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[E-pub] ♵ Control Program - Discovery ⚇ Themes Mind Control, Brainwashing Steven S Best Friend, Lily, Claims To Have Just Discovered The Most Unbelievable Thing Ever A Computer Program That Can Control The World He S Not Too Sure He Believes Her, But She Seems Pretty Determined To Have Him Try It Out Something Like That Couldn T Work, Could It And How Would She Have Just Found It Lying Around But What If It Works Note This Is An Adult Tale, Containing Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Interaction Approx , Words Excerpt I Looked Back At The Screen She Must Not Realize That Anything Had Changed Whatever This Program Had Done, It Had Changed Lily Without Her Knowledge, And She Completely Accepted Things As They Were I Started Typing Again Before I Even Thought About What I Was Doing I Wanted To Know Just What The Limits Of This Program Were Lily Thinks Nothing Of Giving Me Oral Sex, And In Fact Loves Giving Me Blowjobs