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Love this method for learning French Overall, I learned a ton of French with these Audible downloads parts 1 3 before I traveled to Provence this summer If any background at all in French I took 2 years in H.S almost 30 years ago , you will find yourself a little frustrated at times with the slowness of the basics, but first time learners who are totally unfamiliar with French accents will find the pausing and repetition helpful I was able to use a fair amount of what I had learned during my travels it even helped with a sticky rental car situation which proved invaluable for enhancing my vacation experience I highly recommend these I did have to look up several words I wasn t sure of the pronunciation for car audio not the best sound to see how they were spelled, but that didn t happen very often Fair warning, part 3 felt much faster paced to me, so it may need to be listened to than once I would also say that because these are for listening to learn, you don t get the benefit of seeing how the words are spelled most of the time unless Paul spells something for you which is rare and if you are a visual learner a different method or at least an accompanying workbook would be beneficial. the differences in how sentences are constructed are very well explained after I become conversational in French, I plan on purchasing his books in other languages as well I took 2 years of post college classes at a community college when I met my now husband, who is French but struggled for years I also spent 2 months in Paris totally immersed but still had a ways to go Within a few hours of this course my level of comprehension and speaking way surpassed my earlier capabilities Paul teaches in ways that, to me, make complete sense I was always the type that, in school, wanted to know the why behind things and or the relation between things Paul will mention without spending too much time on the details the relationship between an older English term grammar and the French term grammar, which totally makes sense because there is a lot of overlap between certain aspects of our languages These little tricks made it so much easier to grasp why certain French terms grammar are that way in turn making it so much easier to remember and use.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE The best French speaking system I ve ever taken, and I ve taken a lot This is the third volume of a great series If you ve had some French in school, this series is a great way to learn the language sufficiently to do basic conversation when travelling Very practical and easy to use. This is not my favorite language learning platform but if you are not great with listening skills, this is perfect I have found it s best to mix it up in learning a new language so I do recommend this It helped me quite a bit before my first visit to France. ^FREE PDF ✙ Learn French with Paul Noble - Part 3: French Made Easy with Your Personal Language Coach ⇻ Collins French With Paul Noble Combines An Exciting, New, Non Traditional Approach To Language Learning With The Easy, Relaxed Appeal Of An Audio Only Product No Books No Rote Memorisation No Chance Of Failure Paul Noble Is A Genius With A Higher IQ Than Einstein Despite This, He Still Struggled With Language Learning At School He Found Himself Feeling Confused, Incapable And Unable To Really Say Anything As A Result Of His Negative Early Experiences, Paul Has Come Up With A Ground Breaking New Method Of Language Teaching That Removes The Need For Months Of Study With Paul Noble, Everyone Really Can Speak A Language Part Of The Course Covers Practice And Revision Vocabulary For Conversing With A Doctor Masculine And Feminine The Present And Future Tense A Native Speaking French Expert Helps Paul To Deliver The Course And To Perfect Your Pronunciation No Complicated Grammatical Explanations, No Rote Memorisation, No Writing No Stress Learn Over , Words In No Time At All And Most Importantly Learn How To Make Your New Vocabulary Work For You Use The Accompanying Booklet As A Reference And Revision Tool