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`Read E-pub Ð Breaking ⚠ He Spent Years Selling His Body, Having Sex With Women For Money He Could Please Them Better Than Anyone ElseNow He Has Only One Woman To PleaseHe Knows What To Do With Her Body He Wants Her, Needs Her, Takes Her Until She Can T Take AnyBut What They Have Is So Much Than Bodies Moving Together He Loves Her, Loves Her, Loves HerHe Still Doesn T Always Know How Breaking Is An Erotic Novella , Words That Can Be Read As A Standalone, Although It Features Characters From Escorted Short.Steamy.Sequel.2.5 stars Call Breaking an extended epilogue if you will Readers are taken back into the lives of Lori and Ander as they are living not long after the end of Escorted.I would liken this extended short to Bella and Z s extra story from the BDB series You think the Happy Ever After has happened and everyone has moved on to a better place in life, but you realize that there s to the story under the surface Breaking gives us the opportunity to see how two people continue on with their lives after they managed to come together through unconventional circumstances I can t imagine that anyone would be able to overcome the obstacles that this couple had to and not come out on the other side unscathed And this is exactly what we are dropped into.This may just be another testament to the power of love, but there s nothing wrong with that, right Oh, and the sex was nice, if a bit much for the plot to sex ratio This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. A Whole Lot of Sex With a Little Story On The Side I had a hard time deciding how to rate Breaking On the one hand I really loved the first book featuring these two characters, Escorted, and I was excited to continue their journey On the other hand, based on its own merits this novella didn t really rock my socks 3 stars it is Breaking is told from Zander s point of view and the title aptly fits the man we meet this time around Back from an archeological dig somewhere, his first order of business is to partake in some sexy times with his fianc e, Lori Not surprising considering they ve been apart for six weeks but it quickly becomes apparent, not only to the reader but to Lori, that Zander s got other reasons for wanting to get down to business He s hurting and he wants to lose himself Over the next couple of book days a pattern develops Zander s feeling pain, Lori asks what s wrong, and Zander denies the pain and sexes Lori up Repeat Throw in a few long study sessions to dull the pain and you ve pretty much got the gist of the story Zander hurts, Lori wants to help, Zander won t let her inside his head but makes sure she enjoys some hot lovin There are quite a few inner Zander monologues where he talks about how broken he is and doesn t deserve Lori That got old real quick because we don t actually find out why Zander feels broken until about the 80% mark The situation made perfect sense if you ve read Escorted but by that point I was ready to move on.The thing I liked most was the relationship between Zander and Lori There s so much unconditional love between these two and it s than evident in this story You re the only woman I ve ever loved, and you re the only one I ever will You understand, don t you, that the world turns for me only because you re in itDamnit, Zander You re going to make me cry Oh, alright Keep being sweet to your woman, I don t mind.While not an overly good or bad read for me, I d still recommend this to folks who don t mind a lot of sex and a little story, or for those that want a little continuation to the Zander and Lori story first started in Escorted ARC provided from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review I seriously tried So disappointed in this book I rated the first in the series as five stars for goodness sakes How can we go from five stars to dnf Well, sometimes we come across a book that really just needed to end in the first I m not even sure WHY this book was made really, other than to give us insight as to what holds Ander back emotionally What he hides of himself I never did get that answer and I quit at 70% I m all about angst and drama but this whole book was centered around either constant angsty sex scenes or her asking him what s the matter.him saying he s fine when it s obviously not I m too busy to play those games, much less read about them for hours Communicate people I just couldn t hold out any longer I hate to do it to an arc that was graciously given to me for review but my honesty comes first Moving onArc received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.