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My review is based on the following 1 this is a 36 page book on covered calls, 2 the goal of the book, and 3 the author s comments regarding what books not to buy i.e books that don t provide the details regarding how to achieve success For a short book, the author does a good job of providing a general approach to follow For many, this will provide plenty of value well over 2.99 This being said, it isn t realistic to provide a solid amount of details in only 36 pages In sum, this is a short intro to covered calls that provides the reader with an easy to follow approach to generating monthly cash flow Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test the approach yet. Epub ♍ Covered Calls Made Easy: Generate Monthly Cash Flow by Selling Options (English Edition) ♷ New To Trading Options Looking To Generate Some Extra Monthly Cash Flow Covered Calls Are The Place To StartPerhaps You Are Sitting In Cash, Scared To Get Back Into The Stock MarketBut You Are Also Unwilling To Lock Up Your Money In A CD That Pays Next To NothingCovered Calls Are A Great Way To Slowly Ease Back Into The Market, While Starting To Generate Some IncomeThis Conservative Strategy Is Also Often Used By Buy And Hold Investors To Generate Extra Income From Stocks In Their Long Term HoldingsEven If You Know Nothing At All About Trading Options, This Guide Will Quickly Bring You Up To SpeedThis Book Will Teach You How To Understand Options Terminology Like Calls, Strike, Expiration, Etc The Crucial Difference Between Naked Calls And Covered Calls Don T Trade Options Until You Know The Difference How To Find Stocks That Are The Best Candidates For Covered Calls How To Pick The Best Strike Price And Expiration Date For Your CallsCovered Calls Made Easy Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About TheMost Popular Options Trading StrategyAnd If You Ever Get Stuck, You Can Always Reach Out To Me By Email Provided Inside The Book , And I Will Help YouReady To Get Started Scroll To The Top Of The Page And Select The Buy Now Button This is a good basic introduction to covered calls I have done covered calls since 1975, but explaining them to friends and relatives always seems to come across as complicated or requiring stock market expertise This book helps explain the process and the 5 criteria for picking stocks was useful.I always use the concept of an annualized rate of return Dividends Option Premiums divided by Cost divided by days till expiration times 365 include the dividend only if the x dividend date is within the option period and the Strike price is above the current quote The missing helpful piece of information is that covered calls can be written against Market Average Indexes such as the S P 500 Index SPY, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DIA, the S P 100 Index OEF, and the High Dividend DOW Stocks DVY The dividends are not as good and the Option premiums are a little less then individual stocks, but the Market Index ETFs add the important factor of diversification. Provides very basic info the same type of basic info that you could get by simply googling covered calls He has an ok writing style and gives good examples but one can read the book in ten minutes It s that short It doesn t even have page numbers It s like he was too embarrassed to document that there s only 20 pages and it sof an article than a book Honestly, save your money and just Google covered calls to get the same type of info I feel this article was misrepresented as a book This is not a book I will be throwing this book away like I threw away the money I spent on it.Edit Holy Sh % I m reading the reviews and they are obviously fake and probably paid for by the author Buyer beware If you buy and read this, then you will see what I mean Save your money. This books islike a simple article No rigorous analysis or data or research On the plus side it takes 20 minutes to read.