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I think I went into this book with too high of expectations Expectations that went down really fast as soon as I started reading.All the characters except Carly and her sons were unlikable until the very end of the story and even then their past thoughts and actions were still hard to make me like them for the changes they were trying to make.Not to mention it was never really explained who Maggie was even if there was hinting at it I would have liked of an explanation on her and how she knew some of the things she did. Review by Molly I m all about Christmas, so getting the chance to read this novel was a treat for me It really got me in the festive mood that s for sure With a name like Christmas on Nutcracker Court, who WOULDN T be ready for Christmas to come This is my first Judy Duarte novel but it won t be my last This story is filled with lots of wonderful characters and a fantastic plot line Carly s character is one I could truly identify with Being a single mom of two boys myself, I know what it s like to struggle I could picture myself through the story AS Carly Poor Max He s a crotchety old man and definitely the Scrooge of the story Of course there are other great characters to become friends with but my heart really went out to these two characters The plot is, as I said fantastic The true meaning of Christmas lies nestled deep in the heart of the story Each page turn brings you closer to the ending of the story and to the magic of Christmas If you are looking for a good book to curl up with next to that roaring warm fire, why not grab a copy of this new novel by an obviously talented author I am going to go back and check out of her work and add them to my growing wish list Definitely a keeper and one that I recommend highly What else would I be reading this week but a heartwarming Christmas story I won this book from the author by commenting on a blog post and couldn t wait to start it I ve previously read Mulberry Park the first novel set in the fictional town of Fairbrook, and loved it.Judy Duarte writes wonderful Christian romances Or maybe they re women s fiction with strong romantic elements Regardless of what genre you classify them in, they re stories of families and love and faith They re books that, like It s a Wonderful Life , are filled with hokey good things And, just like I watch It s a Wonderful Life at least once every Christmas, I love reading stories by Judy Duarte In this book, we follow the stories of a number of characters There s Carly, a single mom with two boys and serious financial trouble Josh is troubled by the problems of growing up and having to take care of his younger brother, Mikey He d rather hang out with his friends There s Lynette, who tries to play matchmaker for Carly, but finds herself attracted to the very man she s picked out for Carly Grant isn t particularly interested in a relationship, but agrees to the date with Carly Susan is just looking for any man so she won t be alone She has her eye on Grant as well, but Max, the other bachelor in the neighborhood, would also work for her Max, whose wife left him, has taken a year s leave of absence from his job as a probation officer to write a novel He writes nights and sleeps days and is seen as a bit odd since when he does come out of his house during the day, it s usually in his bathrobe And there s Maggie, the cousin who has shown up to watch Helen s house while she s away on a cruise, and touches the lives of all of the characters by her gentle suggestions.We follow these people through their ups and downs and learn to care about them as they care about and for one another It s a story of Christmas wishes and the power of prayer And the perfect read for the week before Christmas. I was really pleasantly surprised by this book It s about Carly and her sons She is a single mom and is barely getting by Her boys come across a dog and eventually their owner, Max Tolliver He is a writer who works nights and sleeps days and is kind of a loner However, throughout the story he befriends Carly and her boys There s also the Diamond Lills a group of women who get together to play poker every week They befriend Carly and try to set her up with Grant, a neighbor to one of the members Helen Helen is out of town and her cousin Maggie is housesitting for her However, Maggie is somewhat strange and seems to be able to know things that there is no way she could know She also can talk to animals In the end, Carly and Max end up together but it is a VERY slow progressing romance very realistic Lynette and Grant are together and Susan is okay with it All ends happy and well when Max saves Christmas for Carly and her boys My complaints the Diamond Lills voices were much older than Carly s so I thought they were late middle aged people, but then I guess they re all about Carly s age I also don t think the author did the best with Maggie She was mysterious and not actually Helen s cousin but who was she She was supposed to be some sort of angel I believe, but I just thought the ending in regards to her character fell flat Overall, I think I will reread this book at some point I definitely enjoyed the first read I ve got to make a list of all the publishers that specialize in Christian literature so I don t pick up something with a commercial sounding title and find out that it s faith based Again, that s a great genre for those who enjoy it but usually, as in this case it s way too heavy handed for me.Several of the heroines in this one also seem a little too dense and out of touch with the real world That doesn t speak well for them even before they get the light or in this case Light turned on for them.Very simply written so it was a quick read and it s a very pretty cover. As a thriller suspense reader, this is a little out of my genre, however I have read one of Judy Duarte s books before and they are uplifting, spiritual and truly a luxury to read Something can be learned from her books, the true love of one another, the power of faith and prayer and kindness, which in this day and age is much forgotten Characters rich with flaws, faith and kindness learn about themselves and each other, the characters are well developed, work together well and devlop complex relationships throughout the book This is a very fast read, that is truly worth reading I loved it First things first, that cover is absolutely gorgeous I just had to say it I really liked this book a lot, even without realizing it was the fourth in a series It doesn t seem like I missed anything, though, since all the books follow different people The characters were great, the setting was beautiful, and the Christmas spirit was leaping off the pages.However, this ended quite abruptly without wrapping up several storylines At first I figured I would just read book five and it would be fine, but it appears that this is indeed the last book of the series So, I m definitely annoyed that we have no clue what happens to the rest of the ladies in the poker group Still, this was a sweet enough book that I almost don t care. This was an ok read, but could have been so much better if there was of the characters emotions relayed in the story It seems like the author just couldn t get that point across to the readers The story line over all was great, it was just the way it was presented that lacked in this book (Read Pdf) ò Christmas On Nutcracker Court ⚠ This Christmas, Come Home To Fairbrook, The Setting For Judy Duarte S Uplifting, Heartwarming Novels, Where Friendship, Faith And Some Extra Special Providence Will Make It A Holiday To Remember Fairbrook Is A Town Tailor Made For Christmas, With Beautiful Old Houses Dotting Quaintly Named Streets Like Sugar Plum Lane And Nutcracker Court But Not Everyone Is Eager For The Holidays To Arrive Cash Strapped Single Mom Carly Westbrook Worries About Providing A Merry Christmas For Her Boys It Doesn T Help That They Ve Been Having Run Ins With Neighbor Max Tolliver, An Aspiring Novelist Stricken With Writer S Block Then There S Grant Barrows, A Formerly Wealthy Businessman Whose Heart Seems To Have Shrunk Along With His Bank Balance Some Folks Are Still Determined To Make The Season Sparkle Like The Diamond Lils, A Ladies Group Who Meet Weekly To Play Poker And Socialize This Year, They Re Looking To Do Some Good Deeds And Wealthy Widow Lynette Thinks That A Little Matchmaking Between Grant And Carly Would Be A Perfect Place To Start Yet Christmas Is A Season For Surprises And Sometimes, The Gifts We Never Expected Turn Out To Be The Most Precious Of AllPraise For Mulberry Park Tender And Touchingthis Novel Will Stay With You Long After You Have Read The Last Page Dorothy Garlock An Uplifting Story About One Little Girl S Unflinching Faith And How She Extends An Open And Loving Hand To The Broken People Around Her, Bringing Them Close To Each Other Cathy Lamb, Author Of Henry S Sisters A festive Christmas story that shows no matter how hard things are and you feel as no one is hearing your prayers , a little faith and love go along way It reminds us that Christmas is about forgiveness and giving and helping others, especially those in need.