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Review copy provided via NetGallery in exchange for an honest reviewSummary Bound with HonorLord Archibald Cambury, Marquess of Camburton, has never wanted for anythingexcept normalcy Although he adores both of his loving mothers, and his vivacious twin sister with her two husbands, he wants a wife One wife Full stop Is that so much to ask Miss Selina Ashby appears to be everything Archie has always wanted in a marchioness demure, soft spoken, and pretty, with a quick mind and delectable humor Yes, she is a bit forward, but he chalks that up to youth Yes, she has a very particular friend in Beatrix Farnsworth, but he chalks that up to loyalty He is a lord she is a lady they are in love And so they marry That should be the end of it.But when Archie discovers that his wife is as passionate with her particular friend Beatrix as he is with his particular friend Christopher, his world is shattered He must decide if Selina s love is big enough for both of them and whether normalcy is trulyimportant than the love, he feels for both the man and the woman who have become so dear to him.Review Hands down the best LGBTQIA I ve every read I don t read them on normal bases, but from time to time I m that curious side of me just has to pick one up and read Most of them have not been worth the money I paid for them The story wasn t there it was all about the sex between all the different people, also the editing was pore You could take out the sex in this story and still have a great read The sex was hot and very well written Everything I want in a story was here, from the development of the story line, the characters All the emotions were spot on I didn t see any grammatical or punctuation errors, which drive me crazy.Conclusion Would I recommend this story to others Yes Would I readstories from that author YESThis story is a Novella, which feels complete I feel the Author could have made this into a full novel without losing any substance or comprising the flow of the story. 3.5 Pushy Selina Stars review to follow @Free E-pub × Bound with Honor (Regency Reimagined, #4) é Lord Archibald Cambury, Marquess Of Camburton, Has Never Wanted For Anything Except Normalcy Although He Adores Both Of His Loving Mothers, And His Vivacious Twin Sister With Her Two Husbands, He Wants A Wife One Wife Full Stop Is That So Much To Ask Miss Selina Ashby Appears To Be Everything Archie Has Always Wanted In A Marchioness Demure, Soft Spoken, And Pretty, With A Quick Mind And Delectable Humor Yes, She Is A Bit Forward, But He Chalks That Up To Youth Yes, She Has A Very Particular Friend In Beatrix Farnsworth, But He Chalks That Up To Loyalty He Is A Lord She Is A Lady They Are In Love And So They Marry That Should Be The End Of ItBut When Archie Discovers That His Wife Is As Passionate With Her Particular Friend Beatrix As He Is With His Particular Friend Christopher, His World Is Shattered He Must Decide If Selina S Love Is Big Enough For Both Of Them And Whether Normalcy Is Truly Important Than The Love He Feels For Both The Man And The Woman Who Have Become So Dear To Him I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I have never read anything by Megan Mulry before and I was a little skeptical in the beginning because I am no fan of m m and f f stories as some maybe have noticed But I have another one and I will give it a try Lord Archibald Cambury, Marquess of Camburton, is in contrary to his family somebody who looks for normality He doesn t want free love , he wants a normal relationship, if at all So he s pretty conservative but what people don t know is that he has a male companion if he is in need for some relaxing time It isn t a relationship, it sa give and take situation Selina Ashby s female lover just left her for a tour to Europe she s a musician and she sees the perfect lover in Camburton Quite quickly he offers marriage but he doesn t see that Beatrix, Selina s friend, isn t just a female friend but her lover He doesn t want to accept this free love concept his mothers two of them are living, he wants something traditional though he had a male lover When he finds it out, his world shatters Of course it is a romance, erotic romance and you have to like Selina for her forward very extroverted way of living The scenes in the carriage fabulous But you also understand Camburton s complicated view of the world but I never understood why he is against the way his mothers are living though he accepts their way completely Yes, he s a scientist and most times he sees things in black and white.I read it within a few days in between paperbacks and really enjoyed it at a lot Thumbs up. Oh, Megan Mulry, you did it to me again why is this series such a perfect bell curve of terrible pretty great terrible And I can t even blame the 80% porn 20% story and character balance in this one, because there s TONS of story and character development here It is just all very, very bad.I actually really like Selina, for the most part she s liberated about what she wants, she does what she loves, and at the core of it all she s still able to be vulnerable and soft beneath it all I love her relationship with Beatrix, and I love how fond she is of Archie and how little she takes his bullshit BECAUSE IT IS SUCH BULLSHIT but we ll get there in a minute I like Beatrix and Christopher, too, and the entire setup of the relationship is pretty cool And the balance between sex and plot character is much better than it was in Bound to be a GroomSo that s certainly something.But otherwise hoo, boy Archie is an absolutely unbearable hypocrite the book spends waytime on other people talking about how great he is than it does actually showing him doing anything good at all He s frustrating and stuffy and downright hurtful to the woman he claims to love and he only just barely learns his lesson after being SO GODDAMN TERRIBLE He doesn t pick up on ANY of the hints about Selina and Bea, he doesn t communicate to Selina at all, he overreacts so dramatically to finding the truth out just, UGH SO UNBEARABLE And the plot wraps up way too neatly with absolutely zero explanation there s absolutely no hint earlier on that the relationship between Archie and Christopher is anything but physical they don t seem close at all and the about face is SO DRAMATIC with NO BUILDUP, just because, hey, everyone already knew what was up What an unsatisfying note to end the entire series on I wouldn t even recommend people read this one for the porn, since the non sex parts are just SO frustrating. I got this for free in a Riptide giveaway, and I m glad I didn t pay for it It s an AU Regency erotic romance where polyamoury and gay love is not as unthinkable as it was in our reality So I got it hoping for some light, sexy poly fluff You know how a lot of the time, romance covers are stereotypical and really say nothing about the actual book Well, this time it feels kind of apt Language is fairly good, but the narrative veers in and out of Regency pastiche, and from saccharine to melodrama, and I ended upannoyed than entertained The characters never actually talk to each other until the very end, and I found the MCs immature, especially the male MC who was also an annoying prig, considering he was raised by a female couple in aristocratic bohemian artistic circles this is lampshaded, BTW Yes, it s possible to be straight and monogamous despite being brought up in an unconventional family, but that s not in fact the case here Archie simply turns out to be a closet poly bisexual, and just sanctimonious, uptight and bigotted when it comes to sex, despite his rather liberal upbringing The two side characters never grow beyond their rather simplistic secondary status, which made the poly element less than satisfactory, seeing as those were actually the preexisting relationships The conflict arises not from the characters trying to navigate their changing multi relationship, but from lack of communication and unvoiced expectations, and the resolution consists of everyone just coming to their senses The attraction appears simply physical, since I can t for the life of me see what they see in each other The characters, emotions and plot seem to be bad YA level, with the adult part consisting of the sexytimes which were either porny or saccharine, and never really very engaging so it didn t really work for me as either romance or erotica The fairly good language and the openness to different kinds of love might have pushed this up to three stars for me, if the writing had been less inconsistent and the charactersmature and likeable, and the subject matter treated withcare.There are some period anachronisms, but I m pretty picky about those, so most people probably won t notice them, and I suppose this is a kind of AU, albeit not a very convincing one despite obvious ambition. WOW What a wonderful erotic love story Better to say what you did not like since it is impossible to list what all I loved about this story The sex was off the page hot I could not put the book down First time reading this author, but it will no way be the last I do not read my historical romance with this kind of he he, she she sex I have truly been missing out Anything great is worth repeating WOW This is an interesting universe It s not an alternate universe the sensibilities of the Regency period are maintained but the main characters are free thinkers regarding sexuality, for the most part they just choose not to flaunt it too publicly because that s not how everyone thinks.So, we have a young man, Lord Camburton Archie Cambury , whose family is very nontraditional and who has been raised within the strictures of society, and all he wants is to have a nice, normal marriage with the perfect woman He s rather Mr Darcy in nature, except for the young man he has relations with on the side, Christopher, who is obviously not his lover because men can t really love men, of course And he meets such a young woman in Selina Ashby No, not Elizabeth Bennett, though I m certain the two women would like each other if they met Archie and Selina have instant chemistry The heated attraction between them surprises Selina, because she s only ever been attracted to and loved women before In fact, she currently has a lover of several years, Beatrice Bea s job in music takes her across the world, and so she encourages Selina to pursue Archie And so she does Quite avidly, and much to Archie s dismay, because Selina is not the perfect, prim and proper young lady he had thought, but a woman with quite the sexual appetite and no hesitance in showing him exactly what she wants.Selina is quite refreshing in that she s not a fragile flower she s rather loud and outspoken, and she knows what she wants And what she wants is Archie and Bea, and she s not willing to give either of them up While Bea is fine with this, Archie takes some work, because she s got years of societal conditioning to overcome And if she manages, she ll be doing Archie the biggest favor of his life, because Archie s not as traditional as he professes he wants.The story alternates between Archie s and Selina s POV, so we get to feel their disappointment, their confusion, and their overpowering lust when it comes to each other Each seeks comfort from their companion as they try to navigate the choppy waters of their passionate relationship and come to an understanding of how they want, and need, to live This story has M M, M F, F F, and M M F F, and I found it to be endearing and sexy.I m looking forward to reading Archie s sister s story, Bound with Passion. Received an ARC from Netgalley and Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review 2 what in the world starsI don t know what to make of this This was a hundred pages too long, in my opinion I didn t quite like it but since I requested for it, I have to pay my dues by completing and posting a review So here goes.Bound with Honour is about one Marquess looking to make the perfect lady his wife In this Regency Reimagined, lives are governed by debaucheries Lord Archibald has two moms, and his beloved twin sister has two husbands But Lord Archibald is determined to have only one wife And Miss Selina Ashby has the qualities that make a perfect wife demure, soft spoken, smart, etc, etc The first 50% of the book, which I believe a good 100 pages, was of Lord Archibald and Selina s pursuit of each other He was confused see, he likes her but she turned out to be pretty forward, attempting to seduce him right from the start That tarnished his image of her and he began to kept his distance But Selina was determined to have him the first man he ever lusted over So they went round and round chasing each other.The remaining 50% of the book was about how both of them are clueless about each other Lord Archibald thought that Selina and Bea were just really, really, close friends It s really silly you see, considering EVERYONE ELSE knew Selina and Bea are lovers When Archie finds out, he was devastated He only wanted one wife, specifically one without any extra baggage or lovers for that matters So they went round and round trying to resolve this issue Oh, I forgot to mention that Archie ALSO has a male lover Of course he only realises he loved Christopher in the later part of the book.So yea, I don t know exactly what I didn t like about the book It felt too draggy things could have been resolved faster, really I didn t even care about the characters Conclusion Won t be checking out the other books in the series. Once again Mulry has created a fast paced, racy novel that left me reeling Yes sex in many forms and permutations was an integral part of this novel, but it wasthan simply an interlude It was part of who the characters were and helped to forward the novel This is an enjoyable historical romance with lots of heat and spice The well developed characters in this novel truly helped to carry it forward Not only did Mulry develop them as individuals, but also in their relationships with one another The differing personalities of the characters serve to highlight who they really are, and show that opposites really do attract, and sometimes in the most unique of manners.This was a unique historical romance that I thoroughly enjoyed Mulry turns up the heat on your typical novel of the genre and adds in elements that make it stand out, all the while showing it in a historical context.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.