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@Read Pdf ⚫ Buried Memories á Hypnotized To Quit Smoking After His Dad Is Diagnosed With Lung Cancer, Ben Danski Begins To Dream About A Childhood He Doesn T Remember The Dreams Become Frequent Vivid Frightening Further Hypnosis Reveals Events He Doesn T Want To Believe, But As Ben Decides To Ignore Them, His Past Finds Him Details Trigger Than Ben Bargains For, As Both Distant And Recent Memories Are Unblocked, And Change His Life Forever This novella started out with a bang, and ended with a great line..the problem for me was that the middle didn t sustain the tension as well as it could have We begin with our main character, Ben, who is undergoing hypnosis to cease smoking His Dad the only family he has is dying of lung cancer in a nearby hospital The trouble begins immediately when the hypnosis sessions begin to give Ben troubling flashbacks about a girl named Becca, and a car racing in her direction, just after she falls off her bike These memories begin to permeate his everyday existence as and memories begin to surface in his mind.All of this takes on a whole new meaning when Ben decides to change his hypnosis sessions in order to help him retrieve the rest of these memories This is where the story felt a little weak, to me Ben keeps alternating between different courses of action, without really committing to anything at all I don t want to give away any of the plot, so I ll just say that I felt his character should have been a little.decisive, at this point.The ending was somewhat predictable to me, but I absolutely loved the line that the novella closed with That one sentence had me suddenly thinking about things in a whole new light, and I loved the twist of the gut I felt inside after reading it I am really enjoying Kelli Owen s writing style as of late, and plan on picking up some of her longer works this week.Recommended I really enjoy Kelli s work Love the whole idea of the book, from the father to the shrink Very fun and dark read.My only issue is the very end seemed to wrap up pretty quickly and at the same time I didn t really want it to end.I wasn t ready to put this one down. I listened to the newly added audio version of this novella Absolutely loved the narrator and subtle changes to each character to differentiate them The plot moved along relatively well, only a few dull points that seemed repetitive but overall a great read And that ending As has many of her other books, this surprised me and made me say, what the fuck out loud, in public, at my damn workplace.