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I chose to read this book because someone had me watch a new movie on Netflix called Jaunita The book was just as comical as the movie, but there were some distinct differences Like the daydreams and writing in the notebooks I do not want to give too much of the movie away, but it is really worth reading and or watching This book is a feel good read and also motivational There is really an important lesson in the story line for those who cannot seem to ever put themselves first Everyone deserves happiness and to be in a good mental state to accept it I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good up beat read. Dancing on the Edge of the Roof is one of the few contemporary books published in recent years that contains what I call the coming of age again experiences of middle aged people African American single mother and grandmother Juanita Louis has decided to run away from an unhappy life in inner city Ohio She heads out west and stops in the tiny town of Paper Moon, Montana Suddenly surrounded by the vast Plains, splendid pine forests, and clear lakes, Juanita experiences fulfillment for the first time in her life All her dreams are coming true freedom, a great job, eccentric new friends, and a new man A budding writer and traveler, she is determined to conquer her fears and live adventurously I enjoyed this story, and I was glad to discover a sequel On the Right Side of a Dream and the Netflix film, Juanita with Alfre Woodard.3 stars. This book teaches us what it is like to start over in life Juanita Lewis at forty two decides her life could befulfilling and adventurous after books are introduced to her life by chance She knew that happiness, joy, or contentment will not come to her She must seek it out Taking a bold move to an unknown place called Paper Moon, Montana from Columbus, Ohio was her bold move Montana with its spacious skies and steep covered top mountains and lustrous green valley brought peace and fear to her soul One deep secret she had was fear of open spaces The total disrespect she received from her three adult kids was evidence of a tired mother who had lost her direction in life It was unforgivable the way her second son, Rashawn, treated and spoke to his mother Rashawn was just a half step from prison Bertie, her daughter, thinking noof her than a babysitting service or an ATM machine, in other words a door mat Her eldest son, Randy, in prison presumably lost.With the help of the residents of Paper Moon, Montana and Jeff Gardiner her true love who opened her eyes to the fact she deserved to be happy.And for the first time in her life a person asked What do you want She founds happiest leads you to finding a place and purpose in life As a by product, it helped her kids, except for Randy, find their place Well written novel with descriptive details of the characters It was an easy read I loved the way she integrated a society of various ethic groups into a community that was believable and wholesome I can not wait until Ms Williams publish her second novel. What a delightful book this was It is told in first person and is the story of Juanita Louis A mother of three grown children who slowly sees her life passing her by A nurse s aide, she becomes the inheritor of a library of paperback novels of a former patient The books open up a whole new world for Juanita, a world of possibilities In a move that I have often wished I could do, Juanita quits her thankless job, packs her clothes, says good bye to her thankless children, looks at a map, picks a place at random and decides to travel there.Landing in Paper Moon, Montana, Juanita pauses on her journey for a bite to eat Finding a diner that serves only new velle cuisine, Juanita is outraged that she can t get a simple plate of eggs and bacon for breakfast So she gets up and cooks her own, much to the delights and secret longing on the other patrons in the diner.What follows is a lovely story of a woman, a town, and people who interact in wonderful ways.I read this book in one sitting and am eagerly looking forward to reading the sequel. I devoured every single moment of this book Squeals in delight Who hasn t thought of packing up and leaving life behind Juanita did that I understood her exhaustion from the daily grind of life, her disgust at being taken for granted, and I cheered for her as she gathered her courage and took the plunge Taking that journey with her out of town on the greyhound, to a tiny town across the country was thrilling I felt like i could taste the fresh air, see the landscape, and feel the powerful emotions that came with shedding her old life I don t want to give away too much, but this had me laughing out loud, cringing, and rooting for Juanita. I was so excited about the book, On the Right Side of a Dream, that I was compelled to order the other books by Sheila Williams And, too, a member of the FB Page Turners online book club, said I would enjoy this as well as her other work, The Shade of my Own Tree On the Right Side of a Dream acquainted me with Juanita and her encounters in Paper Moon, Montana I wanted to knowabout how she chose the destination as well asabout her life prior to leaving OH and how she came to know Peaches.Here, in the first book, I found out how she came to the understanding that something had to change I also found outabout her upbringing and past relationships There were a number of quotes that can prove to be an unraveling for many or an awakening for others Juanita wrote I may not be much to you, but to myself, I m enough I think that says a lotand it s probably our thoughts at one time or another when we get stuck Secondly, she wrote it s hard to know where to go when you haven t been anywhere She was speaking literally But, figuratively speaking, if people are forever giving of themselves to others taking care of others, it s difficult to make yourself a priority Great lesson give some of you to you Like Juanita, I believe life isthan walking on eggshells and talking in a whisper It s a vast world out there..much to see..much to learn. Great read, something we all need to think about occasionally, escape The author does not complicate the story with the usual highbrow moaning,just gets on with it, and tells the story of one Woman s escape from the travails of her family. *Download Pdf ✕ Dancing on the Edge of the Roof ⇰ At Forty One, Juanita Lewis Is Running Away From Home, Courtesy Of A One Way Ticket To Montana, A Place That Seems About As Far Away From The Violence And Poverty Of The Columbus, Ohio, Projects As The Moon She Wants Adventure And Excitement If Such Things Exist For A Pre Menopausal African American Woman With Three Grown, Deadbeat ChildrenJuanita S New Life In Paper Moon, Montana, Begins At A Local Diner Where A Culinary Face Off With Chef And Owner Jess Gardiner Finds Juanita In Front Of Jess S Stove Serving Up Home Cookin That Lures The Townsfolk Like A Magic Spell And Suddenly Juanita, Who Was Just Passin Through, Now Has A Job By Popular DemandOut Here In This Wide Open Space, Juanita S Heart Can No Longer Hide, Especially When She Sees Herself Through The Eyes Of The Wonderful And Eccentric People Of This Down To Earth Town She S Happy In Paper Moon She S Found A Home, But Can She Stay And Then There S Jess She Has Always Dreamed Of Romance, But She Never Planned On Falling In Love From The Trade Paperback Edition Dancing on the Edge of the Roof is a story about a courageous woman I saw the film Juanita on Netflix and saw it came from a novel, so I had to find it and read it Books are always better than movies Awesome film I love the book and the movie, even if I watched the film first The book hasdetails about her Juanitas background and her kids as well.Nice summer read with some deep thoughts.Highly recommended