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~Free Epub ♻ Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man ☤ In Fannie Flagg S High Spirited First Novel, We Meet Daisy Fay Harper In The Spring Of , Where She S Not Doing Much Except Sitting Around Waiting For The Sixth Grade When She Leaves Shell Beach, Mississippi, In September , She Is Packed Up And Ready For The Miss America Pageant, Vowing I Won T Come Back Until I M Somebody But In Our Hearts She Already IsSassy And Irreverent From The Get Go, Daisy Fay Takes Us On A Rollicking Journey Through Her Formative Years On The Gulf Coast Of Mississippi There, At The End Of The Road Of The South, The Family Malt Shop Freezer Holds Unspeakable Things, Society Maven Mrs Dot Hosts Junior Debutante Meetings And Shares Inspired Thoughts For The Week Such As Sincerity Is As Valuable As Radium , And Daisy Fay S Daddy Hatches A Quick Cash Scheme That Involves Resurrecting His Daughter From The Dead In A Carefully Orchestrated Miracle Along The Way, Daisy Fay Does A Lot Of Growing Up, Emerging As One Of The Most Hilarious, Appealing, And Prized Characters In Modern Fiction This is one of my favorite books It is so fun to read and fun to review It is fun to see the adult world in this way through the eyes of an optimistic child The story takes place during the 1950s in the South The antics of Daisy Fay are heart warming, crazy and at times side splitting hilarious I would recommend this book for everyone to enjoy. This is a coming of age tale of a young girl who dares to look at life with great optimism and sense of fun despite the fact that she is lives the unfortunate circumstance of a child with an alcoholic parent Her father and mother s troubled marriage and her father s scheming and drinking do not dampen her zest for life, her creativity, or her spunk Her story is shared in a diary style, yet tells farthan a diary Daisy Fay is a maturing female who likes to write and she treasures her papers, ultimately keeping them in a locked box We are privileged to read her papers.This is a novel that is filled with humor, yet shares life s sadness Sometimes it is hard to enjoy the chuckle offered in Daisy Fay s life experience because of the heartache ever present One easily comes to love Daisy Fay, who takes her circumstances as a matter of course and does not let her reality get in the way of her adventure It is refreshing to read a story where poverty and misfortune are recognized as part of human experience, but not one that fully defines a life Fannie Flagg writes a novel that clearly indicates the damaging aspects of Daisy Fay s father s alcoholism, but also presents the miracle of his imagination and spirit Daisy provides a strong female character whose perseverance creates possibilities for a future other than what is assumed to be destiny for children who grow up in her situation She is a self assured and self sufficient young woman who comes from a line of women who have held their own, especially her grandmothers and her great aunt Perhaps in a small way, her mother shows strength in finally leaving her father and making a life for herself Daisy Fay s mother seemed to have wantedfrom her life and then because of her reliance on a man to take care of her, never achieved what she desired I quickly fell in love with Daisy Fay when reading this novel By the time I finished the novel, I was also in love with Fannie Flagg, her writing, her wit, her humor and her perspective on life Fannie Flagg recognizes we all have our troubles Some are hidden away and some are right out in public for everyone to see, but in either case we need not be ashamed by our situation We are all worthy people and we all do better to support one another than to look down on one another Life is to celebrate and enjoy. You have to like the diary style of writing to be able to get into this book I happened to enjoy this type of writing so this was an easy read for me.Ms Flagg abandons her usual mainly time periods 1930 s 1940 s to write about the 1950 s There is no jumping time periods like in her other books.This is only my second read since I never liked this book as well as her other s, but upon this reading, I found that I enjoyed and appreciated it a lot .Many will not enjoy reading about the problems of the deep South in this particular era However, I think that things may have been written fairly accurately Just keep in mind the era and how old the author is and where she came from. Quite seriously, this is the funniest book I have ever read and has become one of my favorites of all time This is Flagg s first book, written in a diary format of an 11 year old girl who grows up in Mississippi spanning until she is 16 years old Either Flagg was related to some of the oddest people on the planet, or,likely, she has a remarkable sense of comic description There s little plot in the book, rather it s a series of anecdotes about growing up in the South in the 1950s The book needs no plot It gets so impossibly funny that a traditional plotline would take away from the hilarity of her characters I used to teach 4th grade and read it aloud I edited out about 100 pages of PG 13 content to my students, but though I had read it about a dozen times previously, found myself unable to read it aloud because I was laughing so hard My poor students didn t know what to make of it.Deliciously, the book makes particular targets of the ridiculousness of race and class As a teenager, the protagonist finds herself participating in the Miss Mississippi pageant in 1958, aligning herself with several women who are in it for the scholarships and are quite aware of the lack of congeniality of the organizers and the other participants As previously mentioned, there is some PG 13 content, and the book isn t without sadness Flagg s second book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe got a lotattention, but don t pass this one up You won t regret it. Fannie Flagg books the one you read when you feel that you are at your lowest point, when you feel that the world cannot get any worse, when you feel so over burdened that you are ready to go to piecesif you can stop for a moment and pick up book, read anything written by Fannie Flagg and I PROMISE you that you will feel betteryou will laugh and you will cryyou will do both at the same timeshe is by far one of the best fiction humor writers since Damon Runyon walked into Mindy s and asked if they madecheese cake than strudel It is unfair to say that Fannie Flagg is strictly a Southern writer as it unfair to say that Runyon was a great New York writerthey both share an uncanny ear for the way people speak and are able to write ityou can read a Fannie Flagg novel and just walk away..her characters just stay with you and they re honest, even when they re doing something they shouldn t they remain true to themselvesI was reading this on the train one day, and burst out laughing at one point, I just couldn t stop laughingthis is a wonderful story I liked the first 100 pages of this book and really appreciated the fresh, funny voice of the 11 year old narrator She seemed like the embodiment of that age as I remember it I eventually tired of the story though and honestly didn t think a lot of the things that happened to her were funny. It s narrative voice is that of an eleven year old girl from Jackson, Mississippi who is watching her parents struggle through a nasty break up and separation, her father addiction to alcohol, her mother s inevitable abandonment of the family, and the mistakes of a myriad of other adults who should be stabilizing influences in her young life She sees all with clarity, perhaps only children are able to have because they are at the stage in their human development where they have no conception of compromise, failed expectations or the endless drive to pursue hopeless dreams and is blindly optimistic that all will be right in her world given time Daisy Frances Harper matures into a young woman who faces challenges around every corner Her father s drunken behavior, the death of her mother after an unnatural separation for years from her child, the bitterness of her extended family, the racist pathologies surrounding her poor white community would all pulled her down if not for her sense of loyalty, humor, and eccentric pluckiness This book was a bittersweet coming of age story of an exceptional Southern girl whose heart is as big as Alaska. Fannie Flagg is a brilliantly funny, authentic writer If you ever read Fried Green Tomatoes At the Whistle Stop Cafe or saw the movie, you will surely like this one too.It is a highly entertaining account of the formative years of a very down to earth girl growing up in Coastal Mississippi in the 50 s Great characterization The writing style is unique and is as though Daisy were simply have a conversation with you Most enjoyable Give it a try Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man is a coming of age story set in Mississippi in the 1950s The story is told in diary entries which I love and follows Daisy from age 11 until after she finishes high school Daisy is a spunky character who has to put up with a completely dysfunctional family, including an alcoholic father There are all kinds of interesting characters involved including a crippled girl, a man with elphantiasis, an albino woman, Daisy s best friend Pickle, and Daisy s arch nemesis, Kay Bob Benson.Fannie Flagg manages to incorporate so many of life s complex issues into the story that it really adds depth and meaning to the experiences of the characters The author weaves in issues such as race, abuse, and homosexuality applicable to the time period and location The book is very funny, often poignant, and at times heart breaking But, I was rooting for Daisy the whole way and I enjoyed the journey.