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3.5 starsThis is basically a sweet fairytale for adults It s about an old lady who was a pillar for many people in the town One day she died, and then Sort of came back to life through an odd accident of sorts Orlike, was wrongly announced dead you decide Anyway, she also saw the afterlife and came back to tell all her funny and oblivious neighbours and family members that life isn t about appearances, but rather about just being happy.Sounds like it would be a religious story, but it s not It s just sort of steeped in empathy and sweetness It tries to challenge typical religious views even, although it challenges them in a very limited, comfortable way Which brings me to the next point.The story is very sweet and feel good, but at times simplistic, and incredibly, incredibly white and American And I don t mean because of the cast although that s obviously also true , but because of the views You ll see what I mean if you read it They were mostly harmless and quaint, but a little dated and incredibly white, to the point where it s kind of funny and eye rolly at times Many things are like that in the story, and it s why I docked a star because otherwise it was a very sweet and enjoyable book There were many very white baby boomer kind of things even the fact that life s about being happy is kind of a super white and privileged American thing to say You wouldn t think to say that to someone from the poorer regions of the world where people starve and suffer But these truths in such books are always supposed to be universal, and heaven is always American.So like I said Veeeeery white But also mostly harmless And quite cheering and upbeat It was certainly enjoyable, and it s a super fast read.Triggers old lady sort of dies, someone loses a cat, there s attempted rape although not described and there s also a gay and trans side character mentioned, and they are both painted in a very negative light not because of their orientation, but they just happen to be written as bad people.Book Blog Themed Bookstagram Quick Update Bookstagram Bookish Twitter This is part of a trilogy about the citizens of Elmwood Springs, Missouri I ve unabashedly adored all three of them, and I m sad that I don t live there and know these people My love is not blind Can t Wait to Get to Heaven was about as silly a book as you ll ever come across, but I don t care Elner Shinfissle a name that would enrage me in a book that I didn t like is a sweet, elderly midwestern lady who has basically touched the lives of everyone she s ever met She appreciates all the beauty and kindness in the world and makes others see it, too With no children of her own, she is the beloved Aunt Elner to the whole of Elmwood Springs, for whom she is a friend, teacher, baker, advisor, volunteer, depending on what each person or group needs Aunt Elner steadfastly refuses to move from her farm closer to town, which worries everyone as she is really too old to be out there by herself This same stubbornness explains why she falls out of a fig tree one day, is rushed to the hospital, and declared dead The reaction of the whole wonderful cast of characters to the news of Elner s untimely death is both touching and funny Meanwhile, Elner is wandering around in heaven, marveling at the decor and making the acquaintance of all kinds of people she s always wanted to meet, including God and Thomas Edison she is a huge fan of his invention, electricity If you read this plot summary and roll your eyes and yawn, I get it But if you are ever in the mood for a lovely, feel good break from real life, I encourage you to give this or one of the other two in the series a chance.Edited to add I forgot to mention, if you can possibly get your hands on the audio book, and have Fannie Flagg read this to you with her lovely southern belle drawl, it makes it that much better. #Download ß Can't Wait to Get to Heaven ⛓ Combining Southern Warmth With Unabashed Emotion And Side Splitting Hilarity, Fannie Flagg Takes Readers Back To Elmwood Springs, Missouri, Where The Most Unlikely And Surprising Experiences Of A High Spirited Octogenarian Inspire A Town To Ponder The Age Old Question Why Are We Here Life Is The Strangest Thing One Minute, Mrs Elner Shimfissle Is Up In Her Tree, Picking Figs, And The Next Thing She Knows, She Is Off On An Adventure She Never Dreamed Of, Running Into People She Never In A Million Years Expected To Meet Meanwhile, Back Home, Elner S Nervous, High Strung Niece Norma Faints And Winds Up In Bed With A Cold Rag On Her Head Elner S Neighbor Verbena Rushes Immediately To The Bible Her Truck Driver Friend, Luther Griggs, Runs His Eighteen Wheeler Into A Ditch And The Entire Town Is Thrown For A Loop And Left Wondering, What Is Life All About, Anyway Except For Tot Whooten, Who Owns Tot S Tell It Like It Is Beauty Shop Her Main Concern Is That The End Of The World Might Come Before She Can Collect Her Social SecurityIn This Comedy Mystery, Those Near And Dear To Elner Discover Something Wonderful Heaven Is Actually Right Here, Right Now, With People You Love, Neighbors You Help, Friendships You Keep Can T Wait To Get To Heaven Is Proof Once That Fannie Flagg Was Put On This Earth To Write Southern Living , Spinning Tales As Sweet And Refreshing As Iced Tea On A Summer Day, With A Little Extra Kick Thrown In Audio book read by Cassandra CampbellFrom the dust jacket Life is the strangest thing One minute, Mrs Elner Shimfissle is up in her tree, picking figs, and the next thing she knows she is off on an adventure she never dreamed of, running into people she never in a million years expected to meet Meanwhile, back home, Elner s nervous, high strung niece Norma faints and winds up in bed with a cold rag on her head Elner s neighbor Verbena rushes immediately to the Bible her truck driver friend, Luther Griggs, whom Elner has known since he was a boy, runs his eighteen wheeler into a ditch and the entire town is thrown for a loop and left wondering, What is life all about anyway Except for Tot Whooten, who owns Tot s Tell it Like It IS beauty shop Her main concern is that the end of the world might come before she can collect her social security My reactions This is a sweet, gentle tale of one woman s influence on her community, that reminds us all to consider the cycle of life and how we fit into it Flagg populates Elmwood Springs with colorful characters who, for all their eccentricity, are completely recognizable We have a matriarch who touches everyone with her genuine kindness, straightforward advice, and simple life lessons There are the local busybodies with hearts of gold who rally around to help anyone mired in one of life s tragedies And no community would be complete without the juvenile delinquent headed for a life of crime but for the kind person who sets him straight and gives him a reason to stay on the right path Is this an unrealistic community Maybe, but I still recognize the parable Flagg reminds me that the things I most cherish have nothing to do with material goods, and much to do with relationships I ve developed over the years It s not great literature It s not even Flagg s best work But I did enjoy the time I spent with Elner and the residents of Elmwood Springs Cassandra Campbell does a good job on the audio I particularly liked how she voiced some of the excitable characters like Norma and Tot. Laugh out loud funny, this book describes how any single person can greatly influence the lives of their neighbors Elner Shimfissle is blessed with an inquiring mind and a large loving heart In her eighties, or possibly nineties, she decides to make fig jam for her friends and falls out of the tree when attacked by wasps while picking figs She doesn t know her age because she was born at home, the only record is in the family bible and her sister, Ida, buried that years ago so no one would know Ida s real age.Elner is pronounced dead and her family and neighbors swing into action getting ready for her funeral Her friends feed her cat and clean her house Her obituary is prepared at the local paper Even her favorite radio station airs the news of her demise The number of requests at the florist is huge Each person has a recollection of Elner, many of them funny, most of them sweet Many people have good reasons to be glad they knew her.In the meantime, Elner gets to go to heaven and ask all the questions she s had Her first one Which came first, the chicken or the egg I m not telling the answer, but it s good to finally know Fannie Flagg has a large cast of characters in this book, but each one is so memorable it s easy to keep them all straight. Heartwarming and laugh out loud funny A delightful look at how each person s influence can bigger than they d ever dream and meanto people than they d ever know, just by being themselves We also get a little glimpse at a version of Heaven you ve probably never dreamed of, and southern charm that abounds throughout the novel Let us all be an influence for good, like Elner Shimfissle Recommended by a co worker, and so glad I followed up on it and actually read it Elenor is the townsfolk matriarch She s been there for everyone in one form or fashion She s pleasant to be around and never passes judgment on anyone She s a woman many instantly fall in love with No one knows her actual age, especially Elenor She s imagined to be between 70 80 years of age She seems eccentric but is a well rounded, fun loving woman Her niece, Norma, worries so much about her but Elenor can take care of herself but at the same time, she s hardheaded Norma told her not to climb her ladder to get any figs off her tree but what does she do Climb the tree, disturb a wasp nest and falls from the ladder Elenor thinks she s awake and everyone is ignoring or can t hear her but she died and went to heaven Unfortunately when she gets there, she finds out that heaven is not ready for her arrival A funny book to read Hearing all the good things she did for others without ever understanding how many lives she touched with her kindness The book addresses today s society compared to how the elders in the town was brought up A book to read on a rainy or very cold day Will make you smile and glad you read it. A funny and engaging story of the old South where neighbors really knew each other and really cared And with quite a bit of spiritual insight as well Good feelings come from reading it. Not my first by this author so I knew what to expect but this one seemed to be a bit too whimsical at first and started to border on the silly for my taste that is But then just as I started muttering under my breath about having to give up soon if it kept on like that something wonderful and very funny happened Then of course I was hooked and raced through to the end So, not the best book she has written, but a pleasant way to pass a Sunday afternoon. I got these books on Audible read by the author which is quite nice to listen to, but then realized they were the Abridged version WTF Why would anyone abridge a book Why would the author agree to that For shame Seriously, they wrote the full version that way for a reason The book, even abridged was great I love the fantastical story about these wonder down home imperfect people in this Missouri town Difficult relatives and trips to heaven, whatcould you ask for