Her Husband Has Something To Say About It Will Sabrina Be Able To Forgive And Still Be True To Herself