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Technically, I didn t finish it but I compromised by at least finishing the story I never got emotionally anywhere, for me There were a few moments where I might have connected or started to at least but I never found myself giving enough of a crap I even forgot who Edward and not wanting to take the time to go back and read it I read this and Midnight Cafe back in the day as I think I was in a SciFi book club I can see why I didn t keep it then although I might have been interested back then. I loved it and I am so very glad I got a chance to read the Blake books that were created before LKH went off to her male harem dream land and lost the art of making a book worth reading which includes an actual plot and not repetitve sex I so wish she had kept the books along this line and kept them growing without losing Anita in sex It was so wonderful to not have to skip pages chapters to get past sex scenes I was tired of reading and having an actual story to read. GUILTY PLEASURESGuilty Pleasures is Book 1 of the prolonged ongoing saga that is the Anita Blake series Enter Anita, a necromancer by night and a vampire hunterby night You can imagine she has her plate full, raising the dead and staking fanged baddies.And speaking of which, we meet Nikolaos, a 1,000 year old vampire She s the most powerful in the city all the while inhabiting a body of a 10 year old She s causing a few problems for Anita that leads her to become allies with other vampires Who better to help her than the second most powerful vampire, Jean Claude The other worldly beautiful, but dangerous man wants to take over and happily joins with Anita, as he s interested in than just an alliance While drawn to him, Anita resists the temptation since she kinda has a problem with those allergic to sunlight.While on the darker side, I found myself drawn into this mid western city of St Louis with it s grit, excitement and thrills Anita gets her hands dirty and isn t afraid of a few scarsand boy does she have them.The plot is definitely fast paced and the read is short but focused, telling the story fine enough No worries if you think this series will only be short books There will be plenty future volumes that are lengthy.THE LAUGHING CORPSEWhile the first book was a bit vampire hunter focused, this book seemed to focus a little on Anita as a necromancer She s been offered 1 million dollars to raise a 300 year old zombie The only complication it requires human sacrifice Anita turns it down, but as deaths start to crop up, she puts two and two together that someone else has taken on the job.We meet a new adversary for Anita, a voodoo priestess that seems to be controlling the zombie While I personally prefer focus on vampires Jean Claude won me over in the first book, so I missed him , this entry wasn t a bad read I was certainly wondering what was going to happen next and how Anita would get to the bottom of it.This book is really dark and gory, giving you a true horror feel, so if you want something a little less gruesome, you may want to look elsewhere But aside from that, as it is I would say that it s pretty well done If you liked the first book, this one should keep you reading the series CIRCUS OF THE DAMNEDThe third installment of the Anita Blake series pits our favorite necromancer against a vampire looking to make her his human servant and a giant cobra Of course, Jean Claude s none too thrilled about that as he wants Anita for himself She needs him, too, but she also has her reservations.This series introduces us a bit into the world of lycanthropes and we meet another big player in the series, Richard Zeeman He s Jean Claude s wolf to call, and competition for Anita s heart.Building on the themes of the first two books, Anita grows into her powers I was glad to see Jean Claude get screen time in this book compared to the second There is plenty of action and I enjoyed this book a bit than the second It s less gory, but you still feel the grit of the underworld At this point in the series, I recommend continuing onto book 4 Review also posted to Guilty Pleasures What a great introduction to this world Vampires are legal, as in they own businesses and may even get to vote soon The supernatural isn t hidden any The MC raises zombies for a living But like when most things change, they are people who protest Anita Blake, zombie raiser and legal vampire slayer, understands the supernatural better than most It is after all her job When vampire corpses are found brutally murdered, Anita is put on the case both by the police and the Master vampire of the city I enjoyed every part of this book The introduction to the world was done so smoothly that I believed instantly that this world exists But Hamilton doesn t just romanticize the vampires They are dangerous and violent and that shows in the fighting scenes.And then there s Jean Claude The Laughing Corpse For some reason, when I think back on this book, I always think that I don t like it that much But rereading it, yes there were parts that I wasn t too fond of, but overall I really liked it This book focuses on the zombie side of things There s a rogue zombie on the loose killing people killing innocent families What I like about these books is how everything is interconnected One tiny detail because paramount later Circus of the Damned This is where things start picking up We get introduced to characters including one Richard Zeeman I like the introduction of Richard There s finally someone to challenge Jean Claude s feelings with Anita Speaking of Jean Claude, Anita is so wanting to get away from him that she allies herself with another Master who wants Jean Claude s throne What comes out of this is something Anita never saw coming and she s then forced to choose once and for all what side she stands on I read somewhere that either Richard or Jean Claude was supposed to die in this book I can t for the life of me remember which one it was Having read up until I think book 20, I can t imagine this series without either of them. 4.5 StarsI was culling my bookshelves and realized as I was moving books around that I hadn t added these to my page yet I read this book back when it came out, in 1997 This was the first time I d ever heard of Laurell K Hamilton I loved vampires still do , and adored Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and the tv show had just started to air I d read the Diana Tregarde series, and Anne Rice, and Bram Stokeretc, and was looking for something else to read in that vein I fell in love with this world which makes the later books so heartbreaking and wretched to read , and I read through all three books in about a week.Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedI still have this collection The cover is mostly intact, just a few tears and worn around the edges The pages are tinted a tea color because of age and the fact that I d read the stories so many times.Note I hate that I can t reread the early books any because I know what s coming and it ruins the enjoyment for me But I can t get rid of the first nine books because I loved this series and keep hoping one day to be able to reread them. A Reminder of why we love Anita Blake when Ms Hamilton is spot on Love Anita, Jean Claude, Richard. I came across this on a list I m reading my way through, and I actually read the three collected volumes some time back, so this is just for my own records The rating is an average of what I gave the individual books Guilty Pleasures got three stars from me, mostly because I was impressed by the sense of pre existing world The Laughing Corpse and Circus of the Damned, on the other hand, only merited two stars each Basically, I found the same issues cropping up in all three books Firstly, Anita seems remarkably if inconsistently thick In the first book I figured out the culprit long before she did in the third Richard s identity was so obvious Helen Keller could have picked up on it but it took our heroine forever to grasp Secondly, the villains have a habit of being initially and genuinely threatening and then prone to making mistakes so basic it was no wonder they lost in the end I mean, I really enjoyed the world building, but the characters are beaten so often with the idiot stick that it can get a bit frustrating to read. Just what I needed, kick ass Anita Good series are hard to come by I didn t expect much of this saga by the looks of it but book covers are deceiving and a lot of failed series make you underwhelmed But this definitely exceeded my expectations I was laughing and crying and freaking out with ever action of said Anita Blake, bad ass vampire slayer.She s very relatable, to me, at least and it s very comforting to read about her drama and her world and vaudun and Masters of the Cities and zombies Pretty much anything that goes bump in the night.Jean Claude is an interesting character I loved the unfailing attempts at winning her over time and time again just to be met with avoidance or a blunt no way in hell Please please let something come out of their budding romance However bloody and gruesome Definitely looking forward to the upcoming novels This series is not for the faint of heart There is lots of action, violence and sex Anita Blake is a kick ass kind of girl who makes no apologies about her habit of making bad people dead This whole series is a truly inventive look on the modern world of the whole preternatural community vampires, wereanimals, necromancers, and witches included If you like fast paced, action packed and no holds barredthis one is for you `READ KINDLE ⇣ Club Vampyre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #1-3) ⇹ Club Vampyre Brings Together The First Three Anita Blake Novels, This Collection Looks At The Adventures Of The Woman Vampires Call The ExecutionerI M Anita Blake, Expert On Creatures Of The Night Vampires Call Me The Executioner What I Call Them Isn T Repeatable Ever Since The Supreme Court Granted The Undead Equal Rights, Most People Think Vampires Are Just Ordinary Folks With Fangs I Know Better I Carry The Scars In My Job I M An Animator I Raise The Dead I Ve Seen Just About Everything I Ve Dined With Shapeshifters, Danced With Werewolves And Been Wooed, But Not Won, By Jean Claude, The Most Powerful Bloodsucker In St Louis When A Serial Killer Started Murdering Vampires, It Was Jean Claude Who Wanted Me To Find The Killer Later A Rogue Vamp Named Alejandro Hit Town And Wanted To Make Me His Human Servant A War Of The Undead Had Begun Over Me I D Have Been Flattered, If My Life Weren T At StakeBooks In This Collection Guilty Pleasures Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk The Laughing Corpse Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk Circus Of The Damned Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk