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I m a big fan of Mary Kay Andrews but this book completely fell flat for me I never once cared about the two main characters and it seemed like the book went on and on and the boom all of the sudden boy loves girl Um.what When did that happen It s an ok read, not terrible, but absolutely not worth the 25 hardback price tag This is one of my favorite Mary Kay Andrews books I feel like with this book she went back to her original format of the sassy, southern gal though involved in turmoil is surrounded by a vivid array of characters who will help her get out of her funk.Plus it s all about food Though I wish the main character who is a chef would have eaten a bitoften I understood that since she works in the food business she probably gets tired of sampling all the time Though I doubt I would be Funny and a real page turner. This book was a disappointment compared to other books that I have read by Mary Kay Andrews Savannah Blues is my favorite She is, by no means, an author of literature with a big L , but her novels are generally less generic and predictable However, it would still fulfill a desire for an easy, light hearted read and you do get some cooking tips throughout the read and a couple of Ol Southern Favorite recipies at the end Maybe the Tomato Soup Cake recipe will improve my rating. This would be a fun read for anyone who enjoys the Food Network cooking shows. Post listen review Not the best and not the worst of the lame romances that I have been forced to listen to It s really hard to go through all the audiobooks in the library without getting a LOT of romance in there Here is the plot such as it is Two chefs are in competition to become the next star of The Cooking Channel because the name the Food Network was already taken One is a woman who has just had her heart broken by her scumbag producer that cheated on her and lost her the sponsor of her local show The other is a ruggedly handsome man who has his own very popular local cooking show where he hunts and kills stuff and then cooks it The two cooks hate each other Then they don t Then there is a misunderstanding and they hate each other again Then the misunderstanding is cleared up and romance ensues Yawn.But I have some questions for this book and romance books in general.1 Is this really the only formula for romance 2 Does every stylist have to be a gay African American man this book and a few others or a plump but vivacious woman other books with a stylist 3 I know this book is about the south but do you have to resort to names like Zeke and Tate I am gonna guess there areRogers and Johns in the south than Zekes or Tates.4 Have you watched hunting or fishing shows not the extreme kind just regular hunting and fishing ones Cause I don t think those guys could be described as having amazing abs and killer physiques From what I have seen they are either fat or scrawny also since when do people watch cooking shows for the hotness factor That s not exactly what Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart bring to mind for me 5 If you have to insist that every man that a woman sees is physically fit, for goodness sakes throw a scene in where he lifts weights You show the women starving themselves to look good, the guys are obviously doing some work here too.6 When you have a female character who is constantly commenting on how hot several guys are not so much in this book but in others it is not that believable that they would be serial monogamists.7 We all really see it coming that these people that hate each other will get it on by the end of the book so just get it over with already.8 Let me get this straight people who produce a show called Fresh Start think a show with name Vittles has a stupid name 9 The supportive but reckless sister that makes the main character always realize that she is in love, is annoying Can we please cut her and have the stylist perform a double role for that 10 Can someone else please listen to the next romance for me so I don t have to Pre Listen Guess Oh man Romance and reality cooking I don t know what could beopposite of cool than that. Funny story..not rocket science, but then I knew that going in .Download Ebook ☧ Deep Dish ♷ Deep Dish Is One Delicious Read Mary Kay Andrews Has Cooked Up A Tale Y All Will Savor To The Last Bite Paula DeenBattling TV Chefs A Handsome Georgia Redneck And A Struggling Young Professional Woman Find Themselves Competing For A Coveted Weekly Time Slot On National Television In Mary Kay Andrews S Delightful New York Times Bestseller Deep Dish The Incomparable Mary Kay Offers Heaping Portions Of Humor, Heart, And Sass That Fans Of Fannie Flagg, Jennifer Crusie, Adriana Trigiani, Emily Giffin, And The Sweet Potato Queens Simply Will Not Be Able To Resist, As The Winner Take All Cooking Competition Gets Intense, Especially When Love Ups The Ante Ich bin bis Seite 102 gekommen, dann habe ich es abgebrochen Mich nervte der inflation re Gebrauch des Wortes sagen Zudem war die Geschichte f r mich vorhersehbar und daher widme ich mich lieber einem f r mich interessanterem Buch Meins war es nicht. I must start off with the fact that Mary Kay Andrews, aka Kathy Hogan Trochek, is one of my favorite authors She writes about the South, and primarily southern Georgia Her books are delightful reads that the reader can lose themselves in They are easy reads that combine southern living and traditions, interspersed with some laughter, and maybe a little mystery Deep Dish tells the story of Gina Foxton who is the star of a cooking show, Fresh Start, in Atlanta She discovers her show is being canceled due to the impropriety of her boyfriend and producer.The Cooking Channel is looking for a new show and feels that they can up their ratings by having a cookoff between Gina and Tate Moody Tate Moody is also a chef with a cooking show The Tatester has a show called Vittles , and is known as Mr Kill It and Grill It.Tate and Gina are put on a remote island off the Georgia coast and are pitted against each other in a best out of three cooking contests Needless to say, they become bitter rivals, because the winner of the cookoff will get their own show on The Cooking Channel.The reader is treated to the competitiveness of Gina and Tate The first test is to find something on the island to prepare for a meal, the second test blows up in everyone s face and seals the fate of our competitors, and the third test gives us our winer, but was it won fair and square. Fluffy fun chick lit I take issue with the man and woman falling so quickly in love , c mon, can t he just say he s interested in her Nooooafter a couple weeks of a completely antagonistic relationship, he s in love C mon, that s not real It s so bad, it s not even good fiction The Next Food Network Star type plot device made for a fun backdrop, but feels hackneyed as all the characters view a cooking show contest as new and innovative Maybe if it were 1998 not 2008 it would be.A fun beach read.