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I was introduced to Tess Oliver s sexy, contemporary and stylish level of writing when I managed to consume her Custom Culture series inside a week and every book she s ever written thereafter inside three months Amazingly Cole crosses into both her Custom Culture family and her Strangely Normal rock star family bringing them all together once again, lending a level of whimsical nostalgia to this story, but if you haven t had the chance to read either, fear not for Cole is the fresh beginning for a brand new fast paced and super sexy seriesKensington was standing at the exit with her arms crossed around her The look of concern on her pretty face was so damn cute to see, it had almost been worth the fall She d managed to snag, hold and wrap herself around my heart completely Couldn t fucking believe it But it had finally happened I d finally met someone who I couldn t stop thinking about Tess has a tendency to write her boys just a little misunderstood and bad, and to be perfectly honest that s exactly how we like them, but what is also equally thrilling, is sitting back and enjoying their wild ride and unpredictable descent into the unfathomable love Cole King is rock star royalty, or at least his superstar dad Nicky is and by familial association so too is Cole but this bad boy with a heart of gold and an adrenaline addiction is paving his own way in the world of Freestyle Motocross riding, taking along his best friends and their hilarious observations and anecdotes for the ride.Kensington what a fantastic name is our heroine of the piece A winery heiress with a penchant for horses and in posession of a very big heart, Kensington is drafted into Cole s exciting and dangerous world and into the sphere and heart of young Cole Although it is a ridiculously cute but calamitous meeting of these two seemingly different protagonists, it paves the way for these two complex and multifaceted heroes to find out they have in common and a deeper connection than either thought possible.As always, Tess is a word maestro, she brings the steam, eloquence and thrill, but not before building upon all of that riotous sexual tension and witty flirtation, making sure her characters are engaging and interesting I was so ecstatic to find out this was a spin off from one of my best loved series and stand alone books and I was beyond thrilled with how Cole turned out It is jam packed with suspense, idiot men making idiot mistakes, a striking heroine, some tender moments, hot sizzling scenes and a beautifully crafted romance set in a male dominated sport Nicole Once upon a time, way back in Custom Culture and Strangely Normal there was a girl named Finley, who had Some Pig and a rock star daddy, but she also had 2 smokin hot brothers, Cole and Jude Cole stole my heart and the show in this one Alongside Rodeo and Denver, Cole takes you to the dirt track and foam pit You can almost feel the girt on your skin after a exhilarating night of supermans, 360s and any other freestyle they are brave enough to try Loved it and now desperately miss the dirt track and country life ARC provide in exchange for my honest opinion 4.5 StarsFirst of all, yaaaaaay The Custom Culture boys I loved catching up with them and their girls, the Custom Culture series is one of my absolute favourites and I have really missed those characters so it was a real treat getting to hang out with them again.So this being a spin off of the Custom Culture series you may remember Cole, the lead male, as being Finley s brother Cole lives with his two friends Denver and Rodeo next door to the Modante Winery One day the heiress of the Modante Winery, Kensington, catches his and Rodeo s eye while she s out horse riding They make a silly bet to see who can get a date and a kiss out of her I have to say, at this point I kind of saw where the story was going, we ve all seen She s All That But I enjoyed the story never the less, as I always enjoy Tess Oliver s books, she s one of my favourite authors So although I wasn t exactly surprised by certain plot points, Tess writing is such that I get totally sucked into her stories.I really liked Kensington as a female lead, she was sassy, witty and smart and she had a great sense of humour Cole is easy going, charming, fun and well, I reckon he d be hella sexy in his leathers I m really looking forward to the following books in the series, I really liked Rodeo and Denver, as different as they are from each other they both have some excellent personality traits and I love the banter between the three friends.My only complaint, if it can be called that, is that it wasn t quite long enough I don t particularly mean the length of the book as such, I don t mind a quick read, in fact I find them quite refreshing between the lengthier books No, it was to do with that the ending came on rather quickly and I wasn t quite ready for the story to end, I wanted a bit of an epilogue But I know we ll get from Cole and Kensington in the following books of this series so their story isn t over yet Arc Copy for honest Review Firstly I tried to shelve this but due to lack of angst,drama,a label to call friends to lovers, heartache,heartwarming or anything on my shelves to place it, I struggled Two young people who are neighbors,Cole loves motocross and hanging around with his mates, hes the son of a rock legend and loves his friends and family and having fun is his daily goal.Kensie is a lovely young lady who loves horses and rinding, an only child and has a loving home.Kensie and Cole meet accidentally while both out riding Its a getting to know you story that leads to heated moments, lads having banter, a jealous ex boyfriend on the scene at some point too No build up with the characters or anything allowing you to gel with them, just a go with the flow read.Finished abruptly leaving me feeling like it was rushed and maybe not enough time spent on it to allow the reader feel apart of the plot and warm to the characters.Its a fun light read though. How exciting that we get a Custom Culture spin off series To make it even sweeter we get Cole, son of rock star Nicky King and motorcross rider.YEAH Looking forward to hot FMX Bros This is a spin off from the Custom Culture Series It starts with Fin s brother, Cole, and his pretty neighbour, Kensington It is very instalove instalust but it s an easy, quick enjoyable read It did end nicely but abruptly and leads into the next book about Rodeo Was great to see the Custom Culture gang again. Overall Rating 4 Rockin High flying FMX bad boy meets vineyard princess and sparks sizzle between the two In Tess Oliver s new series, FMX Bros, we are introduced to a new group of hunkalicious males Cole is the first in the series and reveals a hard working tattooed sexy alpha male and the spunky beautiful young woman that pushes all of his buttons in just the right way The pages of this book heat up with their reaction to each other Ms Oliver also includes all the Custom Culture guys and gals in this spin off and they add a depth to overall plot.Cole is the son of a super nova rock star and as such is known and accepted in all the right circles He however prefers to work hard and play even harder as his own man With his two BFF s he runs a construction company for his father and does the FMX thing for fun and relaxation When he accepts a bet from one of his friends about meeting and dating the heiress next door, Cole bites off than he can chew Kensington pulls at a side of him that he didn t know existed He wants with her what he has noticed his friends have with their significant others.When Kensington meets Cole, she is instantly intrigued Even though she has sworn off men, he appeals to a side of her that says, take a chance The she finds out about Col, the she wants to know He is everything her heart has been looking for, but is he really as good as he seems Will he betray her trust, just like the others in her life The characters are well developed and the storyline is unusual Pulling in the Custom Culture crew adds an additional layer to the storyline This is a great beginning to Ms Oliver s new series and I cannot wait to see where she will take this series next Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review ColeTess Oliver Cole by Tess Oliver is the first spin off from the Custom Culture Series, the FMX Series I personally haven t read the series, but after reading Cole, I am definitely reading it Tess Oliver never disappoints her readers and I am very happy to come across her works Tess has done a brilliant work on Cole, the way the story proceeds and how it is executed Cole King works hard and plays hard Along with his two best friends, Denver and Rodeo, he ride free style motocross bikes on his own track he made at his home Since he works at the construction site, riding is a side hobby for him, unlike his best friends who do it professional.Cole is that kind of a guy who doesn t want to settle down or commit to relationship But when Kensington Kensie Modante heiress to the Modante Winery moves next door, she leaves Cole to do a lot of think.A bet, a girl, and a chance to turn down ego, what will Cole do when Kensie is all he can think about But the main question is, what will he do when things get messy after Kensie hears about the bet I love how Tess has come up with this whole concept The way characters presented to us is too good I ve again fallen in love with Tess writing and I think I will keep falling Hope I never touch the ground I give this book 5 Rider Stars Cannot wait for the next book {Free Book} µ Cole ⚤ SPECIAL EDITION Contains Full BONUS NOVEL Strangely NormalRowdy Tattooed Cocky Seductive Has Bad Boy Cole King Finally Met His Match A Woman Who Will Spin His Entire World Around What Starts As A Simple Bet Soon Becomes So Much Introducing Book Of Tess Oliver S Hot New Series FMX BrosA Spin Off To The Bestselling Custom Cultureseries Cole King Lives The Bachelor S Dream Life He Runs The Family Construction Company And Spends His Free Time In Southern California Riding Freestyle Motocross With His Two Friends, Denver And Rodeo Being The Son Of Legendary Rock Star, Nicky King, Cole Has Always Followed In His Dad S Footsteps, Bouncing From Girl To Girl And Never Really Stopping To Fall In Love But When Rodeo Bets Cole That He Can T Land A Date With His Neighbor, Kensington Modante, Heiress To The Modante Winery, He Accepts The Challenge Cole Soon Discovers That Win Or Lose, It S A Bet That Will Turn His Heart Upside Down Kensington Kensie Modante Has Never Been Able To Find The Man That Can Win And Keep Her Heart She S Decided She Just Doesn T Need A Man To Stir Up Her Contented, Albeit Slightly Dull Life Where She Spends Most Of Her Time Helping Her Dad Run His Winery And Riding Horses When Kensie Meets Cole King He Is Just Interesting And Hot Enough To Give Romance Another Try But Has She Risked Her Heart For Another Chance At Love Or DisappointmentThis Special, New Release Edition Includes Cole Approx , Words PLUS The Full Bonus Novel Strangely Normal Approx , Words Contains Adult Content Intended For Readers Cole by Tess OliverThis is the first book in the FMX Bros Series He has had a life of privilege, bachelor life, and goes through women like water from a tap After a bet made with friends, he didn t expect to fall so hard She was quite content in her dull life, working with horses and helping run the family business She didn t think she was set to ever have love or even feel it Will they both find what is missing from their lives Will the bet go terribly wrong This is a great little read, I have read other book by this author Reviews to follow I like them all, I love how the characters all interact in each book in the series These are all stand alone reads, but the characters stay the same in each book.The back stories of each main character are well documented, and all different in their own way.The stories are well written and detailed However, the only grumble with these reads is you know where the story is going and the endings always seemed rushed and over before you know it Which makes the endings a bit disappointing since the books start out so well.However, I enjoyed reading them all FOUR STARS