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Another crisis and not matter its title, hardly it will the final one I bought this in its single comic book issues, but I chosen this TPB edition to make a better overall review. This TPB collects Final Crisis 1 7.Creative Team Writer Grant MorrisonIllustrators J.G Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Marco Rudy Doug Mahnke ANYONE BELIEVE THAT THIS IS THE FINAL ONE I have to say that the beginning of the story was promising, where Orion, of the New Gods, is found dead and soon enough a Green Lantern Crime Scene is established to investigate the deicide , I loved the use of the GL Corps as real space cops and not just beam shooters.Also, the secret invasion by Darkseid forces using human host bodies was quite interesting.But once the all out war blownyou only have a massive multiple scenarios war, in many cases, using second rate even some third rate class superheroes that you wouldn t care what would happen to them, and most of the separate super teams are just cornered in several bases, trying to avoid that Apokolips forces would break in.It s clear that all those massive scenarios where developed in detail in the tie in titles, but guess what I can t buy a zillion of issues, just to fully enjoy a messed up storyarc that it should be enough explained in the main event title series.Wonder Woman is too easily controlled, Superman is almost gone during the event just to make an audition for American Idol or is it The Voice , and Batmanwell, let s just say that certain things should happen in events of each character, specially when it s a big name in the comic book universe, but even worse, when even that it s not what it seemed, but something dumber and totally inadequate to have Batman involved.FINAL crisis I don t think so.Crisis, especially in DC, are meant to beinfinite.Hopefully with better narrative in the future. grant morrison super hero or super villain you be the judge on the one hand, Final Crisis is an amazing achievement it sure seems like dc just handed the reins to morrison and told him You Go And Do What You Do, We Don t Give A Flying Fuckeroo they wanted to end things with a bang and then press re set so he went for it this is one of the most dense, layered, kaleidoscopic graphic novels i ve ever read the sheer amount of information being conveyed, page by page, is staggering and requires very close reading, an almost encyclopedic knowledge of what is happening and what has happened in the dc universe, and demands the constant flipping back and forth through pages in order to put things together in a way that makes any kind of sense it is clear that morrison knows the dc universe inside and out entire storylines are referenced glancingly but knowingly for example, versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl there are several get two panels within those two panels, their entire history and potential future together is summed up with shocking ease morrison s imagination is one of the most fertile working in comics today, and the almost worm ouroboros shaped narrative is refreshingly challenging and allows him to move in whatever direction he pleases while using the entire universe and all of history as a backdrop at times he even can be touchingly sentimental, in particular in his loving attention to the Marvel Family less so with their nemesis Black Adam, unfortunately the man also knows exactly how to write the New Gods in my opinion, that is a rarity most significantly, morrison is possessed of a strikingly individualistic outlook, one that often seeks to attack and destroy the concept of duality and moralistic binary systems in general how such an anarchistic mentality became so central to the often mainstream sentiments of the dc universe is beyond me.on the other hand, sad to say, Final Crisis also features some of the most laughably sloppy and shoddy writing i ve ever seen by morrison sure, the concepts are sophisticated, mind boggling, just plain awesome but a lot not all of the dialogue good grief, what a load of eye rolling crapola seriously, morrison, what got into you were you just too rushed and needed to get this done and over with or, God forbid, were you just dumbing it all down because of your potentially mainstream audience at times, it was a very big challenge to not just toss this across the room in aggravation the complexity of Final Crisis means that a close reading is required the multi tracked and layered narrative s are the opposite of a casual, quick read but that becomes really difficult to do when the things characters say are so damnably asinine for example, the villain Libra this character could and should have been so many things he s the ground level villain there are twolevels above him Darkseid and then Mandrakk engaged in picking off beloved super heroes and yet he sounds like a preening, two bit nitwit, all badly done juvenile posturing with no dark gravitas whatsoever perhaps even worse than the often intensely stupid dialogue is the off hand treatment of certain characters, including Libra for example, the death of The Martian Manhunterhas there been apathetic, useless, pointless, disrespectful death for a major player in the dc universe mind you, this is a character with actual depth, one with sadness longing tragedy at the core of him instead of choosing one of the many flying fratboys or ditsy super damsels, morrison chooses to eliminate a genuinely interesting character with all the grace of swatting a fly or killing a mosquito is this laziness or some kind of misguided attempt to confound reader expectation either way, it doesn t work and is a clear symptom of this series many lacks i don t even want to talk about what he does to the Atomic Knights.still, the concepts within are superlativealthough i do think morrison owes a huge, worlds within worlds debt to moebius Moebius 3 The Airtight Garage and within the Superman Beyond segments, to jodorowsky s The Technopriests Initiation Book One which also features sinister, vampiric almost gods despite the many giant flaws, there is a lot to treasure my personal favorite moments include japanese wannabe super heroes The Super Young Team and a black Superman from an alternate dimension whose alias isPresident Barack Obama morrison also creates a new character within the pages of Superman Beyond, who i found to be indelibleCaptain Allen Adam, a fascinating Quantum Superman version of Captain Atom and Doctor Manhattan who was himself a version of Capt Atom poor, tortured Capt Adam takes drugs in order to lessen the intensity of his amazing empathetic powers gosh, i sure know the feeling of course Ultraman just mocks him for it well, he would that Ultraman sure is an asshole and so is morrison, at times. Final Crisis is essentially a celebration of Jack Kirby s contributions to the DCU couched in an end of the world Crisis event book between good led by Superman and evil, as Darkseid returns His various minions are preparing Earth for his arrival in an attempt to curry his favour A villain called Libra is trying to unite all the supervillains together against the superheroes, the Anti Life equation is brainwashing everyone it comes across to Darkseid s way of thinking, and the Green Lantern Corps has been infiltrated by a Darkseid spy The summary above doesn t really do justice to this book because so muchis going on and it involves practically everyone in the DCU It also means that it s kind of a mess and hard to understand completely Final Crisis isn t completely awful, there s some good stuff in here too, but Grant Morrison s book can be summed up as having big ideas and sub par execution Barry Allen s back for no reason and he s brought Death the Black Racer with him I m not much of a Flash fan so I m not bothered with whether Barry s the Flash or not all those red guys seem interchangeable to me but I love Death the Black Racer When most people think of Death they think a skeleton in a black robe with a scythe and an hourglass in the DCU, Death is a dude in black armour ON SKIS Amazing Jack Kirby was a mad genius Other notable Kirby characters, besides the Black Racer and Darkseid, are Sonny Sumo, Kamandi, and Metron to name a few The Flash storyline is ok they ve a clever plan to beat Darkseid that works as is the Green Lantern s And while the various storylines can appear messy, they do hang together coherently but just barely Also, you don t need to know every DC character or storyline to enjoy this Final Crisis collects all the main issues and tie ins for it to make sense as a single read Grant Morrison rushes certain parts of the narrative because his imagination s bigger than the allotted page count so we don t find out how Mary Marvel and Wonder Woman turned evil or how Lois Lane was put in a coma But rather than focus on these iconic female characters, Morrison chooses to write about the likes of Sonny Sumo and Tattoo Man instead It s not the right choice in my mind but then the focus seems to be on Kirby s characters so Sonny Sumo it is There s a completely bonkers Superman story at the heart of Final Crisis Switching to 4D perspective after being approached by an interdimensional being, Superman, along with various Multiversions of Superman, saves a few billion lives on a parallel world, goes to Limbo, discovers the Infinite Book which contains every book ever and will ever be written , turns into a giant robot Superman, sees his grave and fights a giant evil space vampire called Mandrakk for the blood of the universe to save his wife all in the space of a heartbeat this is appropriate response to that storyline Yes, it is impossible to follow and I believe it s meant to be that way Hear me out Morrison is maybe the only writer who understands Superman People who don t like Superman complain about how boring a character he is, punching the same baddies, rescuing cats from trees, uninteresting boy scout, etc and that is what Superman becomes in the hands of hack writers We try to wrap our heads around the concept of Superman by making him a quicker, stronger version of ourselves as well as a generic vision of good and he sthan that he s a god While some Superman stories will be understandable to us, shouldn t some adventures he goes on be completely incomprehensible Because his powers the extent of them and as he s written are beyond our ken How could a human understand A GOD That s why I really liked this storyline it s gibberish and, while I can summarise it, I can t say I understood it, but I m glad I didn t because sometimes Superman SHOULD go on adventures nobody but him and maybe not even him could possibly get Morrison is the ultimate Superman writer because he knows this and really pushes the character out there into unexplored realms He s the guy lifting up the surface of Superman and inviting the rest of us to see just what being Superman could be like and the magnitude of potential there is staggering That s why Superman s the greatest superhero I also really enjoyed the two issue Batman arc, The Butler Did It which also appeared in Batman RIP Morrison masterfully summarises Batman s entire 75 year history in two issues absolutely stunning On Batman though, his confrontation with Darkseid felt very shoe horned in There was no build up and it feels like he and Darkseid just happen to face each other out of the blue It definitely felt a little contrived to get to that scene on the cover For those interested in seeing what happens next to Bruce, read Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne The Monitor storyline is the only one that completely left me cold I know they re the key to all the Crisis events but I ve never cared about any of that bunch It s pure psychedelic sci fi weirdness and I couldn t follow any of it The final third of the book is where things descend into madness as hundreds of characters fight each other including Tiger Men , magic Rubik s cubes that control the universe come into play, and there s something with Metron s chair and cavemen and, oh, I just didn t care by the end, it all becomes far too much Like many of Morrison s stories, he botches the ending completely, falling back on the superhero trope of big brainless fighting as a substitute for any kind of satisfactory resolution I definitely don t think Final Crisis is unreadable crap but I don t think it s pure genius either Nobody can fault Morrison for the epic scope of his stories, especially given the Kirby tribute angle the guy was all about pure unbridled imagination in his comics but this one unfortunately collapses under its own size Morrison tries to cram it with too much stuff and it overwhelms the story The villains especially are very underwritten and come off as one dimensional when they needed to befleshed out as they play such a key role in the narrative Also the underdevelopment of the characters means there s no emotional weight to anything that s happening It s easy to see why so many readers felt ambivalent about the whole thing as well as lost in trying to figure out what s going on The art is fine clearly a lot of effort has gone into it I m just not much of a JG Jones or Doug Mahnke fan to say I loved the look of the comic It s certainly not the easiest read and it s quite frustratingoften than not, but there s enough good stuff in Final Crisis the Batman material and one of the best Superman stories ever written to make reading it worthwhile Just remember to take regular breaks and keep the aspirin handy This best selling graphic novel miniseries led to dozens of tie ins but was confusing to people who had not followed DC closely or were not willing to do the proper research As a result you get people who say Morrison is a genius and others who say it was a load of confusion.The tale opens with the archvillain Darkseid planning his usual domination and the JLA trying to stop him It opens with the alarming death of a New God and an investigation that branches out into several other areas What follows is a mind blowing array of DC characters and incidents which will send most curious people going online to find out the answers There are so many nods to previous DC tales, characters and other such standings that only the true experts will spot all of them.Overall, this is a great story but the fact that you have to be a DC pro and have collected most of the volumes over the last several decades to get everything brings the grade down a bit I almost wish there had been footnotes in this miniseries At best I am an intermediate of the DC Universe so I sympathize with those who didn t get everything Who shows up in this miniseries besides characters already mentioned I will list some of them Batman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning, Flash various ones , Mary Marvel, Lex Luthor, Doctor Sivana, Dan Turpin, Libra, Captain Marvel Jr and Supergirl.I especially liked the Super Young Team Japanese mortals with no super powers , Batman s showoff with Darkseid and the race of the flashes nice idea, Grant.Written by Grant Morrison The artists and other contributors take up a page orso let me list a few J.G Jones, Walden Wong, Marco Rudy, Rob Leigh and Alex Sinclair.Note that this series was preceded by Countdown to Final Crisis , Terror Titans , Final Crisis Aftermath and a host of othersThis was one of the top three highest selling graphic novels in 2008 ARTWORK PRESENTATION B plus to A minus ACTION B plus to A minus CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B plus to A minus STORY PLOTTING B plus WHEN READ mid July 2012 OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus. I hate it when I have to say this but this one was much too Morrison y for my taste So busy and convoluted and did I say busy Disappointed to say the least. Batman is at risk, no I mean the planet is at risk, no I mean the universe is at risk, no I mean all 52 existing universes are at risk, no I mean all time is at risk oh screw it, it s not like anyone cares This is a trainwreck of a crossover story where characters are introduced and dropped, things happen without consequence and in the end everything is literally wished away This is an utter failure on a narrative level, and any charms its experiments had are worn out long before you meet Nubia, the black Wonder Woman from a world of people who look like you. Final Crisis is typical Grant Morrison It is big, it is epic, it is slightly confusing and it is different Perhaps I am being overly generous with my three stars, since some of the crossover aspect of this story renders it in the 2 star range But I enjoyed the rather vast premise who shot and killed a God With what kind of bullet This is the start of the story and it s all over the place Darkseid is dead but can you really kill a god Well..except..Orion who IS dead..but anyways..Darkseid is being resurrected and he has found a way to bring his Anti Life Equation to Earth Can the superheroes stop him What do you think Yeah..same here Since we know how it ends the joy is in the getting there The Batman and certain Superman scenes are nearly superlative no pun intended while the other scenes vary in degrees of mediocrity But taken as a whole, and buttressed by good artwork, this is a huge undertaking The scope of Darkseid s invasion is truly massive and GM does a good job with it This could have been truly special if they had limited some of the crossovers the Superman Batman Wonder Woman story was pretty decent The New Gods stuff was good too It s some of the secondary character s stories that get in the way of the big picture.Still considering the needs of DC to make this a massive crossover may have hurt the overall tightness of the story But it is a fun read There is some epic fights in this story and for you brainy types some of Grant Morrison s convoluted thinking about universes multiverses deities..you get the drift Consider the banal nature of the current comic market s stories I ll take this impressive undertaking. *E-pub ⇮ Final Crisis ⇱ El Detective Dan Turpin Est Investigando La Desaparici N De Seis Ni Os A Priori, El Caso No Deber A Llamar La Atenci N De Los Superh Roes De La Tierra, Pero Y Si Durante Sus Pesquisas Turpin Hallara Moribundo A Ori N, El Hijo De Darkseid, Justo Cuando El Cielo Se Ti E De Rojo En Crisis Final, Grant Morrison Batman Inc Aborda Con Su Fascinante Estilo El Triunfo Del Mal En Una Trama Que Implica A Todos Los Grandes Personajes De DC Entertainment, Incluidos Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash Y Superman, Y Tambi N A H Roes Menores Cuyas Vidas Se Ven Interrumpidas Por El Ataque De Libra Y Su Sociedad Secreta De Supervillanos Y Todo Ello En Un Espl Ndido Volumen Ilustrado Por Artistas Como JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco Superman La Ca Da De Camelot O Doug Mahnke Green Lantern What an incredible, incredible book This has got to be the raddest, most ambitious and epic event comic book ever made Final Crisis is EVERYTHING DC universe has to offer and then some, because Grant Morrison is an insane genius whose mind works unlike anybody else s Final Crisis ties together so much stuff Morrison s own decades of DC work like Animal Man, JLA, Batman, Flash, Superman, Seven Soldiers, Multiversity yes, it even ties together his stuff that came out years AFTER the Final Crisis , Jack Kirby s brilliant Fourth World mythology, Warren Ellis s Planetary, the narratives of all the previous Crises, 52, and so, so muchthat I definitely have missed It s utterly impossible to completely understand it unless you ve been a DC scholar for decades, knowing every single obscure detail about this vast and beautiful multiverse i.e Grant Morrison But that s just the point in universe, this is an event so big in scope and scale that very few human beings could entirely comprehend its impact And that s why I think Final Crisis is brilliant, and one of the best event books I ve ever read it manages to translate to the page all the chaotic and terrifying grandness of an event that threatens the entire existence in every direction of time and space And also because it s just a hell of a fun story, honestly.Sure, I could complain a bit about how certain storylines weren t given enough attention, some things happened seemingly out of the blue, certain moments felt rushed and the final third of the book really started to drag and dwindle But it just doesn t feel fair to complain about those things when talking about a book that s so grand those complaints just feel insignificant in comparison to what Final Crisis has to offer.Look, I never felt like DC was my comic book universe for me it will probably forever be Marvel, through good times AND bad But books like Final Crisis make me fall in love with the DC universe and push me towards learningabout it I absolutely can t imagine a story of that scope and scale told in the Marvel universe sure, you could point towards Jonathan Hickman s superb multi title Marvel run eerily similar in many ways to Grant Morrison s DC one culminating in Avengers, but even that one wasn t as big or as ambitious as this And I m sure that theI keep on learning about the DC universe, thethings I ll grow to understand and appreciate about Final Crisis, because one thing is for certain I definitely will be reading this one again in the future. In homage to Mark Twain s epic critical assassination of James Feni Cooper s The Deerslayer, I present Grant Morrison s Literary Offenses.There are eleven rules governing literary art in the domain of romantic fiction In Final Crisis, Morrison violated eighteen of them These require 1 That a tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere But the Final Crisis tale accomplishes nothing and arrives in air I can t tell what if any changes affected Earth, space, time or the multiverse from the beginning of the story to its end I m told the changes are important, though 2 They require that the episodes in a tale shall be necessary parts of the tale, and shall help to develop it But as the Final Crisis tale is not a tale, and accomplishes nothing and arrives nowhere, the episodes have no rightful place in the work, since there was nothing for them to develop Two Flashes attempt to outrun Death for no reason in particular Hal Jordan gets taken into custody by the Green Lantern version of Internal Affairs, only to have the case thrown out as soon as they reach headquarters New super spooky villain Libra kills Martian Manhunter to prove how badass he is, and nothing comes of it except everyone is very sad since he was such a good Martian and a very good manhunter to boot 3 They require that the personages in a tale shall be alive, except in the case of corpses, and that always the reader shall be able to tell the corpses from the others But this detail has often been overlooked in the Final Crisis tale In multiple issues it is LITERALLY impossible to distinguish whether members of a race of alien vampires are alive, dead, reborn or rekilled And if you can distinguish whether it s Superman, Ultraman, Overman, berman, Vampire Superman, Cyborg Superman, Black Superman, Blaxploitation Superman yes, two different characters or Captain Marvel getting killed and resurrected in any two given panels, my hat is off to you 4 They require that the personages in a tale, both dead and alive, shall exhibit a sufficient excuse for being there But this detail also has been overlooked in the Final Crisis tale Fanservice is reason enough to include both the Monitor and some Anti Monitors, the Gold and Silver and Modern Age versions of The Flash, all four versions of Earth s Green Lantern, Frankenstein s monster, The Question, Super Sumo and Mister Miracle No kitchen sink, though 5 The require that when the personages of a tale deal in conversation, the talk shall sound like human talk, and be talk such as human beings would be likely to talk in the given circumstances, and have a discoverable meaning, also a discoverable purpose, and a show of relevancy, and remain in the neighborhood of the subject at hand, and be interesting to the reader, and help out the tale, and stop when the people cannot think of anythingto say But this requirement has been ignored from the beginning of the Final Crisis tale to the end of it The mystery of the silent sentinel haunts Monitor, infects the immaculate intelligence with questions, speculations, pestilential, crawling narratives Legend takes root and story, like contagion, spreads unchecked Did you know the super criminal fraternity had its own secret Internet, the nternet Kill me, Superman Kill the frail old man upon whose soul Darkseid fed and fattened How can you hurt a foe made of people 6 They require that when the author describes the character of a personage in the tale, the conduct and conversation of that personage shall justify said description But this law gets little or no attention in the Final Crisis tale, as Libra s case will amply prove.7 They require that when a personage talks like an illustrated, gilt edged, tree calf, hand tooled, seven dollar Friendship s Offering in the beginning of a paragraph, he shall not talk like a minstrel in the end of it But this rule is flung down and danced upon in the Final Crisis tale.8 They require that crass stupidities shall not be played upon the reader as the craft of the woodsman, the delicate art of the forest, by either the author or the people in the tale But this rule is persistently violated in the Final Crisis tale This also applies to pseudo crypto mumbo jumbo like, I ve fused symmetries Enough energy in my hands to broadcast his pure essence to a receiver in a higher dimension Only Superman can save us now 9 They require that the personages of a tale shall confine themselves to possibilities and let miracles alone or, if they venture a miracle, the author must so plausibly set it forth as to make it look possible and reasonable But these rules are not respected in the Final Crisis tale Morrison has never seen a gonzo stunt he wouldn t employ mind control zombies, universe hatcheries, vampire aliens, God weapons with time bullets, Death on skis it s all in here, no joke Miracle Man is the LEAST of the miraculous appearances in this book 10 They require that the author shall make the reader feel a deep interest in the personages of his tale and in their fate and that he shall make the reader love the good people in the tale and hate the bad ones But the reader of the Final Crisis tale dislikes the good people in it, is indifferent to the others, and wishes they would all get drowned together I ve never cheered so hard for Superman to get cracked a good one in his self righteous jaw And far from hating Darkseid, the Big Bad of the tale, I just wished he d get on with the dastardly plot and stop taking so long transforming Detective Pudge McOldperson into his voodoo puppet body 11 They require that the characters in a tale shall be so clearly defined that the reader can tell beforehand what each will do in a given emergency But in the Final Crisis tale, this rule is vacated Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Batwoman team up to ride giant dogs, kind of Ladies Night meets Kennel Club Clark Kent leaves dying Lois s bedside to gallavant to another universe despite his powers being the only ting keeping her heart beating Hey, can Batman use a gun Why not I may be mistaken, but it does seem to me that Final Crisis is not a work of art in any sense it does seem to me that it is destitute of every detail that goes to the making of a work of art in truth, it seems to me that Final Crisis is just simply a literary delirium tremens.A work of art It has no invention it has no order, system, sequence, or result it has no lifelikeness, no thrill, no stir, no seeming of reality its characters are confusedly drawn, and by their acts and words they prove that they are not the sort of people the author claims that they are its humor is pathetic its pathos is funny its conversations are oh indescribable its love scenes odious its English a crime against the language.Counting these out, what is left is Art I think we must all admit that.