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I never thought I would read a book like this When I first started reading it, I was enjoying it very much I never imagined what I read next I was 12 when I read it, and so I didn t know if I was ready for it yet It turns out I was I read it and along the way, I would talk about it with my parents I recognized what her mistakes were and I said what I would have done if I was in her position I identified many problems and it helped me know what to do if that ever happened to me I enjoyed this book very much and it definately helped me prepare for my teenage life. I only give it four stars because although accurate for many rape cases she was alone for much of the duration of the book I felt for her for the entire book I just wanted to give her a hug, bless her heart Okay I am re reading it It s interesting to see how Brittany psychologically changes to an optimistic person to a pessimistic one and then finally a realist I guess when I first read this book, it bothered me to see her go from having all these goals for herself and then her suddenly telling herself that she can t do ANY of the things that she wants to do It was hard to see what a slow process it was for her to pick herself back up Yeah, I know, she was raped and I am inconsiderate of her feelings But being the kind of person that is a realist, I like to see others that are on the same page as me and I want to help in any way possible And reading this book made me feel helpless for her She is a fictional character but it makes me think of many girls that have gone through the same song and dance Eventually, girls like Brittany become realists and go on with their lives It s never the same but in order to find any happiness, you have to pick yourself back up So that s where Brittany is when we leave off with her And I enjoyed reading that part The success of it all.I first read this when I was twelve There are many other books that are better at making someone feel better about themselves if they have ever been in this situation before But this one was great because it prepared me for the dangers of dating before I even started dating ALL of the warning signs are there for Brittany and I knew what to look for I would recommend this book to my younger cousins and nieces to read It s heavy stuff but it definitely will prepare them for the world they live in But it does so in a delicate and appropriate way. This is an amazing book Any LDS woman who has not read it would like it. I m sure of it This was an emotional rollercoaster for me to read. but it was great and of course uplifting in the end. Sam Sargent Period 6Brittany Jack Weyland1997 234 Pages 11 Points Imagine being in the middle of high school and moving from a small town to a much larger one Probably just plain old hard This is what Brittany experienced when she was 17 years old and in the middle of high school She moved from a small town in Idaho, to a bigger town in Utah She was a Mormon, so she thought it would be an easier to move to Utah But to her surprise it wasn t She thought she would be completely safe and sheltered in Utah, but it wasn t The main characters in this story are Brittany who is a 17 year old girl, Derek who isn t who he pretends to be, Brittany s loving mother, Julia her counselor, her bishop who helps her, and Craig the cute boy All of these people are a big part of this story This story s plot is about a girl who is a Mormon, and she moves to Utah when she was 17 years old She meets a boy who is the only person that is nice to her, and finds out that he wasn t what he pretended to be The thing that I liked a lot about this book is how it shows her true feelings about her situation she s in For example on page 200 it says How will I make it without my mom, she thought She s done so much for me I ll never be able to repay her for what she s done In this it shows how thankful she is to her mother for all that she has done for her And even though she doesn t say this out loud she thinks it in her mind Another one is on page 51 and it says I really don t want to go out with him, she thought But I ve already given him my word This is another example of her expressing her feelings to herself, but not actually showing them to anyone in the book It makes me feel like one of Brittany s counselors that listens to her talk about her experience The summary of this story is This book is about a 17 year old girl who moves from Idaho to Utah She is trying to fit in with everyone at school, but can t seem to find anywhere that she belongs When one teenage boy reaches out and tries to be kind to her, she appreciates it But as she gets to know him better, he s not who she thinks he is This story is a very sad, but inspiring story and I would definitely recommend it to teenage girls I would think they would like it the most because they might be having the same experiences as Brittany has Something that sets this book apart is that it is written by an LDS author and it is about an LDS girl So in this book it talks a lot about the Mormon religion I liked this book a lot ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ♟ Brittany ⚖ Brittany Ferries Ferries Et Sjours En GrandeFerries Et Sjours Vers L Angleterre, L Irlande, L Espagne Ou Le Portugal Brittany Ferries, Deans D Exprience De Transporteur Maritime Et De Tour Oprateur Brittany WikipediaThe Official Website For Brittany Tourism The Official Website For Your Vacation In Brittany, France Discover Places To Go, Guide To Accommodation, Hotels, Campsites, And MuchBrittany Wikipdia Brittany Plus Rarement Britanny Est Le Nom Donn En Anglais La Bretagne Brittany Fait Galement Rfrence Brittany Louisiane , Un Secteur Non Constitu En Municipalit Situ Dans La Paroisse De L Ascension En Louisiane Ferries To France Spain Holiday Packages Welcome To Brittany Ferries Take Your Pick From The Widest Choice Of Routes Linking The UK And Ireland To France And Spain Plus A Great Range Of Holiday Accommodation Htel Brittany Spa Hteltoiles RoscoffBienvenue Au Brittany Spa, Un Hteltoiles Roscoff Offrant Un Hbergement De Luxe Et Des Dlices Culinaires Dans Son Restaurant Gastronomiquetoile Au Guide Michelin Venez Galement Vous Dtendre Dans Notre Spa Notre Situation Gographique Vous Permet De The book Brittany by Jack Weyland is told by a teenage girl named, believe it or not, Brittany Brittany just moved and in her new school Brittany meets a boy named Craig and they become friends One of Craig s friends Derek, is interested in Brittany and asks if Craig will ask her if she will go out with him Craig goes ahead and asks her Brittany wasn t sure because she didn t know this guy really at all, but still says yes because she thought it would be good to meetpeople Derek told her that they would be going on a double date so that made her feel better andrelaxed When Derek comes to pick her up they head out to go to dinner, after they return to Derek s house The other couple was going to watch an R rated movie and Brittany didn t feel comfortable with that so Derek took her down stairs to watch something else Not long after she found herself in Derek s room fighting for her life to get away form him and what he was doing to her When it was time for her to be home Derek drove her home but made her swear that she would never tell anyone or else he would kill her and her mom Her mom finally gets it out of her after she noticed that Brittany was acting different and helps her get over this with counseling and other places and things I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 star because the story itself was a little much for me, and at some parts it just would dragon and I wanted that part of the story to be concluded It was still written really well thought I hurt for Brittany and hated Derek as much as she did I wanted to help fix things and make them better If you look past the disturbing things and just look at how strong Brittany is, you will be terrifically impressed with her I would tell people to read this book even if they were only only slightly interested in it All I have to say is, Great job Jack Weyland 3 CHEERS FOR WEYLAND Wow Brittany by Jack Weyland was quite possibly one of the best books I ve read ever will read not a very big spoiler it s what the whole book is about Brittnay gets date raped by a creepy boy who goes out of his way to be Brittnay s friend and impress her I started finished within the day I started it Weyland is so creative and talented I couldn t set it down I was awed by Brittnay s power to overcome I was so empowered to see and be part of Brittnay overcoming this because it taught me about self worth, acceptance, forgiveness, love, and overcoming jealousy bitter hate, chastity, growing up, and moving on not letting yourself be held back To the other side of the mountain Being LDS myself, I love how he tied in religion I thought it was awesome how he talked about going to her bishop and how comfortable she was that was very inspiring and comforting to know I can talk to my bishop about anything And at the end it talked about ways you can keep yourself safer It had such good morals I absolutely loved it. This book is about Brittany when she moves to a new school Because she doesn t know anyone, she tries out for the school play and makes the lead role From this, she gains the attention from a boy that she usually wouldn t go out with Because of the kind person she is, she goes out with him The date doesn t go well, and she ends up getting raped in his basement The story goes on to tell how Brittany deals with this, especially as a mormon I really liked this book because it showed events that could really happen and how to deal with them I am usually not a fan of mormon books, but this one did a really good job at talking about our beliefs, but not in a pushy way Warnings sexual content Oh, wow This book was intense Very emotional Very real I was crying A LOT Wow The book is definitely for slightly older readers I think I was the perfect age for it, but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who s not over 14 16 ish.AMAZING BOOK Wow I loved it Great book.I think every teenage girl needs to read this book Definitely Every teen girl.I m 16, and I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed it at first, but I was shocked at what happened at the date I had no idea it was coming and it really stunned me I had to keep reading until the end, because if I stopped, I knew I would be stuck with those images in my head The ending was very uplifting, but I don t think I was ready to read about date rape.