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~FREE PDF ♠ Code of Silence (Seal Team 12, #7.5) ☦ Ophelia Price Is Keeping Big Secrets From Her Navy SEAL Husband If Vinny Knew She Was Pregnant, He Might Hinder Her Efforts To Expose The Corrupt Lieutenant Governor Of Pennsylvania, A Man Intent On Keeping His Criminal Actions Hidden And Buried In The Past Sniffing Out Corruption Is What Ophelia Does Best Becoming A Mother That S A Job She Feels Unfit To Fill But When Her Target Catches Wind Of Her Intent And Ophelia Becomes His Prey, She Realizes Too Late What She Values Most It S Not Until His Wife Goes Missing That Vinny Discovers She S Kept Him Intentionally In The Dark He Never Would Have Imagined She D Betray His Trust So Deeply, Jeopardizing Everything He Holds Dear Can He Forgive Her, Or Will Ophelia Pay The Ultimate Price For Deceiving Her Soul Mate I m a big Vinny fan, Ophelianot so much She s self centered and thinks nothing of keeping secrets from him as a matter of routine It s pretty effortless for her and this time it had disastrous results Her epiphany at the end still wasn t enough to redeem this character and Vinny was too forgiving However, the action in the story was great and kept me turning the pages so it earned it a half star 3.5 stars Code of Silence by Marliss Melton I am a fan of M Melton The character of Ophelia was so hard to like She was self centered and selfish, not to mention her lies She said she wasn t good enough for Vinny and I agree with her Her character really ruined the story for me However, Vinny was a great guy as M Melton is so awesome at developing these Seal s characters Too bad he didn t have a supportive mate I tend to enjoy stories where too equally matched characters work through their story together This one didn t do it for me. CODE OF SILENCE by Marliss Melton is an exciting Romantic Suspense Navy SEAL Team 12 9, but can be read as a stand alone Visit the author s website for a listing of the previous titles A Novella featuring Ophelia and Vinny Price Vinny and Ophelia were characters in Ms Melton s Next to Die title Another winner for Ms Melton Fast paced and action packed Filled with betrayal, secrets, passion, corruption,danger, a corrupt Congressman, a kidnapping and so muchis packed into 146 pages of pure enjoyment Engaging characters and a fulfilling storyline.My only complaint, to short Ms Melton does her usual aplomb with Code of Silence I love her stories and would highly recommend Code of Silence to readers who enjoy fast paced action, danger, the forces of a conscience, sexy men and feisty women I have yet to read one of Ms Melton s stories that I wasn t enthralled with and Code of Silence is no different A great read Well done indeed If you have not read any of Marliss Melton s stories I would recommend starting with Forget Me Not , this is the first in the series Although, you do not have to read in order, each title is a stand alone, with re appearing characters Received for an honest review.RATING 4.5HEAT RATING MILDREVIEWED BY AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More This Review is one Big SPOILER Do not read unless you want to know the details of this book.Ophelia was a really selfish B h For being the older partner in this relationship, she was so immature I literally was screaming at my Kindle GROW UP when she was lamenting how the pregnancy was going to change her life and she was considering an abortion.There was no justification for the way she hid her appointment with the Lt Governor Rawlins from Vinnie, especially since she knew he was a murderer That she took Vinnie s sister and put her in danger too, was unforgivable As she was kidnapped and drugged, I was so sorry that her selfish actions caused the loss of the baby Although I really felt that she finally realized that her life is not only about her, but Vinnie too It was a hard lesson for anyone to learn.I think she got slapped upside the head with a two x four by her experience It was good that she, herself decided that she needed time from Vinnie It was good that she took some time away from Vinnie to examine who she was as a person and who she needed to be to deserve a wonderful guy like Vinnie. This is book within the SEALed With A Kiss Heroes With Heart which had Code of Silence You can see my review here Ophelia isnt the easiest character to like but she made me tear up in a few places She always been pretty one tracked minded in her career and will go to any lengths to get a story When she unexpectantly finds herself pregnant she still only thinks about what this will do to her career and doesnt tell her husband When the go to visit Vinny s family for Thanksgiving she plans to use her time there to go after a corrupt congressman not letting her husband know of her plans Boy does this backfire on her when she is kidnapped for knowing to much The suspense was enough to keep you on the edge and it was nice seeing the Seals team from books past come in to help Vinny get her back But the heartbreak after she is rescued and Ophelia coming to realize her decisions are selfish and she doesnt deserve Vinny brought me to tears Vinny loves his wife, warts and all He has never seen her the way she does or how other perceive her Vinny is the kind of man every woman wishes for Vinny and Ophelia were characters in Next to Die Ophelia Price, reporter kept secrets from her Navy SEAL husband Vinny in her personal Code of Silence and it cost her the lose of her unborn child and nearly her marriage.Four Navy SEAL had promised a Code of Silence to a CIA operative after a mission went south and now ten year later the corrupt ex CIA agent is enjoying a successful political career, which is all wrong for a man with no honor Ophelia overhears a bit of what happened on the mission and makes an interview with the politically successful man.Kidnapping and making public the incident become necessary to keep everyone safe in the future while Ophelia works through her grief and shame.In the end Vinny waits for her to heal, although it is the hardest thing he has ever had to do I loved the emotion of the story and how the author increased the strength of both main characters by the end of the story, as the vowed never to have a Code of Silence between them again. Ophelia had been in happily wedded bliss with her new husband Navy SEAL Vinny DeInnocentis, but when she found out she was pregnant she is completely thrown for a loop Ophelia has been so focused on her gritty reporting often exposing falsehoods in the political systems, that she knows once she announces she is pregnant that career will be sidelined Now on an assignment to expose Pennsylvania s governor, Ophelia may risk everything she has for a story.This is a follow up story to one of Marless Melton s previous novels I thought this was unexpected, although I did not know the history between Vinny and Ophelia, it was easy to pick up and no doubting the love shared between the two Intriguing read. Code Of Silence by Marliss Melton is Romantic Suspense novella based on her Navy SEAL Team 12 characters It can be read as a stand alone but you ll enjoy itif you read Next to Die first This story highlights Ophelia Price Penny s sister and Vinny deInnocents Vinny and Ophelia run into unexpected problems when her job as an investigative journalist put her in danger Vinny and the guys rush to save her but there s heartbreak and corruption to deal with Code of Silence is an excellent addition to the SEAL Team 12 series If you haven t read The Protector by Marliss Melton you should try that one as well She s also getting a new SEAL series ready about Echo Platoon I can t wait for that one to debut