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DOWNLOAD ß Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery ô Amazing EPub, Bunnicula A Rabbit Tale Of Mystery Author James Howe This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Bunnicula A Rabbit Tale Of Mystery, Essay By James Howe Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Just read this novel with my elementary book club The kids found the idea of a vampire bunny hysterical This book s popularity has been making a comeback lately with all of the vampire hype in recent years And I must say, my favorite part of the entire novel may be the Editor s Note at the beginning. while i read this, check out a vampire list i made over here part of my personal reading challenges for 2017, once a month i will be revisiting a favorite book from when i was a little bitty karen and seeing if it holds up to my fond memories and determining if i can still enjoy it as an old and crotchety karen.fingers crossed. This review is from 2004 Since it s Halloween, I thought I d talk about something frightening Bunnies Vampire bunnies Ninja vampire bunnies Okay, so, maybe not that ninja part But definitely vampire bunnies one in particular.So, my roommate Mr I m not in there from the other week was recently given a collection of young adult books as a birthday present Most of the stack didn t interest me, but I did notice one specific volume in the pile I remember reading Bunnicula as a child, and it very well could have been my first genre fiction book ever So, intrigued about how I would regard the experience as an adult, I sat down one evening to give the novel another read.I came out of it with two impressions First, that is one amazingly fun book Second, that is one amazingly short book.On the second point, it turns out that I m older now and I m used to stories that take a little bit longer to tell It s pretty amazing how few words they managed to pack into so many pages It s around a hundred, give or take, depending on your edition It s short It has chapters, true, but they re.well, like extended paragraphs I was through the book before I knew what had happened.Part of that, however, was due to sheer enjoyment Often times, when I look back at things I enjoyed as a child, I find that I displayed an embarrassing lack of discerning taste G.I Joe or pretty much any cartoon I watched makes a fine example Bunnicula, however, was a delightful read both because of how fun it was, and because it proves that I at least had good taste in books when I was young Even if my TV habits were deplorable Anyway, about the book itself Aspiring writers, take note there are a wealth of lessons to be learned from this humble story First off, it has an interesting premise A normal family discovers a mysterious pet bunny abandoned in a movie theater a bunny that turns out to have belonged to Dracula, and how goes out during the night to hunt vegetables and drain their blood Amusing, perhaps a bit farcical however, the authors manage to mix this potentially ridiculous idea with some solid storytelling The book is told from the viewpoint of the family s pet dog, a creature with a healthy dose of personality and an interesting narrative style.That means we have both a clever premise, a strong character, and a unique viewpoint Mix with that a solid mystery plot why are these white vegetables appearing around the house, and why does that bunny look so downright evil and you have a book that will hold its own against pretty much anything you throw at it I know a lot of modern fantasy novels that could learn a few things from Bunnicula.So, I recommend that you give the book a read, if you haven t already It s fun, quick, and could probably teach you a few things And, if you did read the book as a child, it might be an interesting experience to pick it up like I did and see how your childhood memories compare to your adult observations. Hear me out there is no Bunnicula This is about the cat.His name is Chester He has schemes and a vivid imagination, as cats do He s steeped in Gothic literature Here s my Gothic Drinking Game if you need a refresher, and notice how Bunnicula will get you drunk Nasty weather Fainting in our first hint that Bunnicula may not be the villain, he is usually the fainter Creepy noises Scary eyes And the most important thing a relative turns out to be the surprise villain Here s what we know the Monroes have a new bunny, and vegetables are turning white The bunny has funny markings, which leads the family to name him Bunnicula On this evidence Chester declares the bunny a vampire This is basically the plot of Northanger Abbey.This would be funny if Chester s reaction wasn t so unbelievably cruel he immediately starts stealing all the food from the bunny s cage, to keep the bunny from murdering lettuce Bunnicula is young Chester is starving a baby bunny to death because he says it s a vampire One of the original illustrations, which are great, basically lays out the whole plotThe book is narrated by the family dog, who plays himself off as stupid but also insists he recognizes and understands Romanian, so it s safe to call him unreliable Anyway dogs are the least reliable of narrators, have you ever tried to let one explain what they re smelling The poor family finally realizes Bunnicula is on the brink of death and rushes him to the vet, who prescribes carrot juice, so the poor thing is saved in the nick of time The rabbit has still never said a word there s been no evidence whatsoever that he s a vampire The only thing we have is pale vegetables Recovered but with no one in the least concerned about what happened in the first place, he s forced to continue living with the monster who tried to kill him in the most cruel way Bunnicula subverts our expectations we expect to discover that he is indeed a vampire, but in the end that s not the story at all As in great Gothic novels like Uncle Silas and Lady Audley s Secret, the real villain was inside the house it s Chester, the psychopathic cat Jealous of the attention paid to a new pet, he frames him as a monster and is barely stopped from murdering him He s abetted by the dog, who hides a slavish complicity under his goofy doggishness Horrifyingly, there are sequels to Bunnicula Who knows what tortures they ll bring to this poor, defenseless bunny