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I won this book in a give a way This book is an excellent read It was a real page turner and very thought provoking The book has a good story line and interesting characters If you could change the past would you Even if you could should you After reading this book you may rethink how you feel about life and death. @Kindle ë Buying Time ⚜ There Are No Do Overs In Life Or Are There If You Had A Chance To Re Do Part Of Your Life, Would You Even If It Meant Dying Earlier That S The Decision Tom Morgan And Larry Pace Must Make When They Are Approached By A Time Traveling Time Salesman Complete Opposites, Both Men Are Drawn To The Idea For The Same Reason To Save Someone S Life But Is That Even Possible Can The Past Be Changed Should The Past Be Changed Add To That The Problem That It S Very Addictive, Like A Dangerous Drug Each Trip Back In Time Shortens Life I won this book from a Goodreads contest Although I am not a spiritual person, I felt myself stopping every so often throughout this book to pause and think back over my life and to change the many wrongs I have done to right them What a concept to be able to do that This book gave me a much clearer understanding of how one s faith can alter you forever This was a wonderful book and certainly one to read for those who are soul searching. Can t wait for it to arrive I won this book on a goodreads first read giveaway I found the overall writing in this story to be good, though I did find a spelling error on page 92 where the author used correctly when he should have used corrected Also, the idea behind this story was great, a time traveling time salesman, and I was excited to see where the author would go with this Unfortunately, it turned out that this novel was not a science fiction story like I expected, instead it was a Christian fiction story The mechanics behind time travel are never explored and absolutely nothing to do with science is done in this novel In fact, if you replaced time traveling time salesman with wizard with magic time spell you would have a better explanation behind the time travel in this book, as you could just account it to magic This does not mean that the book was bad, just that it is not science fiction I did a count of how many times certain words appeared in 19 pages pages 60 79 and this is what I got Time 25 God 21 Christian Christ 6 pray 3 Jesus Holy Spirit Heaven 8These numbers hold true throughout the book and is something you should be aware of before you start reading Overall this was an easy read if a little heavy on the god side Towards the end I started to enjoy it but this is not something I would normally read. I liked the concept behind this book If you could travel back in time and relive a part of your life, would you Should you It does make you stop and think about things like that I think it could definitely cause some debate concerning death Is it always a person s time to die when they die Personally, I don t think that is the case, but this book did a good job of making me question my beliefs on that issue It urged me to look to why I believe that a life can be taken before God intends for it to be.