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BOOK Þ Cut Off (Breakers, #5) Ý It S Been Six Years Since The Plague And Tristan Has Spent Five Of Them In Maui With Her Brother Alden Life Seems Quiet Simple Peaceful All These Illusions Are Torn Away When She Discovers An Alien Installation Hidden In The Mountains In Response, She Prepares A Boat And Starts Work On A New Home Deep In The Forest But The Locals Don T Appreciate Her Raiding Their Town For Supplies Soon, Their Resentment Flares Into Open War And Draws The Attention Of The Aliens, Who Bomb The Area Relentlessly With Their Home And Lives In Ruin, Tristan And Alden Flee Deep Into The Jungle Of Hana And Discover A Secret Paradise Yet It S Not Meant To Last Off The Coast Of China, Ness And His Alien Ally Sebastian Are Tracking An Alien Conspiracy Its Tendrils Will Lead Them Straight To Maui And Pull Humanity To The Brink Of Extinction Breakers Book 5 does not disappoint Breakers Book 5 does not disappoint I ve read the previous Breakers books by Edward R Roberson and enjoyed them immensely When I began reading Cut Off , I found myself thrown into the storyline and found such camaraderie with myself and the characters Friends I was happy to see again happy to follow along on their outrageous pursuits of alien chasing and rescues of human species I have grown fond of a member of an alien species At first I was not keen on trusting him, but he worked hard at protecting his human friends, and putting his life on the line for them I am so thankful that independent publishing has brought us Mr Robertson terrific storylines, personalities and action This dude is publishing some great books, and I m thankful to be on this earth to enjoy them If you re new to his stories, plan a quiet weekend and immerse yourself You ll have no regrets First of the series to give me some real laugh out loud moments The series took a while to captivate me but as it draws near the end I m not wanting it too May have a gap before starting book 6 This one was a cracker One gets the feeling that the series is winding down though there are still three volumes to go Here the action shifts to the Pacific China, the Philippines, Hawaii with only a brief visit to San Diego in the closing pages.Tristan and Alden from Book 2 made it to Maui where they have lived a secluded life for the last five years That seclusion is disturbed, first by members of a community in the nearby resort putting together a government and also by the discovery of an alien settlement inside the crater of one of the volcanoes Forced out they mve to the other side of the island where they combine with another couple, also brother and sister.Meanwhile Ness and Sebastian, also from Book 2 are tracking the Swimmers planning Eventually the two strands combine and are influenced by evenys happening, unbeknown to them, in New York.This volume works well, providing a cracking pace and introducing some fresh characters who provide support The interconnections, both with the established characters and the established narrative in earlier volumes, is well plotted.The Epilogue has a brief teaser leading into the next book not that it s needed, in my opinion. The best deals on this series for audible listeners is to purchase the Kindle version and add the Audible for 8 11 or 12 for both versions vs 15 for Audible only 5Many of the new post apocalyptic series books go for 14 or 15 for 6 or 7 hours but this series has respectable 13 to 14 hour segments for excellent characters in intertwining storylines that eventually see each of the dozen or so main characters come together for the final series ending battles 85% of humanity dies from a worldwide pandemic only to face invasion from Swimmers crab squid lobster like aliens that start eliminating the survivors or capturing them in order to craft a virus to overcome their immunity Each book has chapters that alternate the stories of 2 or 3 main characters who migrate toward Los Angeles from New York, Idaho, and other states with stops in Washington State s Hanford nuclear facility, Redding CA., Hawaii, and or Arizona The surviving humans end up in 4 camps in SoCal The LaJolla Kingdom, The Catalina Kingdom, the followers of Anson in Hollywood, and Raina s San Pedro Long Beach group all fighting for dominance and control beneath the shadow of the massive alien mothership before and after it is crashed into the Pacific off Santa Monica.