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Everyone s finally agreed that the whole former Reunion population need some attention Tabini tells Bren Deal with it , so Bren, barely landed off the shuttle, must move fast to Mospheira Meanwhile, Cajeiri must make his first political appearance to deflect a certain amount of attention away from the new Ajuri Lord question Cajeiri goes to Tirnamardi, and we get a wonderful view into Uncle Tatiseigi s character and a new and better relationship between Tati and Cajeiri There are no wrap ups at the end, so I m eagerly awaiting the next installment. (((Read Epub))) ✐ Convergence (Foreigner, #18) ⇵ Convergence Is The Eighteenth Book In CJ Cherryh S Beloved Foreigner Space Opera SeriesConvergence Marks A New Phase In The Foreigner Universe Knowledge About The Dangerous Situation In Adjacent Space Rests Only With Bren Cameron, The Human Diplomat To The Alien Court Of The Atevi, Four Starship Captains, And The Two Chiefs Of State Both The Human And The Atevi, Who Share The Planet Bren Is Obliged To Carry The Just Signed Treaty To The Human Government On An Island Some Forty Miles Off The Shores Of The Atevi Ruled Megacontinent, And Without Explaining The Dire Situation That Would Send The People Into Chaos To Arrange For The Human Refugees Who Are Crowding The Space Station To Be Landed On The Island, Since The Atevi Will Not Grant Land To The Human Residents Of Their Planet Bren, A Native Of This Island, Is Now An Atevi Official Trying To Prepare The Human Inhabitants For The Arrival Of Many Desperate Human Refugees From Space Book 18The explosive discovery made at the end of the previous instalment is kept under wraps, with only a handful of people aware of it Knowing Cherryh, I guess we re going to have to wait quite a while for that dish to be ready to be served In the meantime, I was pleasantly surprised when this narrative took Bren to Mospheira I d been wanting to see that perspective for quite a while Now how did I miss that all previous paidhi did not speak with the atevi but communicated through written messages I can well see the huge change Bren would be, and yes, I had fun at seeing him deal with the university s obtuse members Cajeiri s side of the story was good but paled a little in comparison.I must admit I do wonder where Cherryh is going to take this I don t mind getting atevi politics, but I don t want just that A mixture with Mospheira and the station mess would be nice, and what would be really nice is Kyo and their war 0 One can wish I have been a big fan for years and years and so looked forward to this book The back story was handled quickly and deftly in the opening chapter I liked the half about the heir although I wanted the pet problem resolved I felt the half with the main character becoming a power and setting up the next book could have been done without all the meetings detailed, showing how it worked with first people instead Missed interaction by Bren with lots of favorite main characters. It almost feels like Cherryh is coasting on the strength of characters developed over the course of twenty three years and eighteen novels It s disappointing that she couldn t find for them to do as much as it s fun to follow Bren, his lengthy testimony to the Linguistics Committee of the University of Mospheira does not really pack quite the same punch as alien feudal intrigue or looming inter species space war It was enjoyable to see Cajeiri s character develop as the young gentleman grows into his role of heir, though his sub plot suffers from overlong description of complex atevi clan relationships one can understand that Cherryh is proud of all the work she put into world building, but one finds oneself wishing she would get on with the story Very little actually happens in this novel, with the most compelling characters Ilisidi, Banichi, Jago relegated to very brief and inconsequential cameos.It s not clear where, if anywhere, the series is headed There are no immediate dangers threatening the Earth of the atevi, for once the kyo have their own paidhi, and in any case their war is far away at least for now The aishidi tat is at peace and loose ends are being tied up It s hard to imagine anyone not already heavily invested in the Foreigner universe caring much one way or the other whether there will be a novel 19. I love this series I love all of CJs books I ve met CJ and enjoy reading her blog I love her writing style, and the atevi, and the individual characters, and the tense situations resolved by cleverness and guile.But this book is clearly the weakest in the series This is a pivot point in the series, and had so much potential for intrigue and synergy But it was one simple passage, with the same topic discussed over and over, with the same words The same people from book 1 return to the stage, and they haven t changed much at all It s like an Expendables movie.Even the co story with Cajeiri advanced slowly, even though it set the stage for future growth.I m sure that this is just a pause in the sequence, and the next entry will be as strong as the previous ones But this one was disappointing, made worse by my own high hopes.And the cover is awful OK, I ve now read 18 of the 19 books in this series, and I ve continuously and consistently not been able to dish out 5 stars Why Sour grapes Actually, it s not I have one single gripe with this entire series, but it s one that s growing by the book, because this issue is present in ALL the books, and it stops what is otherwise an outstanding series from, well, being outstanding That gripe It s a simple little thing, and it s called consistency From a small thing like keeping the names of major secondary characters consistent Yolanda to Yolande, anyone to a MAJOR thing like the fact that the requirements of atevi society and their psychology changes from book to bookthat s inexcusable for me This is not an indie author running her series on a shoe string budget off the side of a desk And even most of those understand that consistency is important This is CJ Cherryh, people She has the whole team at DAW behind her One of the key jobs of a copy editor is to find and kill this type of screw up Failing that, most authors just take a few notes Takes a deep breath Replaces soapbox in storage Can t get enough of the Foreigner series I am just as drawn to this world that Cherryh s created as when I first started the series than 20 years ago with Bren Cameron taking up his role as Paidhi Watching Cajeiri mature and make sense of his world, Bren having to set up things to solve the problems and challenges faced by the inhabitants of the Atevi world And in the background the aliens, the Kyo.As usual the way things relate for the atevi is complex and watching Cajeiri work that out fascinating. It s such a pleasure to be among these old friends I only regret that I m finished Next, please, CJ. I really like these books, and I was glad to visit again with the characters and become immersed in the language style However, this is perhaps the weakest entry in the whole series aside from the first book which is weak for entirely different reasons.It s 90% talking That might not be so bad, but most of the talking is either rehashing of previous events, or even worse, Bren explaining the current Situation over and over again Even that might have been tolerable if there was the usual bit of suspenseful action at the end, but this absolutely just peters out.The Situation is the same as at the end of the previous book the alien kyo have signed a treaty of good will and are leaving the solar system there are 5000 people on the space station who need to be relocated to the planet as soon as possible and the human children whom Cajeiri befriended on the station would be good candidates for future paidhi.I have all that memorized, because Bren explains it, at length, at least a dozen times He s making a formal visit to the human island with his entire atevi entourage, and it should have been fun to see their reaction to the human region, and the reaction of the locals Unfortunately Jago and Banichi speak hardly a word, and all Bren does is meet with various people and explain the aforementioned Situation again until you re ready to scream The humans merely nod and agree with Bren entirely, unless they are small minded conservative bigots who embarrass themselves by spluttering weak arguments.Cajeiri s part of the story is only slightly interesting He visits his uncle, gets assigned bodyguards, and meets a distant cousin with some information about the tense political situation At one point I thought there was potential for a good gun battle, or at least one hasty evacuation by bus, but no such luck Cajeiri doesn t get lost or kidnapped or even thrown off his mecheita The only nice bit is that he s gradually accepting his role as a future leader.I like Cherryh s work enough to put up with a certain amount of repetition and slow pacing, but this book is a disappointment This series has been fascinating and exciting at times, and I hope the next book will be much better.