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[Free Epub] ♵ China's Sacred Sites ♽ Examines How Chinese Mountainscape Culture Merges Architecture And Nature By Documenting OverAncient Architectural And Environmental Sites, And Featuring OverPhotographs AndArchitectural Drawings Provides Overview Of Traditional Chinese Philosophies Of Buddhism, Taoism, And Confucianism, And Explains The Historical Roots Of Feng Shu Oops I bought a book about Chinese architecture when I am only at best mildly interested in Chinese architecture! Well, I hope my rating of 4 stars doesn't mess up the average too much.

I was actually looking for pretty places to travel to. Not really that successful, but a couple of interesting leads. It's a different subset than a Lonely Planet, that's for sure, so for that I'd give it a plus.

Otherwise, it's probably worth picking up if you're into Chinese architecture/Feng Shui.