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[Download Ebook] ♼ Capturing the Sunset ♫ Annalisse Ramirez Is A Self Described Cruise Aholic, And She Can T Wait To Get On Board The Triton And Sail Around The Hawaiian Islands The Week Promises To Be A Fun One, Hanging With Her Best Friend, Cousin Chelsea, And Meeting New People There S Even The Possibility Of Romance At Sea But Annalisse S Mom Has One Request Before She Goes And Annalisse Finds That One Week At Sea May Not Be Long Enough To Come To Terms With Her Past And Accept An Uncertain Future She Finds Out That Time Does Fly When You Re Having Fun And Trying To Slow It Down Is Like Capturing The Sunset Although it is nearly impossible to compete with the natural beauty of Hawaii, the best part of this book has to be the characters Not only do we get insights into Annalisse s personality, but getting to know her cousin and new found cruise mates is both the cream and cherry on top of this sundae Melding each character s troubles and delights on the boat is what makes this story so well layered One of my favorite characters is Ari a flamboyant, funny, and irresistible new friend that immediately brightens Annalisse s day, as well as my own With his quirky comments and sweet sensitivity, how could I not fall for the guy immediately He s the comic relief and untouchable crush rolled into one insert dramatic sigh, here And then there s the blooming romance of young love on this tropical vacation A sun tanned boy who is tall, witty, and awkwardly romantic is the kind of guy that would make any teenage girl alright, even this adult girl swoon for West is a likeable guy right from the beginning As soon as he catches Annalisse s eye, he s stolen your heart, too Obviously, there is still the sentimental moment of dealing with Annalisse s father s ashes, but even as sad a moment as that can be beautiful with the backdrop of the Hawaiian Islands I received a free copy of the e book from the author in exchange for an honest review The author did a great job at capturing the emotions associated with loss and grief My only complaint is that there were some typos Otherwise, a quick, fun read.